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Ribosome components are associated with sites of transcription.

Brogna S, Sato TA, Rosbash M.

Mol Cell. 2002 Jul;10(1):93-104. Corrected and republished in: Mol Cell. 2002 Oct;10(4):93-104.


The DEAD box protein Dhh1 stimulates the decapping enzyme Dcp1.

Fischer N, Weis K.

EMBO J. 2002 Jun 3;21(11):2788-97.


Messenger RNA degradation: beginning at the end.

van Hoof A, Parker R.

Curr Biol. 2002 Apr 16;12(8):R285-7.


A phosphorylated cytoplasmic autoantigen, GW182, associates with a unique population of human mRNAs within novel cytoplasmic speckles.

Eystathioy T, Chan EK, Tenenbaum SA, Keene JD, Griffith K, Fritzler MJ.

Mol Biol Cell. 2002 Apr;13(4):1338-51.


Exosome-mediated recognition and degradation of mRNAs lacking a termination codon.

van Hoof A, Frischmeyer PA, Dietz HC, Parker R.

Science. 2002 Mar 22;295(5563):2262-4.


An mRNA surveillance mechanism that eliminates transcripts lacking termination codons.

Frischmeyer PA, van Hoof A, O'Donnell K, Guerrerio AL, Parker R, Dietz HC.

Science. 2002 Mar 22;295(5563):2258-61.


The yin and yang of the exosome.

Butler JS.

Trends Cell Biol. 2002 Feb;12(2):90-6. Review.


SMIF, a Smad4-interacting protein that functions as a co-activator in TGFbeta signalling.

Bai RY, Koester C, Ouyang T, Hahn SA, Hammerschmidt M, Peschel C, Duyster J.

Nat Cell Biol. 2002 Mar;4(3):181-90.


The mammalian exosome mediates the efficient degradation of mRNAs that contain AU-rich elements.

Mukherjee D, Gao M, O'Connor JP, Raijmakers R, Pruijn G, Lutz CS, Wilusz J.

EMBO J. 2002 Jan 15;21(1-2):165-74.


Functional link between the mammalian exosome and mRNA decapping.

Wang Z, Kiledjian M.

Cell. 2001 Dec 14;107(6):751-62.


AU binding proteins recruit the exosome to degrade ARE-containing mRNAs.

Chen CY, Gherzi R, Ong SE, Chan EL, Raijmakers R, Pruijn GJ, Stoecklin G, Moroni C, Mann M, Karin M.

Cell. 2001 Nov 16;107(4):451-64.


Coupled transcription and translation within nuclei of mammalian cells.

Iborra FJ, Jackson DA, Cook PR.

Science. 2001 Aug 10;293(5532):1139-42. Epub 2001 Jun 21.


The yeast POP2 gene encodes a nuclease involved in mRNA deadenylation.

Daugeron MC, Mauxion F, Séraphin B.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2001 Jun 15;29(12):2448-55.


The transcription factor associated Ccr4 and Caf1 proteins are components of the major cytoplasmic mRNA deadenylase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Tucker M, Valencia-Sanchez MA, Staples RR, Chen J, Denis CL, Parker R.

Cell. 2001 Feb 9;104(3):377-86.


A novel mRNA-decapping activity in HeLa cytoplasmic extracts is regulated by AU-rich elements.

Gao M, Wilusz CJ, Peltz SW, Wilusz J.

EMBO J. 2001 Mar 1;20(5):1134-43.


Orf135 from Escherichia coli Is a Nudix hydrolase specific for CTP, dCTP, and 5-methyl-dCTP.

O'Handley SF, Dunn CA, Bessman MJ.

J Biol Chem. 2001 Feb 23;276(8):5421-6. Epub 2000 Oct 26.


Identification of a regulated pathway for nuclear pre-mRNA turnover.

Bousquet-Antonelli C, Presutti C, Tollervey D.

Cell. 2000 Sep 15;102(6):765-75.


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