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Acute respiratory distress syndrome: the Berlin Definition.

ARDS Definition Task Force, Ranieri VM, Rubenfeld GD, Thompson BT, Ferguson ND, Caldwell E, Fan E, Camporota L, Slutsky AS.

JAMA. 2012 Jun 20;307(23):2526-33. doi: 10.1001/jama.2012.5669.


An attempt to validate the modification of the American-European consensus definition of acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome by the Berlin definition in a university hospital.

Hernu R, Wallet F, Thiollière F, Martin O, Richard JC, Schmitt Z, Wallon G, Delannoy B, Rimmelé T, Démaret C, Magnin C, Vallin H, Lepape A, Baboi L, Argaud L, Piriou V, Allaouchiche B, Aubrun F, Bastien O, Lehot JJ, Ayzac L, Guérin C.

Intensive Care Med. 2013 Dec;39(12):2161-70. doi: 10.1007/s00134-013-3122-6. Epub 2013 Oct 10.


The Berlin definition of ARDS: an expanded rationale, justification, and supplementary material.

Ferguson ND, Fan E, Camporota L, Antonelli M, Anzueto A, Beale R, Brochard L, Brower R, Esteban A, Gattinoni L, Rhodes A, Slutsky AS, Vincent JL, Rubenfeld GD, Thompson BT, Ranieri VM.

Intensive Care Med. 2012 Oct;38(10):1573-82. Epub 2012 Aug 25. Erratum in: Intensive Care Med. 2012 Oct;38(10):1731-2.


Comparison of the Berlin definition with the American European consensus definition for acute respiratory distress syndrome in burn patients.

Bordes J, Lacroix G, Esnault P, Goutorbe P, Cotte J, Dantzer E, Meaudre E.

Burns. 2014 Jun;40(4):562-7. doi: 10.1016/j.burns.2014.03.004. Epub 2014 Mar 28.


Lung recruitability is better estimated according to the Berlin definition of acute respiratory distress syndrome at standard 5 cm H2O rather than higher positive end-expiratory pressure: a retrospective cohort study.

Caironi P, Carlesso E, Cressoni M, Chiumello D, Moerer O, Chiurazzi C, Brioni M, Bottino N, Lazzerini M, Bugedo G, Quintel M, Ranieri VM, Gattinoni L.

Crit Care Med. 2015 Apr;43(4):781-90. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0000000000000770.


Relationship between extravascular lung water and severity categories of acute respiratory distress syndrome by the Berlin definition.

Kushimoto S, Endo T, Yamanouchi S, Sakamoto T, Ishikura H, Kitazawa Y, Taira Y, Okuchi K, Tagami T, Watanabe A, Yamaguchi J, Yoshikawa K, Sugita M, Kase Y, Kanemura T, Takahashi H, Kuroki Y, Izumino H, Rinka H, Seo R, Takatori M, Kaneko T, Nakamura T, Irahara T, Saito N; PiCCO Pulmonary Edema Study Group.

Crit Care. 2013 Jun 20;17(4):R132. doi: 10.1186/cc12811.


The use of the Berlin definition for acute respiratory distress syndrome during infancy and early childhood: multicenter evaluation and expert consensus.

De Luca D, Piastra M, Chidini G, Tissieres P, Calderini E, Essouri S, Medina Villanueva A, Vivanco Allende A, Pons-Odena M, Perez-Baena L, Hermon M, Tridente A, Conti G, Antonelli M, Kneyber M; Respiratory Section of the European Society for Pediatric Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC).

Intensive Care Med. 2013 Dec;39(12):2083-91. doi: 10.1007/s00134-013-3110-x. Epub 2013 Oct 8.


Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Burn Patients: A Comparison of the Berlin and American-European Definitions.

Sine CR, Belenkiy SM, Buel AR, Waters JA, Lundy JB, Henderson JL, Stewart IJ, Aden JK, Liu NT, Batchinsky A, Cannon JW, Cancio LC, Chung KK.

J Burn Care Res. 2016 Sep-Oct;37(5):e461-9. doi: 10.1097/BCR.0000000000000348.


Impact of distinct definitions of acute lung injury on its incidence and outcomes in Brazilian ICUs: prospective evaluation of 7,133 patients*.

Caser EB, Zandonade E, Pereira E, Gama AM, Barbas CS.

Crit Care Med. 2014 Mar;42(3):574-82. doi: 10.1097/01.ccm.0000435676.68435.56.


The American-European Consensus Conference definition of the acute respiratory distress syndrome is dead, long live positive end-expiratory pressure!

Villar J, Kacmarek RM.

Med Intensiva. 2012 Nov;36(8):571-5. doi: 10.1016/j.medin.2012.08.010. Epub 2012 Sep 25.


Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Mortality in a Single Center According to Different Definitions.

Santa Cruz R, Alvarez LV, Heredia R, Villarejo F.

J Intensive Care Med. 2017 Jun;32(5):326-332. doi: 10.1177/0885066615608159. Epub 2015 Oct 5.


A universal definition of ARDS: the PaO2/FiO2 ratio under a standard ventilatory setting--a prospective, multicenter validation study.

Villar J, Pérez-Méndez L, Blanco J, Añón JM, Blanch L, Belda J, Santos-Bouza A, Fernández RL, Kacmarek RM; Spanish Initiative for Epidemiology, Stratification, and Therapies for ARDS (SIESTA) Network.

Intensive Care Med. 2013 Apr;39(4):583-92. doi: 10.1007/s00134-012-2803-x. Epub 2013 Jan 31.


What's new in the "Berlin" definition of acute respiratory distress syndrome?

Camporota L, Ranieri VM.

Minerva Anestesiol. 2012 Oct;78(10):1162-6. Review.


The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in mechanically ventilated burn patients: An analysis of risk factors, clinical features, and outcomes using the Berlin ARDS definition.

Cartotto R, Li Z, Hanna S, Spano S, Wood D, Chung K, Camacho F.

Burns. 2016 Nov;42(7):1423-1432. doi: 10.1016/j.burns.2016.01.031. Epub 2016 Aug 9.


Characterizing degree of lung injury in pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Yehya N, Servaes S, Thomas NJ.

Crit Care Med. 2015 May;43(5):937-46. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0000000000000867.


The Ratio of Partial Pressure Arterial Oxygen and Fraction of Inspired Oxygen 1 Day After Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Onset Can Predict the Outcomes of Involving Patients.

Lai CC, Sung MI, Liu HH, Chen CM, Chiang SR, Liu WL, Chao CM, Ho CH, Weng SF, Hsing SC, Cheng KC.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2016 Apr;95(14):e3333. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000003333.


Establishing the relative accuracy of three new definitions of the adult respiratory distress syndrome.

Moss M, Goodman PL, Heinig M, Barkin S, Ackerson L, Parsons PE.

Crit Care Med. 1995 Oct;23(10):1629-37.


The incidence of ARDS and associated mortality in severe TBI using the Berlin definition.

Aisiku IP, Yamal JM, Doshi P, Rubin ML, Benoit JS, Hannay J, Tilley BC, Gopinath S, Robertson CS.

J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2016 Feb;80(2):308-12. doi: 10.1097/TA.0000000000000903.


Predictors of survival in critically ill patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS): an observational study.

Balzer F, Menk M, Ziegler J, Pille C, Wernecke KD, Spies C, Schmidt M, Weber-Carstens S, Deja M.

BMC Anesthesiol. 2016 Nov 8;16(1):108.


[Clinical practice in ARDS -the present and the future--].

Hashimoto S.

Masui. 2013 May;62(5):517-21. Review. Japanese.


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