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The influence of neighborhood food stores on change in young girls' body mass index.

Leung CW, Laraia BA, Kelly M, Nickleach D, Adler NE, Kushi LH, Yen IH.

Am J Prev Med. 2011 Jul;41(1):43-51. doi: 10.1016/j.amepre.2011.03.013.


Neighborhood influences on girls' obesity risk across the transition to adolescence.

Hoyt LT, Kushi LH, Leung CW, Nickleach DC, Adler N, Laraia BA, Hiatt RA, Yen IH.

Pediatrics. 2014 Nov;134(5):942-9. doi: 10.1542/peds.2014-1286. Epub 2014 Oct 13.


Changes in the Neighborhood Food Store Environment and Children's Body Mass Index at Peripuberty in the United States.

Chen HJ, Wang Y.

J Adolesc Health. 2016 Jan;58(1):111-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2015.09.012.


No meaningful association of neighborhood food store availability with dietary intake, body mass index, or waist circumference in young Japanese women.

Murakami K, Sasaki S, Takahashi Y, Uenishi K; Japan Dietetic Students' Study for Nutrition and Biomarkers Group.

Nutr Res. 2010 Aug;30(8):565-73. doi: 10.1016/j.nutres.2010.08.002.


Neighborhood Food Environment, Diet, and Obesity Among Los Angeles County Adults, 2011.

Mejia N, Lightstone AS, Basurto-Davila R, Morales DM, Sturm R.

Prev Chronic Dis. 2015 Sep 3;12:E143. doi: 10.5888/pcd12.150078.


Neighborhood Physical Environment and Changes in Body Mass Index: Results From the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.

Barrientos-Gutierrez T, Moore KAB, Auchincloss AH, Mujahid MS, August C, Sanchez BN, Diez Roux AV.

Am J Epidemiol. 2017 Dec 1;186(11):1237-1245. doi: 10.1093/aje/kwx186.


Neighborhood food outlets, diet, and obesity among California adults, 2007 and 2009.

Hattori A, An R, Sturm R.

Prev Chronic Dis. 2013;10:E35. doi: 10.5888/pcd10.120123.


Childhood obesity and neighborhood food-store availability in an inner-city community.

Galvez MP, Hong L, Choi E, Liao L, Godbold J, Brenner B.

Acad Pediatr. 2009 Sep-Oct;9(5):339-43. doi: 10.1016/j.acap.2009.05.003. Epub 2009 Jun 27.


Neighborhood deprivation, supermarket availability, and BMI in low-income women: a multilevel analysis.

Ford PB, Dzewaltowski DA.

J Community Health. 2011 Oct;36(5):785-96. doi: 10.1007/s10900-011-9377-3.


Neighborhood food store availability in relation to food intake in young Japanese women.

Murakami K, Sasaki S, Takahashi Y, Uenishi K; Japan Dietetic Students' Study for Nutrition and Biomarkers Group.

Nutrition. 2009 Jun;25(6):640-6. doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2009.01.002. Epub 2009 Feb 28.


The association between obesity and urban food environments.

Bodor JN, Rice JC, Farley TA, Swalm CM, Rose D.

J Urban Health. 2010 Sep;87(5):771-81. doi: 10.1007/s11524-010-9460-6.


Association between neighborhood need and spatial access to food stores and fast food restaurants in neighborhoods of colonias.

Sharkey JR, Horel S, Han D, Huber JC Jr.

Int J Health Geogr. 2009 Feb 16;8:9. doi: 10.1186/1476-072X-8-9.


Neighborhood food environments and Body Mass Index: the importance of in-store contents.

Rose D, Hutchinson PL, Bodor JN, Swalm CM, Farley TA, Cohen DA, Rice JC.

Am J Prev Med. 2009 Sep;37(3):214-9. doi: 10.1016/j.amepre.2009.04.024.


Neighborhood food environment and walkability predict obesity in New York City.

Rundle A, Neckerman KM, Freeman L, Lovasi GS, Purciel M, Quinn J, Richards C, Sircar N, Weiss C.

Environ Health Perspect. 2009 Mar;117(3):442-7. doi: 10.1289/ehp.11590. Epub 2008 Oct 2.


Changes in neighbourhood food store environment, food behaviour and body mass index, 1981--1990.

Wang MC, Cubbin C, Ahn D, Winkleby MA.

Public Health Nutr. 2008 Sep;11(9):963-70. Epub 2007 Sep 26.


Does neighborhood environment influence girls' pubertal onset? findings from a cohort study.

Deardorff J, Fyfe M, Ekwaru JP, Kushi LH, Greenspan LC, Yen IH.

BMC Pediatr. 2012 Mar 13;12:27. doi: 10.1186/1471-2431-12-27.


Walkable home neighbourhood food environment and children's overweight and obesity: Proximity, density or price?

Le H, Engler-Stringer R, Muhajarine N.

Can J Public Health. 2016 Jun 9;107(Suppl 1):5347. doi: 10.17269/cjph.107.5347.


Food environments and childhood weight status: effects of neighborhood median income.

Fiechtner L, Sharifi M, Sequist T, Block J, Duncan DT, Melly SJ, Rifas-Shiman SL, Taveras EM.

Child Obes. 2015 Jun;11(3):260-8. doi: 10.1089/chi.2014.0139. Epub 2015 Apr 29.


Store type and demographic influence on the availability and price of healthful foods, Leon County, Florida, 2008.

Leone AF, Rigby S, Betterley C, Park S, Kurtz H, Johnson MA, Lee JS.

Prev Chronic Dis. 2011 Nov;8(6):A140. Epub 2011 Oct 17.


Local descriptive body weight and dietary norms, food availability, and 10-year change in glycosylated haemoglobin in an Australian population-based biomedical cohort.

Carroll SJ, Paquet C, Howard NJ, Coffee NT, Adams RJ, Taylor AW, Niyonsenga T, Daniel M.

BMC Public Health. 2017 Feb 2;17(1):149. doi: 10.1186/s12889-017-4068-3.

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