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Hematopoietic differentiation and production of mature myeloid cells from human pluripotent stem cells.

Choi KD, Vodyanik M, Slukvin II.

Nat Protoc. 2011 Mar;6(3):296-313. doi: 10.1038/nprot.2010.184. Epub 2011 Feb 17.


Hematopoietic differentiation.

Choi KD, Vodyanik M, Slukvin II.

StemBook [Internet]. Cambridge (MA): Harvard Stem Cell Institute; 2008-.
2012 Jun 10.


Generation of mature human myelomonocytic cells through expansion and differentiation of pluripotent stem cell-derived lin-CD34+CD43+CD45+ progenitors.

Choi KD, Vodyanik MA, Slukvin II.

J Clin Invest. 2009 Sep;119(9):2818-29. doi: 10.1172/JCI38591. Epub 2009 Aug 10.


Leukosialin (CD43) defines hematopoietic progenitors in human embryonic stem cell differentiation cultures.

Vodyanik MA, Thomson JA, Slukvin II.

Blood. 2006 Sep 15;108(6):2095-105. Epub 2006 Jun 6.


Human olfactory mucosa multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells promote survival, proliferation, and differentiation of human hematopoietic cells.

Diaz-Solano D, Wittig O, Ayala-Grosso C, Pieruzzini R, Cardier JE.

Stem Cells Dev. 2012 Nov 20;21(17):3187-96. doi: 10.1089/scd.2012.0084. Epub 2012 May 18.


Hematopoietic and endothelial differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells.

Choi KD, Yu J, Smuga-Otto K, Salvagiotto G, Rehrauer W, Vodyanik M, Thomson J, Slukvin I.

Stem Cells. 2009 Mar;27(3):559-67. doi: 10.1634/stemcells.2008-0922.


Osteopetrotic mouse stroma with thrombopoietin, c-kit ligand, and flk-2 ligand supports long-term mobilized CD34+ hematopoiesis in vitro.

Feugier P, Li N, Jo DY, Shieh JH, MacKenzie KL, Lesesve JF, Latger-Cannard V, Bensoussan D, Crystal RG, Rafii S, Stoltz JF, Moore MA.

Stem Cells Dev. 2005 Oct;14(5):505-16.


Directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to dendritic cells.

Vodyanik MA, Slukvin II.

Methods Mol Biol. 2007;407:275-93. doi: 10.1007/978-1-59745-536-7_19.


Flt3 ligand promotes myeloid dendritic cell differentiation of human hematopoietic progenitor cells: possible application for cancer immunotherapy.

Harada S, Kimura T, Fujiki H, Nakagawa H, Ueda Y, Itoh T, Yamagishi H, Sonoda Y.

Int J Oncol. 2007 Jun;30(6):1461-8.


Promotion of Expansion and Differentiation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells by Interleukin-27 into Myeloid Progenitors to Control Infection in Emergency Myelopoiesis.

Furusawa J, Mizoguchi I, Chiba Y, Hisada M, Kobayashi F, Yoshida H, Nakae S, Tsuchida A, Matsumoto T, Ema H, Mizuguchi J, Yoshimoto T.

PLoS Pathog. 2016 Mar 18;12(3):e1005507. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005507. eCollection 2016 Mar 18.


Tenascin C promotes hematoendothelial development and T lymphoid commitment from human pluripotent stem cells in chemically defined conditions.

Uenishi G, Theisen D, Lee JH, Kumar A, Raymond M, Vodyanik M, Swanson S, Stewart R, Thomson J, Slukvin I.

Stem Cell Reports. 2014 Dec 9;3(6):1073-84. doi: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2014.09.014. Epub 2014 Oct 23.


OP9 stroma augments survival of hematopoietic precursors and progenitors during hematopoietic differentiation from human embryonic stem cells.

Ji J, Vijayaragavan K, Bosse M, Menendez P, Weisel K, Bhatia M.

Stem Cells. 2008 Oct;26(10):2485-95. doi: 10.1634/stemcells.2008-0642. Epub 2008 Jul 31. Erratum in: Stem Cells. 2008 Dec;26(12):3267. Menendez, Pablo [added].


Human umbilical cord blood-derived stromal cells are superior to human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells in inducing myeloid lineage differentiation in vitro.

Sun HP, Zhang X, Chen XH, Zhang C, Gao L, Feng YM, Peng XG, Gao L.

Stem Cells Dev. 2012 Jun 10;21(9):1429-40. doi: 10.1089/scd.2011.0348. Epub 2011 Dec 5.


OP9-Lhx2 stromal cells facilitate derivation of hematopoietic progenitors both in vitro and in vivo.

Chen X, Zhao Q, Li C, Geng Y, Huang K, Zhang J, Wang X, Yang J, Wang T, Xia C, Liu X, Meng M, Yang D, Zheng Y, Du J, Zhang X, Chen J, Pan G, Wang J.

Stem Cell Res. 2015 Sep;15(2):395-402. doi: 10.1016/j.scr.2015.08.009. Epub 2015 Aug 21.

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