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Brain biochemical effects of methylphenidate treatment using proton magnetic spectroscopy in youth with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: a controlled pilot study.

Hammerness P, Biederman J, Petty C, Henin A, Moore CM.

CNS Neurosci Ther. 2012 Jan;18(1):34-40. doi: 10.1111/j.1755-5949.2010.00226.x.


Prefrontal grey and white matter neurometabolite changes after atomoxetine and methylphenidate in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a (1)H magnetic resonance spectroscopy study.

Husarova V, Bittsansky M, Ondrejka I, Dobrota D.

Psychiatry Res. 2014 Apr 30;222(1-2):75-83. doi: 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2014.03.003.


Striatal creatine and glutamate/glutamine in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Carrey NJ, MacMaster FP, Gaudet L, Schmidt MH.

J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2007 Feb;17(1):11-7.


Analysis of brain metabolism by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder suggests a generalized differential ontogenic pattern from controls.

Arcos-Burgos M, Londoño AC, Pineda DA, Lopera F, Palacio JD, Arbelaez A, Acosta MT, Vélez JI, Castellanos FX, Muenke M.

Atten Defic Hyperact Disord. 2012 Dec;4(4):205-12. doi: 10.1007/s12402-012-0088-0.


Randomized controlled trial of osmotic-release methylphenidate with cognitive-behavioral therapy in adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and substance use disorders.

Riggs PD, Winhusen T, Davies RD, Leimberger JD, Mikulich-Gilbertson S, Klein C, Macdonald M, Lohman M, Bailey GL, Haynes L, Jaffee WB, Haminton N, Hodgkins C, Whitmore E, Trello-Rishel K, Tamm L, Acosta MC, Royer-Malvestuto C, Subramaniam G, Fishman M, Holmes BW, Kaye ME, Vargo MA, Woody GE, Nunes EV, Liu D.

J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2011 Sep;50(9):903-14. doi: 10.1016/j.jaac.2011.06.010.


A post hoc comparison of the effects of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate and osmotic-release oral system methylphenidate on symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents.

Soutullo C, Banaschewski T, Lecendreux M, Johnson M, Zuddas A, Anderson C, Civil R, Higgins N, Bloomfield R, Squires LA, Coghill DR.

CNS Drugs. 2013 Sep;27(9):743-51. doi: 10.1007/s40263-013-0086-6.


Randomized, controlled trial of oros methylphenidate once a day in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Wolraich ML, Greenhill LL, Pelham W, Swanson J, Wilens T, Palumbo D, Atkins M, McBurnett K, Bukstein O, August G.

Pediatrics. 2001 Oct;108(4):883-92.


Remission in children and adolescents diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder via an effective and tolerable titration scheme for osmotic release oral system methylphenidate.

Chou WJ, Chen SJ, Chen YS, Liang HY, Lin CC, Tang CS, Huang YS, Yeh CB, Chou MC, Lin DY, Hou PH, Wu YY, Liu HJ, Huang YF, Hwang KL, Chan CH, Pan CH, Chang HL, Huang CF, Hsu JW.

J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2012 Jun;22(3):215-25. doi: 10.1089/cap.2011.0006.


Academic, behavioral, and cognitive effects of OROS® methylphenidate on older children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Wigal SB, Wigal T, Schuck S, Brams M, Williamson D, Armstrong RB, Starr HL.

J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2011 Apr;21(2):121-31. doi: 10.1089/cap.2010.0047.


Methylphenidate normalizes resting-state brain dysfunction in boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

An L, Cao XH, Cao QJ, Sun L, Yang L, Zou QH, Katya R, Zang YF, Wang YF.

Neuropsychopharmacology. 2013 Jun;38(7):1287-95. doi: 10.1038/npp.2013.27.


An Open-Label, Randomized Trial of Methylphenidate and Atomoxetine Treatment in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Shang CY, Pan YL, Lin HY, Huang LW, Gau SS.

J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2015 Sep;25(7):566-73. doi: 10.1089/cap.2015.0035.


A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of OROS methylphenidate in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Biederman J, Mick E, Surman C, Doyle R, Hammerness P, Harpold T, Dunkel S, Dougherty M, Aleardi M, Spencer T.

Biol Psychiatry. 2006 May 1;59(9):829-35. Erratum in: Biol Psychiatry. 2007 Jun 15;61(12):1402.


Exploring the impact of once-daily OROS® methylphenidate (MPH) on symptoms and quality of life in children and adolescents with ADHD transitioning from immediate-release MPH.

Kordon A, Stollhoff K, Niederkirchner K, Mattejat F, Rettig K, Schäuble B.

Postgrad Med. 2011 Sep;123(5):27-38. doi: 10.3810/pgm.2011.09.2457.


Health care costs of adults treated for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder who received alternative drug therapies.

Wu EQ, Birnbaum HG, Zhang HF, Ivanova JI, Yang E, Mallet D.

J Manag Care Pharm. 2007 Sep;13(7):561-9.


Assessment of cognitive domains during treatment with OROS methylphenidate in adolescents with ADHD.

Hammerness P, Fried R, Petty C, Meller B, Biederman J.

Child Neuropsychol. 2014;20(3):319-27. doi: 10.1080/09297049.2013.790359.


Better efficacy for the osmotic release oral system methylphenidate among poor adherents to immediate-release methylphenidate in the three ADHD subtypes.

Chou WJ, Chou MC, Tzang RF, Hsu YC, Gau SS, Chen SJ, Wu YY, Huang YF, Liang HY, Cheng H.

Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2009 Apr;63(2):167-75. doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1819.2009.01937.x.


A randomised, placebo-controlled, 24-week, study of low-dose extended-release methylphenidate in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Rösler M, Fischer R, Ammer R, Ose C, Retz W.

Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2009 Mar;259(2):120-9. doi: 10.1007/s00406-008-0845-4. Erratum in: Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2009 Sep;259(6):368.


Effect of transitioning from extended-release methylphenidate onto osmotic, controlled-release methylphenidate in children/adolescents with ADHD: results of a 3-month non-interventional study.

Wolff C, Alfred A, Lindermüller A, Rettig K, Mattejat F, Gerwe M, Slawik L, Schäuble B.

Curr Med Res Opin. 2011;27 Suppl 2:35-44. doi: 10.1185/03007995.2011.601733.


Methylphenidate normalizes frontocingulate underactivation during error processing in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Rubia K, Halari R, Mohammad AM, Taylor E, Brammer M.

Biol Psychiatry. 2011 Aug 1;70(3):255-62. doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2011.04.018.


Glutamatergic changes with treatment in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a preliminary case series.

Carrey N, MacMaster FP, Sparkes SJ, Khan SC, Kusumakar V.

J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2002 Winter;12(4):331-6.

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