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Ras/PI3kinase/cofilin-independent activation of human CD45RA+ and CD45RO+ T cells by superagonistic CD28 stimulation.

Sester U, Wabnitz GH, Kirchgessner H, Samstag Y.

Eur J Immunol. 2007 Oct;37(10):2881-91.


Oxidation of cofilin mediates T cell hyporesponsiveness under oxidative stress conditions.

Klemke M, Wabnitz GH, Funke F, Funk B, Kirchgessner H, Samstag Y.

Immunity. 2008 Sep 19;29(3):404-13. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2008.06.016. Epub 2008 Sep 4.


CD28 is not required for c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation in T cells.

Rivas FV, O'Herrin S, Gajewski TF.

J Immunol. 2001 Sep 15;167(6):3123-8.


Unraveling a novel Rac1-mediated signaling pathway that regulates cofilin dephosphorylation and secretion in thrombin-stimulated platelets.

Pandey D, Goyal P, Dwivedi S, Siess W.

Blood. 2009 Jul 9;114(2):415-24. doi: 10.1182/blood-2008-10-183582. Epub 2009 May 8.


CD46/CD3 costimulation induces morphological changes of human T cells and activation of Vav, Rac, and extracellular signal-regulated kinase mitogen-activated protein kinase.

Zaffran Y, Destaing O, Roux A, Ory S, Nheu T, Jurdic P, Rabourdin-Combe C, Astier AL.

J Immunol. 2001 Dec 15;167(12):6780-5.


cAMP inhibits both Ras and Rap1 activation in primary human T lymphocytes, but only Ras inhibition correlates with blockade of cell cycle progression.

Grader-Beck T, van Puijenbroek AA, Nadler LM, Boussiotis VA.

Blood. 2003 Feb 1;101(3):998-1006. Epub 2002 Sep 19.


T cell leukemia-1 modulates TCR signal strength and IFN-gamma levels through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and protein kinase C pathway activation.

Hoyer KK, Herling M, Bagrintseva K, Dawson DW, French SW, Renard M, Weinger JG, Jones D, Teitell MA.

J Immunol. 2005 Jul 15;175(2):864-73.


The serine phosphatases PP1 and PP2A associate with and activate the actin-binding protein cofilin in human T lymphocytes.

Ambach A, Saunus J, Konstandin M, Wesselborg S, Meuer SC, Samstag Y.

Eur J Immunol. 2000 Dec;30(12):3422-31.


Cofilin peptide homologs interfere with immunological synapse formation and T cell activation.

Eibert SM, Lee KH, Pipkorn R, Sester U, Wabnitz GH, Giese T, Meuer SC, Samstag Y.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Feb 17;101(7):1957-62. Epub 2004 Feb 3.


Human diploid fibroblasts are resistant to MEK/ERK-mediated disruption of the actin cytoskeleton and invasiveness stimulated by Ras.

Sukezane T, Oneyama C, Kakumoto K, Shibutani K, Hanafusa H, Akagi T.

Oncogene. 2005 Aug 25;24(36):5648-55. Erratum in: Oncogene. 2005 Dec 8;24(55):8216.


Regulation of dendritic morphogenesis by Ras-PI3K-Akt-mTOR and Ras-MAPK signaling pathways.

Kumar V, Zhang MX, Swank MW, Kunz J, Wu GY.

J Neurosci. 2005 Dec 7;25(49):11288-99.

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