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Combined activities of hedgehog signaling inhibitors regulate pancreas development.

Kawahira H, Ma NH, Tzanakakis ES, McMahon AP, Chuang PT, Hebrok M.

Development. 2003 Oct;130(20):4871-9.


Regulation of pancreas development by hedgehog signaling.

Hebrok M, Kim SK, St Jacques B, McMahon AP, Melton DA.

Development. 2000 Nov;127(22):4905-13.


Unique functions of Sonic hedgehog signaling during external genitalia development.

Haraguchi R, Mo R, Hui C, Motoyama J, Makino S, Shiroishi T, Gaffield W, Yamada G.

Development. 2001 Nov;128(21):4241-50.


Sonic hedgehog signaling plays an essential role during embryonic salivary gland epithelial branching morphogenesis.

Jaskoll T, Leo T, Witcher D, Ormestad M, Astorga J, Bringas P Jr, Carlsson P, Melnick M.

Dev Dyn. 2004 Apr;229(4):722-32.


Indian hedgehog and beta-catenin signaling: role in the sebaceous lineage of normal and neoplastic mammalian epidermis.

Niemann C, Unden AB, Lyle S, Zouboulis ChC, Toftgård R, Watt FM.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Sep 30;100 Suppl 1:11873-80.


Hedgehog signaling regulates expansion of pancreatic epithelial cells.

Kawahira H, Scheel DW, Smith SB, German MS, Hebrok M.

Dev Biol. 2005 Apr 1;280(1):111-21.


Sonic hedgehog is not required for polarising activity in the Doublefoot mutant mouse limb bud.

Hayes C, Brown JM, Lyon MF, Morriss-Kay GM.

Development. 1998 Feb;125(3):351-7.


Postnatal recapitulation of embryonic hedgehog pathway in response to skeletal muscle ischemia.

Pola R, Ling LE, Aprahamian TR, Barban E, Bosch-Marce M, Curry C, Corbley M, Kearney M, Isner JM, Losordo DW.

Circulation. 2003 Jul 29;108(4):479-85.


Sonic hedgehog signaling regulates the expression of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-6 during fetal prostate development.

Lipinski RJ, Cook CH, Barnett DH, Gipp JJ, Peterson RE, Bushman W.

Dev Dyn. 2005 Jul;233(3):829-36.


Sonic hedgehog directs specialised mesoderm differentiation in the intestine and pancreas.

Apelqvist A, Ahlgren U, Edlund H.

Curr Biol. 1997 Oct 1;7(10):801-4. Erratum in: Curr Biol 1997 Dec 1;7(12):R809.


Distribution of Indian hedgehog and its receptors patched and smoothened in human chronic pancreatitis.

Kayed H, Kleeff J, Keleg S, Büchler MW, Friess H.

J Endocrinol. 2003 Sep;178(3):467-78.


Hedgehog signaling in pancreas development.

Hebrok M.

Mech Dev. 2003 Jan;120(1):45-57. Review.


Tissue interactions pattern the mesenchyme of the embryonic mouse lung.

Weaver M, Batts L, Hogan BL.

Dev Biol. 2003 Jun 1;258(1):169-84.


Msx1 is required for the induction of Patched by Sonic hedgehog in the mammalian tooth germ.

Zhang Y, Zhao X, Hu Y, St Amand T, Zhang M, Ramamurthy R, Qiu M, Chen Y.

Dev Dyn. 1999 May;215(1):45-53.


Mutations in PATCHED-1, the receptor for SONIC HEDGEHOG, are associated with holoprosencephaly.

Ming JE, Kaupas ME, Roessler E, Brunner HG, Golabi M, Tekin M, Stratton RF, Sujansky E, Bale SJ, Muenke M.

Hum Genet. 2002 Apr;110(4):297-301. Erratum in: Hum Genet 2002 Oct;111(4-5):464.


Defects in mouse mammary gland development caused by conditional haploinsufficiency of Patched-1.

Lewis MT, Ross S, Strickland PA, Sugnet CW, Jimenez E, Scott MP, Daniel CW.

Development. 1999 Nov;126(22):5181-93.


Hedgehog signaling regulation of insulin production by pancreatic beta-cells.

Thomas MK, Rastalsky N, Lee JH, Habener JF.

Diabetes. 2000 Dec;49(12):2039-47.


Gli3 acts as a repressor downstream of Ihh in regulating two distinct steps of chondrocyte differentiation.

Koziel L, Wuelling M, Schneider S, Vortkamp A.

Development. 2005 Dec;132(23):5249-60.

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