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Control of the DNA damage checkpoint by chk1 and rad53 protein kinases through distinct mechanisms.

Sanchez Y, Bachant J, Wang H, Hu F, Liu D, Tetzlaff M, Elledge SJ.

Science. 1999 Nov 5;286(5442):1166-71.


Two distinct pathways for inhibiting pds1 ubiquitination in response to DNA damage.

Agarwal R, Tang Z, Yu H, Cohen-Fix O.

J Biol Chem. 2003 Nov 7;278(45):45027-33. Epub 2003 Aug 28.


A Tel1/MRX-dependent checkpoint inhibits the metaphase-to-anaphase transition after UV irradiation in the absence of Mec1.

Clerici M, Baldo V, Mantiero D, Lottersberger F, Lucchini G, Longhese MP.

Mol Cell Biol. 2004 Dec;24(23):10126-44.


Regulation of Saccharomyces Rad53 checkpoint kinase during adaptation from DNA damage-induced G2/M arrest.

Pellicioli A, Lee SE, Lucca C, Foiani M, Haber JE.

Mol Cell. 2001 Feb;7(2):293-300.


Chromosome separation and exit from mitosis in budding yeast: dependence on growth revealed by cAMP-mediated inhibition.

Anghileri P, Branduardi P, Sternieri F, Monti P, Visintin R, Bevilacqua A, Alberghina L, Martegani E, Baroni MD.

Exp Cell Res. 1999 Aug 1;250(2):510-23.


Pds1 phosphorylation in response to DNA damage is essential for its DNA damage checkpoint function.

Wang H, Liu D, Wang Y, Qin J, Elledge SJ.

Genes Dev. 2001 Jun 1;15(11):1361-72.


The DNA damage checkpoint and PKA pathways converge on APC substrates and Cdc20 to regulate mitotic progression.

Searle JS, Schollaert KL, Wilkins BJ, Sanchez Y.

Nat Cell Biol. 2004 Feb;6(2):138-45. Epub 2004 Jan 25.


Pds1 and Esp1 control both anaphase and mitotic exit in normal cells and after DNA damage.

Tinker-Kulberg RL, Morgan DO.

Genes Dev. 1999 Aug 1;13(15):1936-49.


RAD53, DUN1 and PDS1 define two parallel G2/M checkpoint pathways in budding yeast.

Gardner R, Putnam CW, Weinert T.

EMBO J. 1999 Jun 1;18(11):3173-85.


Regulation of APC activity by phosphorylation and regulatory factors.

Kotani S, Tanaka H, Yasuda H, Todokoro K.

J Cell Biol. 1999 Aug 23;146(4):791-800. Retraction in: Tanaka H, Yasuda H, Todokoro K. J Cell Biol. 2005 Apr 11;169(1):205.


Phosphorylation of the cohesin subunit Scc1 by Polo/Cdc5 kinase regulates sister chromatid separation in yeast.

Alexandru G, Uhlmann F, Mechtler K, Poupart MA, Nasmyth K.

Cell. 2001 May 18;105(4):459-72.


DNA damage checkpoints inhibit mitotic exit by two different mechanisms.

Liang F, Wang Y.

Mol Cell Biol. 2007 Jul;27(14):5067-78. Epub 2007 May 7.


Yeast Hct1 recognizes the mitotic cyclin Clb2 and other substrates of the ubiquitin ligase APC.

Schwab M, Neutzner M, Möcker D, Seufert W.

EMBO J. 2001 Sep 17;20(18):5165-75.


A role for the spindle assembly checkpoint in the DNA damage response.

Palou R, Palou G, Quintana DG.

Curr Genet. 2017 May;63(2):275-280. doi: 10.1007/s00294-016-0634-y. Epub 2016 Aug 3.


Cyclin-dependent kinase and Cks/Suc1 interact with the proteasome in yeast to control proteolysis of M-phase targets.

Kaiser P, Moncollin V, Clarke DJ, Watson MH, Bertolaet BL, Reed SI, Bailly E.

Genes Dev. 1999 May 1;13(9):1190-202.


Cell cycle-dependent phosphorylation of Rad53 kinase by Cdc5 and Cdc28 modulates checkpoint adaptation.

Schleker T, Shimada K, Sack R, Pike BL, Gasser SM.

Cell Cycle. 2010 Jan 15;9(2):350-63. Epub 2010 Jan 27.


CDC5 inhibits the hyperphosphorylation of the checkpoint kinase Rad53, leading to checkpoint adaptation.

Vidanes GM, Sweeney FD, Galicia S, Cheung S, Doyle JP, Durocher D, Toczyski DP.

PLoS Biol. 2010 Jan 26;8(1):e1000286. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1000286.


The molecular function of the yeast polo-like kinase Cdc5 in Cdc14 release during early anaphase.

Liang F, Jin F, Liu H, Wang Y.

Mol Biol Cell. 2009 Aug;20(16):3671-9. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E08-10-1049. Epub 2009 Jul 1.

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