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J Gen Virol. 2002 Feb;83(Pt 2):421-8.

Genomic organization of infectious salmon anaemia virus.

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Microtek International, Ltd., Saanichton, British Columbia V8M 1Z8, Canada.


The RNA genome segment order, nucleotide sequence and the putative encoded proteins were determined for infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV). Eight segments of genomic viral RNA between 1.0 and 2.4 kb in length were identified. RNA segments 1-6 each had a predicted single open reading frame encoding the P1, PB1, NP, P2, P3 and HA proteins, respectively. Segment 7 encoded the P4/P5 proteins and segment 8 encoded the P6/P7 proteins. Seven virion proteins with molecular masses between 25 and 72 kDa were found by SDS-PAGE analysis. The 72 and 42 kDa proteins were immunoreactive with ISAV antiserum from Atlantic salmon. The molecular mass of the 72 kDa virion protein suggested that it was the NP protein encoded by segment 3. The amino acid sequence was conserved, sharing 96.6% identity with the NP protein of a Scottish ISAV isolate. Comparison of the amino acid sequences obtained by N-terminal analyses and cDNA nucleotide translation revealed that the 42 and 47 kDa proteins were the HA and P3 proteins encoded by segments 6 and 5, respectively. In addition, analysis provided evidence for their protein synthesis initiation sites. Like the HA protein, the signal sequence and potential glycosylation sites of P3 suggested that it was a surface glycoprotein. The predicted amino acid sequence shared 83.1, 84.0 and 99.6% identity to the predicted P3 protein sequences for ISAV isolates from Norway, Scotland and Maine, respectively. These results establish the specificity, migration, number and nucleotide sequence of the eight RNA segments of the ISAV genome.

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