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J Morphol. 1998 Dec;238(3):343-53.

Anuran postnasal wall homology: an experimental extirpation study.

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Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA.


The nasal placode was extirpated unilaterally in Gosner stage 18-20 embryos of Rana sylvatica, R. palustris and R. pipiens, in order to test alternative proposed schemes of homology for the ethmoidal attachment of the palatoquadrate in anurans and urodeles. Absence of the nasal sac has no pronounced effect on the formation of larval chondrocranial structures. In contrast, in metamorphosed animals the lamina orbitonasalis and inferior prenasal process are the only nasal capsule structures present on the operated side. The medial nasal branch of the deep ophthalmic nerve passes forward over the dorsal surface of the lamina orbitonasalis, rather than through an orbitonasal foramen. Comparison with previous experimental work on urodeles supports the traditional homology of the anuran lamina orbitonasalis with the antorbital process of urodeles and other vertebrates.

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