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Life Support Syst. 1983 Oct-Dec;1(4):281-90.

Some problems associated with the implantation of a cardiac prosthesis and with early postoperative care in animals with a total artificial heart.


The progress in the methods and techniques for surgical implantation of the TAH has progressed in parallel with the technology and design of the cardiac prosthesis. During the period from December 1974 to May 1982 the authors performed altogether 75 orthotopic implantations of eight types of TAH in calves. The Soviet TAH type KEDR I-III was implanted in 26 calves, type MODUL to one calf. The American TAH JARVIK 3 was implanted in one calf and Czechoslovak TAH type TNS BRNO I-III in 47 calves. The modification of blood pump and improved system of its control provided for the limitation of the range of surgery and to shorten the time of operation and cardiopulmonary bypass. The methods of preoperative care, anaesthesia, cardiopulmonary bypass and postoperative care in our laboratory were gradually improving in parallel. This was associated with maximum survival time of animals in the course of the research period which gradually increased from 5.5 h in 1974 to 173 days in 1982. The chief experiences acquired from all experiments performed are presented and problems associated with the investigation of the TAH in general are discussed in this paper.

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