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Virology. 1983 Apr 15;126(1):106-16.

Preparation of influenza virus subviral particles lacking the HA1 subunit of hemagglutinin: unmasking of cross-reactive HA2 determinants.


Acid treatment of influenza A and B virus preparations followed by addition of dithiothreitol (DTT) and centrifugation through a sucrose cushion removes the HA1 subunit of hemagglutinin from virus. Rabbit sera made against these subviral particles and untreated virus were tested in a radioimmune precipitation assay using [35S]cysteine-labeled virus. Conditions of the assay permitted discrimination of discrete HA1- and HA2-specific antibody populations. It was found that (a) sera raised to intact influenza A virus preparations contained both HA1- and HA-2 specific antibodies, (b) sera made to subviral particles of influenza A virus contained HA2-specific antibody but had little or no detectable HA1-specific antibody.

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