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Avian Dis. 1985 Jul-Sep;29(3):742-5.

A survey of gastrointestinal helminths of the common helmet guinea fowl (Numida meleagris galeata) in Burkina Faso.


Guinea fowls in Burkina Faso (Africa) harbored 13 species of helminth parasites. The two most abundant species were Subulura suctoria and Ascaridia numidae, which comprised 89% of the nematodes. The other nematode species (Gongylonema congolense, Eucoleus annulatus, Synhimantus spiralis, Tetrameres fissispina, and Cyrnea parroti) occurred at low levels. Five species of cestodes and one acanthocephalan were also present. It is likely that guinea fowl act as important reservoir hosts of chicken nematodes.

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