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Cell Tissue Kinet. 1985 Sep;18(5):551-62.

Cell cycle kinetics by BrdU-Hoechst flow cytometry: an alternative to the differential metaphase labelling technique.


Human lymphocyte cell cycle kinetics was studied in parallel in whole blood and in isolated lymphocyte cultures by differential metaphase labelling and by flow cytometry, employing the principle of quenching of Hoechst fluorescence by BrdU substituted DNA. The BrdU-Hoechst flow technique yields information on the kinetics of cell recruitment and cell cycle progression superior to the differential metaphase staining, since it provides data from interphase cells, including cycle compartment durations, non-cycling cell fractions and transition probabilities. The Smith and Martin model, modified to include a fraction of non-cycling cells, yields excellent correspondence to the experimental data. We show that lymphocytes isolated from Ficoll gradients respond to PHA stimulation with a 4-6 hr delay compared to whole blood cultures or to cultures with autologous serum supplementation. A detailed study of the effects of such culture supplements on lag phase duration, cell cycle compartment length, non-cycling cell fractions and transition probabilities illustrates the application and reproducibility of the flow assay. The potential of the method is further documented with two examples showing the dependence of lymphocyte proliferation on donor age and donor genotype.

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