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Radiats Biol Radioecol. 2003 May-Jun;43(3):370-4.

[Effect of electronic homeopathic copy of biohumus fertilizer on tomato sprout development].

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Pacific Institute of Oceanology, Far East Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok, 690041 Russia.


Electronic homeopathic copies (EHC) are remedies prepared without traditional dilution/potentiation but by means of so-called "imprinting" of initial substance to water (or other carriers) with the help of M. Ray's devices. EHC are interpreted by modern homeopathic medicine as functional analogs of biologically active substances (BAS) in supersmall doses (SSD). The authors have undertaken 3 blind randomised experiments concerning BAS aqueous solution of fertilizer biohumus, its EHC and placebo influence on tomatoes' sprouts development. Filtered and intermixed water have been encapsulated in 1.5-liter polyethylene containers. The solution of fertilizer has been prepared in accordance with the instruction. EHC has been "transferred" from the concentrated fertilizer with the help of Simulator (Metabolics, GB) apparatus. "Deleting" of information have been made for placebo. Seed of tomatoes (kind "Yasniye") have been pre-soaked in preparations and landed in accordingly numbered plastic boxes (97 x 15 x 14 sm) by 40-44 plants in each one. The seedbed was from one well intermixed portion. The plants were top-dressed by preparations (200-300 ml) one time per week. The boxes were exposed in one room (rotation was made twice per week). The plants have been cut up on the 38th day from pre-soaking. The height of a green part and its mass have been measured for each plant. The differences between independent samples (preparations studied) have been estimated. The differences between EHC and placebo have appeared to be reliable, in the first experiment (p < 2 x 10(-4)--mass, p < 10(-9)--height), in the second one (p = 0.014--mass), in the third one (p < 3 x 10(-6)--mass, p = 0.028--height) The results obtained verify a reality of EHC phenomenon. Thus it is quite within reason to suggest an existence of uniform physical (instead of chemical) mechanism of BAS's EHC/SSD structuring and acting on biological objects.

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