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Body Forum. 1977 Jan 30;2(7):20.

Women on the pill are opening up a small case of side effects every morning.



Although most researchers are concerned with the major side effects of oral contraceptives, swelling, nausea, depression, poor circulation, and weight gain are labeled ''minor'' and ignored. A few researchers have found that these side effects seem related to nutritional depletion in oral contraceptive users, especially: 1) Vitamin-B6, which is linked to depression and tryptophan level abnormalities in pill users and may be associated with nausea and weight gain. Studies show a daily need 10-30 times greater than that for women not on the pill. 2) Folic acid deficiency, common among women but a 25% deficiency rate has been noted in pill users. This has been associated with cell malformation and may be a reason for the high spontaneous abortion rate in women who conceive immediately after discontinuing the pill. 3) B1 and B12, the vitamins affecting energy, skin, and hair. Although not linked to any side effects, levels are low in pill users. 4) Vitamin-C, definitely depleted in pill users. This may be part of the bodily change resulting in cardiac problems and thrombosis. Full vitamin supplementation is recommended for all women taking oral contraceptives, including these vitamins as well as Vitamin-E and bioflavinoids. Vitamin supplements are routine for pregnancy. They should also be routine for the pseudopregnancy of oral contraception.

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