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J Nutr. 2001 Jan;131(1):27-32.

Tea catechins prevent the development of atherosclerosis in apoprotein E-deficient mice.

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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Shizuoka, 52-1, Yada, Shizuoka, 422-8526, Japan.


Green tea contains various antioxidative flavan-3ols (tea catechins), such as (-)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg, the major catechin), which exert potent inhibitory effects on LDL oxidation in vitro and ex vivo in humans. In this study, the antiatherogenic effects of tea catechins were examined in atherosclerosis-susceptible C57BL/6J, apoprotein (apo)E-deficient mice. Male apoE-deficient mice (10 wk old) were fed an atherogenic diet for 14 wk; during that time, one group (tea) was supplied drinking water supplemented with green tea extract (0.8 g/L), and another group (control) was offered the vehicle only. The tea extract consisted of the following (g/100 g): EGCg, 58.4; (-)-epigallocatechin (EGC), 11.7; (-)-epicatechin (EC), 6.6; (-)-gallocatechingallate (GCg), 1.6; (-)-epicatechin gallate (ECg), 0.5; and caffeine, 0.4. The estimated actual intake of tea catechin was 1.7 mg/(d. mouse). Tea ingestion did not influence plasma cholesterol or triglyceride concentrations. Plasma lipid peroxides were reduced in the tea group at wk 8, suggesting that the in vivo oxidative state is improved by tea ingestion. Atheromatous areas in the aorta from the arch to the femoral bifurcation and aortic weights were both significantly attenuated by 23% in the tea group compared with the control group. Aortic cholesterol and triglyceride contents were 27 and 50% lower, respectively, in the tea group than in the control group. These results suggest that chronic ingestion of tea extract prevents the development of atherosclerosis without changing the plasma lipid level in apoE-deficient mice, probably through the potent antioxidative activity of the tea.

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