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Z Naturforsch C. 1998 May-Jun;53(5-6):318-24.

Production of antibiotics by Collybia nivalis, Omphalotus olearis, a Favolaschia and a Pterula species on natural substrates.


Collybia nivalis, Favolaschia sp. 87129, Pterula sp. 82168 and Omphalotus olearius were cultivated on natural substrates. The antibiotic metabolites oudemansin A. strobilurins A, D, illudin S and pterulone were isolated and identified. A new antifungal metabolite, pterulone B, was described from cultures of Pterula sp. 82168 on wood. Collybia nivalis was found to be the first species of this genus to produce strobilurins and oudemansin A. As compared to rich media the cultivation on natural substrates resulted in the production of fewer metabolites. The concentrations of the antibiotics, however, were sufficient to inhibit other saprophytic fungi.

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