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Neuropeptides. 1987 Feb-Mar;9(2):113-22.

Effect of two synthetic alpha-gliadin peptides on lymphocytes in celiac disease: identification of a novel class of opioid receptors.


Two synthetic peptides containing residues 43-47 and 43-49 of alpha-gliadin were tested for inhibition of leukocyte migration in 47 patients with celiac disease. In nineteen patients, all on a normal diet, leukocyte migration was inhibited by the peptides and naloxone blocked this effect. In twenty-eight patients (24 of whom were on strict gluten-free diet) leukocyte migration was not affected by the peptides. Our results suggest that alpha-gliadin-(43-49), Tyr-Pro-Gln-Pro-Gln-Pro-Phe, is closely related to the active fragment, or to one of the active fragments of alpha-gliadin, and that it interacts with receptors that are similar to but not identical with the known opiate receptors.

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