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Myeloperoxidase in atrial fibrillation: association with progression, origin and influence of renin-angiotensin system antagonists.

Holzwirth E, Kornej J, Erbs S, Obradovic D, Bollmann A, Hindricks G, Thiele H, Büttner P.

Clin Res Cardiol. 2019 Jun 24. doi: 10.1007/s00392-019-01512-z. [Epub ahead of print]


Identification of Coronary Vasospasm as a Cause of Recurrent Acute Coronary Syndrome.

Majunke N, von Roeder M, Schürer S, Erbs S.

J Invasive Cardiol. 2018 Oct;30(10):E100.


Impact of Weight Reduction During Adolescence on Parameters of Cardiac Geometry and Function in Obese Children.

Erbs S, Broniecki H, Scheuermann K, Winzer E, Adam J, Spielau U, Woitek F, Sandri M, Zimmer M, Besler C, Kiess W, Linke A, Körner A, Mangner N.

JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2018 Dec;11(12):1915-1917. doi: 10.1016/j.jcmg.2018.05.023. Epub 2018 Jul 18. No abstract available.


Mild Hypothermia in Cardiogenic Shock Complicating Myocardial Infarction.

Fuernau G, Beck J, Desch S, Eitel I, Jung C, Erbs S, Mangner N, Lurz P, Fengler K, Jobs A, Vonthein R, de Waha-Thiele S, Sandri M, Schuler G, Thiele H.

Circulation. 2019 Jan 22;139(4):448-457. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.117.032722.


Frequency and clinical course of cerebral embolism in patients undergoing transcatheter left atrial appendage closure.

Majunke N, Eplinius F, Gutberlet M, Moebius-Winkler S, Daehnert I, Grothoff M, Schürer S, Mangner N, Lurz P, Erbs S, Kirsch K, Schuler G, Sandri M.

EuroIntervention. 2017 May 15;13(1):124-130. doi: 10.4244/EIJ-D-16-00776.


Endothelial Function in Children and Adolescents Is Mainly Influenced by Age, Sex and Physical Activity - An Analysis of Reactive Hyperemic Peripheral Artery Tonometry.

Mueller UM, Walther C, Adam J, Fikenzer K, Erbs S, Mende M, Adams V, Linke A, Schuler G.

Circ J. 2017 Apr 25;81(5):717-725. doi: 10.1253/circj.CJ-16-0994. Epub 2017 Feb 11.


Osteopontin is BMI-independently Related to Early Endothelial Dysfunction in Children.

Schreier M, Schwartze JT, Landgraf K, Scheuermann K, Erbs S, Herberth G, Pospisilik JA, Kratzsch J, Kiess W, Körner A.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2016 Nov;101(11):4161-4169. Epub 2016 Aug 29.


Impact of Rosuvastatin Treatment on HDL-Induced PKC-βII and eNOS Phosphorylation in Endothelial Cells and Its Relation to Flow-Mediated Dilatation in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure.

Winzer EB, Gaida P, Höllriegel R, Fischer T, Linke A, Schuler G, Adams V, Erbs S.

Cardiol Res Pract. 2016;2016:4826102. doi: 10.1155/2016/4826102. Epub 2016 Aug 2.


Coronary Collateral Growth Induced by Physical Exercise: Results of the Impact of Intensive Exercise Training on Coronary Collateral Circulation in Patients With Stable Coronary Artery Disease (EXCITE) Trial.

Möbius-Winkler S, Uhlemann M, Adams V, Sandri M, Erbs S, Lenk K, Mangner N, Mueller U, Adam J, Grunze M, Brunner S, Hilberg T, Mende M, Linke AP, Schuler G.

Circulation. 2016 Apr 12;133(15):1438-48; discussion 1448. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.115.016442. Epub 2016 Mar 15.


Long-Term Exercise Training in Patients With Advanced Chronic Heart Failure: SUSTAINED BENEFITS ON LEFT VENTRICULAR PERFORMANCE AND EXERCISE CAPACITY.

Höllriegel R, Winzer EB, Linke A, Adams V, Mangner N, Sandri M, Bowen TS, Hambrecht R, Schuler G, Erbs S.

J Cardiopulm Rehabil Prev. 2016 Mar-Apr;36(2):117-24. doi: 10.1097/HCR.0000000000000165.


Long term impact of one daily unit of physical exercise at school on cardiovascular risk factors in school children.

Müller UM, Walther C, Adams V, Mende M, Adam J, Fikenzer K, Machalica KC, Erbs S, Linke A, Schuler G.

Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2016 Sep;23(13):1444-52. doi: 10.1177/2047487316632966. Epub 2016 Feb 11.


Thrombus Aspiration in Patients With ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Presenting Late After Symptom Onset.

Desch S, Stiermaier T, de Waha S, Lurz P, Gutberlet M, Sandri M, Mangner N, Boudriot E, Woinke M, Erbs S, Schuler G, Fuernau G, Eitel I, Thiele H.

JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2016 Jan 25;9(2):113-22. doi: 10.1016/j.jcin.2015.09.010.


Skeletal muscle alterations in chronic heart failure: differential effects on quadriceps and diaphragm.

Mangner N, Weikert B, Bowen TS, Sandri M, Höllriegel R, Erbs S, Hambrecht R, Schuler G, Linke A, Gielen S, Adams V.

J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. 2015 Dec;6(4):381-90. doi: 10.1002/jcsm.12034. Epub 2015 Apr 30.


The Leipzig Prospective Drug-Eluting Balloon-Registry - Outcome of 484 Consecutive Patients Treated for Coronary In-Stent Restenosis and De Novo Lesions Using Paclitaxel-Coated Balloons.

Uhlemann M, Möbius-Winkler S, Adam J, Erbs S, Mangner N, Sandri M, Boudriot E, Woinke M, Schuler GC, Linke A.

Circ J. 2016;80(2):379-86. doi: 10.1253/circj.CJ-14-1352. Epub 2015 Dec 2.


Cardioprotection by combined intrahospital remote ischaemic perconditioning and postconditioning in ST-elevation myocardial infarction: the randomized LIPSIA CONDITIONING trial.

Eitel I, Stiermaier T, Rommel KP, Fuernau G, Sandri M, Mangner N, Linke A, Erbs S, Lurz P, Boudriot E, Mende M, Desch S, Schuler G, Thiele H.

Eur Heart J. 2015 Nov 21;36(44):3049-57. doi: 10.1093/eurheartj/ehv463. Epub 2015 Sep 17.


Chronic heart failure and aging - effects of exercise training on endothelial function and mechanisms of endothelial regeneration: Results from the Leipzig Exercise Intervention in Chronic heart failure and Aging (LEICA) study.

Sandri M, Viehmann M, Adams V, Rabald K, Mangner N, Höllriegel R, Lurz P, Erbs S, Linke A, Kirsch K, Möbius-Winkler S, Thiery J, Teupser D, Hambrecht R, Schuler G, Gielen S.

Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2016 Mar;23(4):349-58. doi: 10.1177/2047487315588391. Epub 2015 May 26.


Serum irisin levels are regulated by acute strenuous exercise.

Löffler D, Müller U, Scheuermann K, Friebe D, Gesing J, Bielitz J, Erbs S, Landgraf K, Wagner IV, Kiess W, Körner A.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2015 Apr;100(4):1289-99. doi: 10.1210/jc.2014-2932. Epub 2015 Jan 27.


Childhood obesity: impact on cardiac geometry and function.

Mangner N, Scheuermann K, Winzer E, Wagner I, Hoellriegel R, Sandri M, Zimmer M, Mende M, Linke A, Kiess W, Schuler G, Körner A, Erbs S.

JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2014 Dec;7(12):1198-205. doi: 10.1016/j.jcmg.2014.08.006. Epub 2014 Oct 8.


Exercise training improves high-density lipoprotein-mediated transcription of proangiogenic microRNA in endothelial cells.

Riedel S, Radzanowski S, Bowen TS, Werner S, Erbs S, Schuler G, Adams V.

Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2015 Jul;22(7):899-903. doi: 10.1177/2047487314541036. Epub 2014 Jun 23.


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