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Clinical Outcomes for Diabetic Foot Ulcers Treated with Clostridial Collagenase Ointment or with a Product Containing Silver.

Motley TA, Caporusso JM, Lange DL, Eichelkraut RA, Cargill DI, Dickerson JE Jr.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Oct 1;7(10):339-348. doi: 10.1089/wound.2018.0784. Epub 2018 Oct 11.


Instillation Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: An Effective Tool for Complex Spine Wounds.

West JM, Jordan SW, Mendel E, Khan SN, Chandawarkar RY, Valerio IL.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Oct 1;7(10):333-338. doi: 10.1089/wound.2018.0793. Epub 2018 Oct 11.


Iron Chelation with Transdermal Deferoxamine Accelerates Healing of Murine Sickle Cell Ulcers.

Rodrigues M, Bonham CA, Minniti CP, Gupta K, Longaker MT, Gurtner GC.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Oct 1;7(10):323-332. doi: 10.1089/wound.2018.0789. Epub 2018 Oct 11.


Efficacy of Concentrated Surfactant-Based Wound Dressings in Wound Repair and Biofilm Reduction.

Salisbury AM, Mayer D, Chen R, Percival SL.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Sep 1;7(9):315-322. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0782. Epub 2018 Sep 4.


Evaluation of Donor Site Pain After Fractional Autologous Full-Thickness Skin Grafting.

Jaller JA, Herskovitz I, Borda LJ, Mervis J, Darwin E, Hirt PA, Lev-Tov H, Kirsner RS.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Sep 1;7(9):309-314. doi: 10.1089/wound.2018.0800. Epub 2018 Sep 4.


Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Conditioned Media and Exosomes Containing MALAT1 Promote Human Dermal Fibroblast Migration and Ischemic Wound Healing.

Cooper DR, Wang C, Patel R, Trujillo A, Patel NA, Prather J, Gould LJ, Wu MH.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Sep 1;7(9):299-308. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0775. Epub 2018 Sep 4.


VEGF Receptor-2 Activation Mediated by VEGF-E Limits Scar Tissue Formation Following Cutaneous Injury.

Wise LM, Stuart GS, Real NC, Fleming SB, Mercer AA.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Aug 1;7(8):283-297. doi: 10.1089/wound.2016.0721.


Use of a National Electronic Health Record Network to Describe Characteristics and Healing Patterns of Sickle Cell Ulcers.

Flattau A, Gordon H, Vinces G, Ennis WJ, Minniti CP.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Aug 1;7(8):276-282. doi: 10.1089/wound.2018.0788.


Pathway Analysis of Gene Expression in Murine Fetal and Adult Wounds.

Hu MS, Hong WX, Januszyk M, Walmsley GG, Luan A, Maan ZN, Moshrefi S, Tevlin R, Wan DC, Gurtner GC, Longaker MT, Lorenz HP.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Aug 1;7(8):262-275. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0779.


Wound Healing Research at the Hagey Laboratory for Pediatric Regenerative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Hu MS, Longaker MT.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Aug 1;7(8):257-261. doi: 10.1089/wound.2018.0787. No abstract available.


Fungi in the Wound Microbiome.

Kalan L, Grice EA.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Jul 1;7(7):247-255. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0756. Review.


Inspired by Nature: Hydrogels as Versatile Tools for Vascular Engineering.

Blache U, Ehrbar M.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Jul 1;7(7):232-246. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0760. Review.


Immune Regulation of Skin Wound Healing: Mechanisms and Novel Therapeutic Targets.

Larouche J, Sheoran S, Maruyama K, Martino MM.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Jul 1;7(7):209-231. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0761. Review.


Physiological Perspective on Therapies of Lymphatic Vessels.

Kilarski WW.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Jul 1;7(7):189-208. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0768. Review.


The Relationship of Wound Healing with Psoriasis and Multiple Sclerosis.

Morhenn VB.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Jun 1;7(6):185-188. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0773. Review.


Comparing the Tolerability of a Novel Wound Closure Device Using a Porcine Wound Model.

Townsend KL, Akeroyd J, Russell DS, Kruzic JJ, Robertson BL, Lear W.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Jun 1;7(6):177-184. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0777.


Recurrence of Critical Limb Ischemia After Endovascular Intervention in Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

Meloni M, Izzo V, Giurato L, Del Giudice C, Da Ros V, Cervelli V, Gandini R, Uccioli L.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 Jun 1;7(6):171-176. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0778.


High-Frequency Generator in Wound Healing of Marjolin's Ulcer After Carcinoma Resection.

Tacani PM, Tacani RE, Machado AFP, Montezello D, Góes JCGS, Marx AG, Liebano RE.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 May 1;7(5):165-170. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0757.


A Comparison of Three Methods for the Analysis of Skin Flap Viability: Reliability and Validity.

Tim CR, Martignago CCS, da Silva VR, Dos Santos ECB, Vieira FN, Parizotto NA, Liebano RE.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 May 1;7(5):157-163. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0758.


Three-Dimensional Printing and Cell Therapy for Wound Repair.

van Kogelenberg S, Yue Z, Dinoro JN, Baker CS, Wallace GG.

Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle). 2018 May 1;7(5):145-155. doi: 10.1089/wound.2017.0752. Review.

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