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Effect of image quality on accuracy of two-dimensional strain echocardiography for diagnosing ischemic chest pain: a 2DSPER multicenter trial substudy.

Shiran A, Blondheim DS, Shimoni S, Jabarren M, Rosenmann D, Sagie A, Leibowitz D, Leitman M, Feinberg MS, Beeri R, Adawi S, Asmer I, Ganaeem M, Friedman Z, Liel-Cohen N.

Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2018 Nov 14. doi: 10.1007/s10554-018-1495-x. [Epub ahead of print]


Unanesthetized Rodents Demonstrate Insensitivity of QT Interval and Ventricular Refractory Period to Pacing Cycle Length.

Mulla W, Gillis R, Murninkas M, Klapper-Goldstein H, Gabay H, Mor M, Elyagon S, Liel-Cohen N, Bernus O, Etzion Y.

Front Physiol. 2018 Jul 11;9:897. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2018.00897. eCollection 2018.


Is It Time to Revise the Guidelines and Recommendations for Digital Echocardiography?

Tyomkin V, Vered Z, Mor M, Blondheim DS, Carasso S, Shimoni S, Goland S, Beeri R, Gilon D, Ben Zekry S, Sagie A, Liel Cohen N, Yosefy C, Pery M, Leitman M.

J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2018 May;31(5):634-636. doi: 10.1016/j.echo.2018.01.021. Epub 2018 Mar 21. No abstract available.


Overview of mitral regurgitation in Europe: results from the European Registry of mitral regurgitation (EuMiClip).

Monteagudo Ruiz JM, Galderisi M, Buonauro A, Badano L, Aruta P, Swaans MJ, Sanchis L, Saraste A, Monaghan M, Theodoropoulos KC, Papitsas M, Liel-Cohen N, Kobal S, Bervar M, Berlot B, Filippatos G, Ikonomidis I, Katsanos S, Tanner FC, Cassani D, Faletra FF, Leo LA, Martinez A, Matabuena J, Grande-Trillo A, Alonso-Rodriguez D, Mesa D, Gonzalez-Alujas T, Sitges M, Carrasco-Chinchilla F, Li CH, Fernandez-Golfin C, Zamorano JL.

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2018 May 1;19(5):503-507. doi: 10.1093/ehjci/jey011.


Prominent differences in left ventricular performance and myocardial properties between right ventricular and left ventricular-based pacing modes in rats.

Mulla W, Etzion S, Elyagon S, Gillis R, Murninkas M, Konstantino Y, Mannhardt I, Eschenhagen T, Liel-Cohen N, Etzion Y.

Sci Rep. 2017 Jul 19;7(1):5931. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-06197-w.


The feasibility and efficacy of implementing a focused cardiac ultrasound course into a medical school curriculum.

Kobal SL, Lior Y, Ben-Sasson A, Liel-Cohen N, Galante O, Fuchs L.

BMC Med Educ. 2017 May 30;17(1):94. doi: 10.1186/s12909-017-0928-x.


QT Prolongation as an Isolated Long-Term Cardiac Manifestation of Dichlorvos Organophosphate Poisoning in Rats.

Shiyovich A, Matot R, Elyagon S, Liel-Cohen N, Rosman Y, Shrot S, Kassirer M, Katz A, Etzion Y.

Cardiovasc Toxicol. 2018 Feb;18(1):24-32. doi: 10.1007/s12012-017-9409-z.


Impact of Point-of-Care Ultrasound Examination on Triage of Patients With Suspected Cardiac Disease.

Kobal SL, Liel-Cohen N, Shimony S, Neuman Y, Konstantino Y, Dray EM, Horowitz I, Siegel RJ.

Am J Cardiol. 2016 Nov 15;118(10):1583-1587. doi: 10.1016/j.amjcard.2016.08.028. Epub 2016 Aug 22.


Two-dimensional strain echocardiography for diagnosing chest pain in the emergency room: a multicentre prospective study by the Israeli echo research group.

Shiran A, Blondheim DS, Shimoni S, Jabarren M, Rosenmann D, Sagie A, Leibowitz D, Leitman M, Feinberg M, Beeri R, Adawi S, Shotan A, Goland S, Bloch L, Kobal SL, Liel-Cohen N.

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2017 Sep 1;18(9):1016-1024. doi: 10.1093/ehjci/jew168.


[Portable ultrasound devices: a novel bedside approach for diagnosing cardiovascular disease].

Kobal SL, Horowitz I, Liel-Cohen N.

Harefuah. 2014 Sep;153(9):537-40, 557. Review. Hebrew.


Speckle-tracking echocardiography elucidates the effect of pacing site on left ventricular synchronization in the normal and infarcted rat myocardium.

Mor M, Mulla W, Elyagon S, Gabay H, Dror S, Etzion Y, Liel-Cohen N.

PLoS One. 2014 Jun 10;9(6):e99191. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099191. eCollection 2014.


Prognostic value of myocardial ischemic electrocardiographic response in patients with normal stress echocardiographic study.

Kobal SL, Wilkof-Segev R, Patchett MS, Vodonos A, Liel-Cohen N, Novack V, Bangalore S, Siegel RJ.

Am J Cardiol. 2014 Mar 15;113(6):945-9. doi: 10.1016/j.amjcard.2013.11.051. Epub 2013 Dec 25.


Briefly trained medical students can effectively identify rheumatic mitral valve injury using a hand-carried ultrasound.

Shmueli H, Burstein Y, Sagy I, Perry ZH, Ilia R, Henkin Y, Shafat T, Liel-Cohen N, Kobal SL.

Echocardiography. 2013 Jul;30(6):621-6. doi: 10.1111/echo.12122. Epub 2013 Jan 24.


Use of an automatic application for wall motion classification based on longitudinal strain: is it affected by operator expertise in echocardiography? A multicentre study by the Israeli Echocardiography Research Group.

Blondheim DS, Friedman Z, Lysyansky P, Kuperstein R, Hay I, Feinberg MS, Beeri R, Vaturi M, Sagie A, Shimoni S, Fehske W, Deutsch L, Leitman M, Gilon D, Agmon Y, Tsadok Y, Rosenmann D, Liel-Cohen N.

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2012 Mar;13(3):257-62. doi: 10.1093/ejechocard/jer182. Epub 2011 Nov 6.


Left ventricular geometric abnormality screening in hypertensive patients using a hand-carried ultrasound device.

Perez-Avraham G, Kobal SL, Etzion O, Novack V, Wolak T, Liel-Cohen N, Paran E.

J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich). 2010 Mar;12(3):181-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1751-7176.2009.00247.x.


A rare complication of infective endocarditis: left main coronary artery embolization resulting in sudden death.

Zeller L, Flusser D, Shaco-Levy R, Giladi H, Merkin MS, Liel-Cohen N.

J Heart Valve Dis. 2010 Mar;19(2):225-7.


Dietary intervention to reverse carotid atherosclerosis.

Shai I, Spence JD, Schwarzfuchs D, Henkin Y, Parraga G, Rudich A, Fenster A, Mallett C, Liel-Cohen N, Tirosh A, Bolotin A, Thiery J, Fiedler GM, Bl├╝her M, Stumvoll M, Stampfer MJ; DIRECT Group.

Circulation. 2010 Mar 16;121(10):1200-8. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.109.879254. Epub 2010 Mar 1.


Reliability of visual assessment of global and segmental left ventricular function: a multicenter study by the Israeli Echocardiography Research Group.

Blondheim DS, Beeri R, Feinberg MS, Vaturi M, Shimoni S, Fehske W, Sagie A, Rosenmann D, Lysyansky P, Deutsch L, Leitman M, Kuperstein R, Hay I, Gilon D, Friedman Z, Agmon Y, Tsadok Y, Liel-Cohen N.

J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2010 Mar;23(3):258-64. doi: 10.1016/j.echo.2009.12.020.


A new tool for automatic assessment of segmental wall motion based on longitudinal 2D strain: a multicenter study by the Israeli Echocardiography Research Group.

Liel-Cohen N, Tsadok Y, Beeri R, Lysyansky P, Agmon Y, Feinberg MS, Fehske W, Gilon D, Hay I, Kuperstein R, Leitman M, Deutsch L, Rosenmann D, Sagie A, Shimoni S, Vaturi M, Friedman Z, Blondheim DS.

Circ Cardiovasc Imaging. 2010 Jan;3(1):47-53. doi: 10.1161/CIRCIMAGING.108.841874. Epub 2009 Nov 19.


A rare case of enterobacter endocarditis superimposed on a mitral valve rheumatoid nodule.

Giladi H, Sukenik S, Flusser D, Liel-Cohen N, Applebaum A, Sion-Vardy N.

J Clin Rheumatol. 2008 Apr;14(2):97-100. doi: 10.1097/RHU.0b013e31816d5ea5.


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