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The Effect of a Preconception Nutrition Supplement on One Carbon Metabolites (P24-028-19).

Gilley S, Sticca E, Kerns M, Palacios A, Jambal P, Kemp J, Westcott J, Garces A, Figueroa L, Hendricks A, Hambidge M, Krebs N, Borengasser S.

Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun 13;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz044.P24-028-19. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzz044.P24-028-19. eCollection 2019 Jun.


Differential DNA Methylation of Human Metastable Epialleles in Guatemalan Infants at Birth Due to Timing of a Maternal Lipid-Based Nutrition Supplement and Pre-Pregnancy BMI (P11-139-19).

Borengasser S, Hendricks A, Jambal P, Gilley S, Palacios A, Kemp J, Westcott J, Garces A, Figueroa L, Friedman J, Jones K, Hambidge M, Krebs N.

Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun 13;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz048.P11-139-19. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzz048.P11-139-19. eCollection 2019 Jun.


Different Gut Microbial Profiles in African and South Asian Women of Childbearing Age in the Women First (WF) Trial (FS07-05-19).

Tang M, Frank D, Hendricks A, Lokangaka A, Dhaded S, Kemp J, Ir D, Hambidge M, Krebs N.

Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun 13;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz040.FS07-05-19. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzz040.FS07-05-19. eCollection 2019 Jun.


The incidence, prevalence, nature, severity and mechanisms of injury in elite female cricketers: A prospective cohort study.

Panagodage Perera NK, Kountouris A, Kemp JL, Joseph C, Finch CF.

J Sci Med Sport. 2019 May 25. pii: S1440-2440(18)31252-0. doi: 10.1016/j.jsams.2019.05.013. [Epub ahead of print]


Autonomic dysfunction in myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome: comparing self-report and objective measures.

Kemp J, Sunnquist M, Jason LA, Newton JL.

Clin Auton Res. 2019 May 21. doi: 10.1007/s10286-019-00615-x. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Inflammatory biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease plasma.

Morgan AR, Touchard S, Leckey C, O'Hagan C, Nevado-Holgado AJ; NIMA Consortium, Barkhof F, Bertram L, Blin O, Bos I, Dobricic V, Engelborghs S, Frisoni G, Frölich L, Gabel S, Johannsen P, Kettunen P, Kłoszewska I, Legido-Quigley C, Lleó A, Martinez-Lage P, Mecocci P, Meersmans K, Molinuevo JL, Peyratout G, Popp J, Richardson J, Sala I, Scheltens P, Streffer J, Soininen H, Tainta-Cuezva M, Teunissen C, Tsolaki M, Vandenberghe R, Visser PJ, Vos S, Wahlund LO, Wallin A, Westwood S, Zetterberg H, Lovestone S, Morgan BP; Annex: NIMA–Wellcome Trust Consortium for Neuroimmunology of Mood Disorders and Alzheimer's Disease.

Alzheimers Dement. 2019 Jun;15(6):776-787. doi: 10.1016/j.jalz.2019.03.007. Epub 2019 Apr 30.


Correction to: What is the Prevalence of Hip Intra-Articular Pathologies and Osteoarthritis in Active Athletes with Hip and Groin Pain Compared with Those Without? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Heerey JJ, Kemp JL, Mosler AB, Jones DM, Pizzari T, Scholes MJ, Agricola R, Crossley KM.

Sports Med. 2019 Jul;49(7):1139-1141. doi: 10.1007/s40279-019-01108-7.


Author Correction: An atlas of genetic influences on osteoporosis in humans and mice.

Morris JA, Kemp JP, Youlten SE, Laurent L, Logan JG, Chai RC, Vulpescu NA, Forgetta V, Kleinman A, Mohanty ST, Sergio CM, Quinn J, Nguyen-Yamamoto L, Luco AL, Vijay J, Simon MM, Pramatarova A, Medina-Gomez C, Trajanoska K, Ghirardello EJ, Butterfield NC, Curry KF, Leitch VD, Sparkes PC, Adoum AT, Mannan NS, Komla-Ebri DSK, Pollard AS, Dewhurst HF, Hassall TAD, Beltejar MG; 23andMe Research Team, Adams DJ, Vaillancourt SM, Kaptoge S, Baldock P, Cooper C, Reeve J, Ntzani EE, Evangelou E, Ohlsson C, Karasik D, Rivadeneira F, Kiel DP, Tobias JH, Gregson CL, Harvey NC, Grundberg E, Goltzman D, Adams DJ, Lelliott CJ, Hinds DA, Ackert-Bicknell CL, Hsu YH, Maurano MT, Croucher PI, Williams GR, Bassett JHD, Evans DM, Richards JB.

Nat Genet. 2019 May;51(5):920. doi: 10.1038/s41588-019-0415-x.


Bi-allelic Loss-of-Function CACNA1B Mutations in Progressive Epilepsy-Dyskinesia.

Gorman KM, Meyer E, Grozeva D, Spinelli E, McTague A, Sanchis-Juan A, Carss KJ, Bryant E, Reich A, Schneider AL, Pressler RM, Simpson MA, Debelle GD, Wassmer E, Morton J, Sieciechowicz D, Jan-Kamsteeg E, Paciorkowski AR, King MD, Cross JH, Poduri A, Mefford HC, Scheffer IE, Haack TB, McCullagh G; Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study; UK10K Consortium; NIHR BioResource, Millichap JJ, Carvill GL, Clayton-Smith J, Maher ER, Raymond FL, Kurian MA.

Am J Hum Genet. 2019 May 2;104(5):948-956. doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2019.03.005. Epub 2019 Apr 11.


What is the Prevalence of Hip Intra-Articular Pathologies and Osteoarthritis in Active Athletes with Hip and Groin Pain Compared with Those Without? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Heerey JJ, Kemp JL, Mosler AB, Jones DM, Pizzari T, Scholes MJ, Agricola R, Crossley KM.

Sports Med. 2019 Jun;49(6):951-972. doi: 10.1007/s40279-019-01092-y. Review. Erratum in: Sports Med. 2019 Apr 23;:.


Age-related gait standards for healthy children and young people: the GOS-ICH paediatric gait centiles.

Alderson LM, Joksaite SX, Kemp J, Main E, Watson T, Platt FM, Cortina-Borja M.

Arch Dis Child. 2019 Mar 25. pii: archdischild-2018-316311. doi: 10.1136/archdischild-2018-316311. [Epub ahead of print]


Meta-Analysis of Genomewide Association Studies Reveals Genetic Variants for Hip Bone Geometry.

Hsu YH, Estrada K, Evangelou E, Ackert-Bicknell C, Akesson K, Beck T, Brown SJ, Capellini T, Carbone L, Cauley J, Cheung CL, Cummings SR, Czerwinski S, Demissie S, Econs M, Evans D, Farber C, Gautvik K, Harris T, Kammerer C, Kemp J, Koller DL, Kung A, Lawlor D, Lee M, Lorentzon M, McGuigan F, Medina-Gomez C, Mitchell B, Newman A, Nielson C, Ohlsson C, Peacock M, Reppe S, Richards JB, Robbins J, Sigurdsson G, Spector TD, Stefansson K, Streeten E, Styrkarsdottir U, Tobias J, Trajanoska K, Uitterlinden A, Vandenput L, Wilson SG, Yerges-Armstrong L, Young M, Zillikens C, Rivadeneira F, Kiel DP, Karasik D.

J Bone Miner Res. 2019 Mar 19:e3698. doi: 10.1002/jbmr.3698. [Epub ahead of print]


The Early Growth Genetics (EGG) and EArly Genetics and Lifecourse Epidemiology (EAGLE) consortia: design, results and future prospects.

Middeldorp CM, Felix JF, Mahajan A; EArly Genetics Lifecourse Epidemiology (EAGLE) consortium; Early Growth Genetics (EGG) consortium, McCarthy MI.

Eur J Epidemiol. 2019 Mar;34(3):279-300. doi: 10.1007/s10654-019-00502-9. Epub 2019 Mar 18.


A Metabolic Screen in Adolescents Reveals an Association Between Circulating Citrate and Cortical Bone Mineral Density.

Kemp JP, Sayers A, Fraser WD, Davey Smith G, Ala-Korpela M, Evans DM, Tobias JH.

J Bone Miner Res. 2019 Mar 18:e3697. doi: 10.1002/jbmr.3697. [Epub ahead of print]


Respiratory Medications in Infants <29 Weeks during the First Year Postdischarge: The Prematurity and Respiratory Outcomes Program (PROP) Consortium.

Ryan RM, Keller RL, Poindexter BB, D'Angio CT, Shaw PA, Bellamy SL, Moore PE, McPherson C, Greenberg JM; PROP Investigators.

J Pediatr. 2019 May;208:148-155.e3. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2018.12.009. Epub 2019 Mar 8.


A possible link between polyunsaturated fatty acids and uremic toxins from the gut microbiota in hemodialysis patients: A hypothesis.

Kemp JA, Esgalhado M, Macedo RA, Regis B, Damasceno NRT, da Silva Torres EAF, Gonçalinho GHF, Borges NA, Nakao LS, Fouque D, Mafra D.

Hemodial Int. 2019 Apr;23(2):189-197. doi: 10.1111/hdi.12725. Epub 2019 Feb 19.


The effects of safety behavior availability versus utilization on inhibitory learning during exposure.

Kemp JJ, Blakey SM, Wolitzky-Taylor KB, Sy JT, Deacon BJ.

Cogn Behav Ther. 2019 Feb 14:1-12. doi: 10.1080/16506073.2019.1574312. [Epub ahead of print]


Strength and range of movement deficits are associated with symptom severity in people scheduled for hip arthroscopy.

Freke M, Kemp J, Crossley K, Sims K, Russell T, Semciw A.

Eur J Pain. 2019 Jul;23(6):1083-1090. doi: 10.1002/ejp.1371. Epub 2019 Feb 20.


Pre-Vent: the prematurity-related ventilatory control study.

Dennery PA, Di Fiore JM, Ambalavanan N, Bancalari E, Carroll JL, Claure N, Hamvas A, Hibbs AM, Indic P, Kemp J, Krahn KN, Lake D, Laposky A, Martin RJ, Natarajan A, Rand C, Schau M, Weese-Mayer DE, Zimmet AM, Moorman JR.

Pediatr Res. 2019 May;85(6):769-776. doi: 10.1038/s41390-019-0317-8. Epub 2019 Feb 1.


Low-frequency variation in TP53 has large effects on head circumference and intracranial volume.

Haworth S, Shapland CY, Hayward C, Prins BP, Felix JF, Medina-Gomez C, Rivadeneira F, Wang C, Ahluwalia TS, Vrijheid M, Guxens M, Sunyer J, Tachmazidou I, Walter K, Iotchkova V, Jackson A, Cleal L, Huffmann J, Min JL, Sass L, Timmers PRHJ; UK10K consortium, Davey Smith G, Fisher SE, Wilson JF, Cole TJ, Fernandez-Orth D, Bønnelykke K, Bisgaard H, Pennell CE, Jaddoe VWV, Dedoussis G, Timpson N, Zeggini E, Vitart V, St Pourcain B.

Nat Commun. 2019 Jan 21;10(1):357. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-07863-x.

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