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A Review on Mammary Tumors in Rabbits: Translation of Pathology into Medical Care.

Schöniger S, Degner S, Jasani B, Schoon HA.

Animals (Basel). 2019 Oct 2;9(10). pii: E762. doi: 10.3390/ani9100762. Review.


Does Simian Virus 40 (SV40) Have a Role in UK Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma? No Role is Identified in a Sensitive RNA In Situ Hybridization Study on Potentially Affected Birth Cohorts.

Alchami FS, Attanoos RL, Gibbs A, Morgan F, Jasani B.

Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol. 2019 Jun 12. doi: 10.1097/PAI.0000000000000779. [Epub ahead of print]


Optimization and validation of PD-L1 immunohistochemistry staining protocols using the antibody clone 28-8 on different staining platforms.

Koppel C, Schwellenbach H, Zielinski D, Eckstein S, Martin-Ortega M, D'Arrigo C, Schildhaus HU, Rüschoff J, Jasani B.

Mod Pathol. 2018 Nov;31(11):1630-1644. doi: 10.1038/s41379-018-0071-1. Epub 2018 Jun 26.


Immunohistochemically detectable metallothionein expression in malignant pleural mesotheliomas is strongly associated with early failure to platin-based chemotherapy.

Mairinger FD, Schmeller J, Borchert S, Wessolly M, Mairinger E, Kollmeier J, Hager T, Mairinger T, Christoph DC, Walter RFH, Eberhardt WEE, Plönes T, Wohlschlaeger J, Jasani B, Schmid KW, Bankfalvi A.

Oncotarget. 2018 Apr 27;9(32):22254-22268. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.24962. eCollection 2018 Apr 27.


Physical basis of the 'magnification rule' for standardized Immunohistochemical scoring of HER2 in breast and gastric cancer.

Scheel AH, Penault-Llorca F, Hanna W, Baretton G, Middel P, Burchhardt J, Hofmann M, Jasani B, Rüschoff J.

Diagn Pathol. 2018 Mar 12;13(1):19. doi: 10.1186/s13000-018-0696-x.


Interlaboratory concordance of PD-L1 immunohistochemistry for non-small-cell lung cancer.

Scheel AH, Baenfer G, Baretton G, Dietel M, Diezko R, Henkel T, Heukamp LC, Jasani B, Jöhrens K, Kirchner T, Lasitschka F, Petersen I, Reu S, Schildhaus HU, Schirmacher P, Schwamborn K, Sommer U, Stoss O, Tiemann M, Warth A, Weichert W, Wolf J, Büttner R, Rüschoff J.

Histopathology. 2018 Feb;72(3):449-459. doi: 10.1111/his.13375. Epub 2017 Nov 21.


Phospho-4e-BP1 and eIF4E overexpression synergistically drives disease progression in clinically confined clear cell renal cell carcinoma.

Campbell L, Jasani B, Griffiths DF, Gumbleton M.

Am J Cancer Res. 2015 Aug 15;5(9):2838-48. eCollection 2015.


Impact of updated HER2 testing guidelines in breast cancer--re-evaluation of HERA trial fluorescence in situ hybridization data.

Stoss OC, Scheel A, Nagelmeier I, Schildhaus HU, Henkel T, Viale G, Jasani B, Untch M, Rüschoff J.

Mod Pathol. 2015 Dec;28(12):1528-34. doi: 10.1038/modpathol.2015.112. Epub 2015 Sep 25.


Pre-trial inter-laboratory analytical validation of the FOCUS4 personalised therapy trial.

Richman SD, Adams R, Quirke P, Butler R, Hemmings G, Chambers P, Roberts H, James MD, Wozniak S, Bathia R, Pugh C, Maughan T, Jasani B; FOCUS4 Trial Management Group.

J Clin Pathol. 2016 Jan;69(1):35-41. doi: 10.1136/jclinpath-2015-203097. Epub 2015 Sep 7.


Monosomy of chromosome 17 in breast cancer during interpretation of HER2 gene amplification.

Brunelli M, Nottegar A, Bogina G, Caliò A, Cima L, Eccher A, Vicentini C, Marcolini L, Scarpa A, Pedron S, Brunello E, Knuutila S, Sapino A, Marchiò C, Bria E, Molino A, Carbognin L, Tortora G, Jasani B, Miller K, Merdol I, Zanatta L, Laurino L, Wirtanen T, Zamboni G, Marconi M, Chilosi M, Manfrin E, Martignoni G, Bonetti F.

Am J Cancer Res. 2015 Jun 15;5(7):2212-21. eCollection 2015.


Epidermal growth factor receptor immunohistochemistry: new opportunities in metastatic colorectal cancer.

Hutchinson RA, Adams RA, McArt DG, Salto-Tellez M, Jasani B, Hamilton PW.

J Transl Med. 2015 Jul 7;13:217. doi: 10.1186/s12967-015-0531-z. Review.


Critical research gaps and translational priorities for the successful prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Eccles SA, Aboagye EO, Ali S, Anderson AS, Armes J, Berditchevski F, Blaydes JP, Brennan K, Brown NJ, Bryant HE, Bundred NJ, Burchell JM, Campbell AM, Carroll JS, Clarke RB, Coles CE, Cook GJ, Cox A, Curtin NJ, Dekker LV, Silva Idos S, Duffy SW, Easton DF, Eccles DM, Edwards DR, Edwards J, Evans D, Fenlon DF, Flanagan JM, Foster C, Gallagher WM, Garcia-Closas M, Gee JM, Gescher AJ, Goh V, Groves AM, Harvey AJ, Harvie M, Hennessy BT, Hiscox S, Holen I, Howell SJ, Howell A, Hubbard G, Hulbert-Williams N, Hunter MS, Jasani B, Jones LJ, Key TJ, Kirwan CC, Kong A, Kunkler IH, Langdon SP, Leach MO, Mann DJ, Marshall JF, Martin L, Martin SG, Macdougall JE, Miles DW, Miller WR, Morris JR, Moss SM, Mullan P, Natrajan R, O'Connor JP, O'Connor R, Palmieri C, Pharoah PD, Rakha EA, Reed E, Robinson SP, Sahai E, Saxton JM, Schmid P, Smalley MJ, Speirs V, Stein R, Stingl J, Streuli CH, Tutt AN, Velikova G, Walker RA, Watson CJ, Williams KJ, Young LS, Thompson AM.

Breast Cancer Res. 2013 Oct 1;15(5):R92. doi: 10.1186/bcr3493. Review.


Circulating HER2 Extracellular Domain: A Specific and Quantitative Biomarker of Prognostic Value in all Breast Cancer Patients?

Carney WP, Bernhardt D, Jasani B.

Biomark Cancer. 2013 Aug 12;5:31-9. doi: 10.4137/BIC.S12389. Review.


HER2/neu gene determination in women screened for breast carcinoma: how screening programs reduce the skyrocketing cost of targeted therapy.

Brunelli M, Manfrin E, Bria E, Massari F, Tortora G, Brunello E, Carbognin L, Nottegar A, Furlanetto J, Molino A, Fiorio E, Chilosi M, Jasani B, Vergine M, Marcolini L, Filippini D, Scarpa A, Martignoni G, Bonetti F; Members of Veneto Region - Pathology Screening Group.

Anticancer Res. 2013 Sep;33(9):3705-10.


The identification of a small but significant subset of patients still targetable with anti-HER2 inhibitors when affected by triple negative breast carcinoma.

Brunello E, Bogina G, Bria E, Vergine M, Zamboni G, Pedron S, Daniele I, Furlanetto J, Carbognin L, Marconi M, Manfrin E, Ibrahim M, Miller K, Tortora G, Molino A, Jasani B, Beccari S, Bonetti F, Chilosi M, Martignoni G, Brunelli M.

J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2013 Sep;139(9):1563-8. doi: 10.1007/s00432-013-1479-0. Epub 2013 Jul 28.


Somatic profiling of the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway in tumors from patients with advanced colorectal cancer treated with chemotherapy ± cetuximab.

Smith CG, Fisher D, Claes B, Maughan TS, Idziaszczyk S, Peuteman G, Harris R, James MD, Meade A, Jasani B, Adams RA, Kenny S, Kaplan R, Lambrechts D, Cheadle JP.

Clin Cancer Res. 2013 Aug 1;19(15):4104-13. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-12-2581. Epub 2013 Jun 5.


Can SV40 infect and immortalize human B-lymphocytes and mesothelial cells as a natural pathogen?

Jasani B, Butel JS.

Leuk Res. 2013 Jun;37(6):607-8. doi: 10.1016/j.leukres.2013.03.008. Epub 2013 Apr 16. No abstract available.


Evaluation of reliability of FISH versus brightfield dual-probe in situ hybridization (BDISH) for frontline assessment of HER2 status in breast cancer samples in a community setting: influence of poor tissue preservation.

Schiavon BN, Jasani B, de Brot L, Vassallo J, Damascena A, Cirullo-Neto J, Ivanildo Neves J, Augusto Soares F, Gobbi H, Malagoli Rocha R.

Am J Surg Pathol. 2012 Oct;36(10):1489-96. doi: 10.1097/PAS.0b013e3182635987.


Relative Prognostic Value of Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER2) Expression in Operable Oesophagogastric Cancer.

Chan DS, Campbell F, Edwards P, Jasani B, Williams GT, Lewis WG.

ISRN Surg. 2012;2012:804891. doi: 10.5402/2012/804891. Epub 2012 Jul 26.


HER2 gene amplification in breast cancer: a rogues' gallery of challenging diagnostic cases: UKNEQAS interpretation guidelines and research recommendations.

Starczynski J, Atkey N, Connelly Y, O'Grady T, Campbell FM, di Palma S, Wencyk P, Jasani B, Gandy M, Bartlett JM; UKNEQAS.

Am J Clin Pathol. 2012 Apr;137(4):595-605. doi: 10.1309/AJCPATBZ2JFN1QQC.


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