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Pharmgenomics Pers Med. 2019 May 29;12:75-85. doi: 10.2147/PGPM.S203585. eCollection 2019.

g-Nomic: a new pharmacogenetics interpretation software.

Author information

Department of Information Technology, EUGENOMIC, Barcelona 08012, Spain.
Department of Biochemistry and Physiology, University of Barcelona, Barcelona 08028, Spain.


We present g-Nomic, a pharmacogenetics interpretation software that analyzes globally a prescribed medication taking into account the personal background genetics, drug-drug interactions, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, inhibitors, inducers, and other risks to analyze primary or secondary metabolism pathways. G-Nomic provides a set of recommendations describing the suitability of a given combination of drugs for each patient according to their genes and polymedication. G-Nomic is updated monthly including data from the new drugs to be included, their known interactions, and the relevant pharmacokinetic biomarkers. For the interactions, the list is curated manually, only keeping those with clinical relevance. For each drug, their FDA and EMA drug labels are accessed, to check for relevant enzymes and transport proteins that influence its pharmacokinetics, and for their ability to induce or inhibit other enzymes, particularly the CYP-450 system. When this information is not available, a PubMed search is made to look for these characteristics. In addition, a distinction is made between drugs and prodrugs. A query on the g-Nomic software begins with entering the medication by either their common or commercial name. Non-pharmacological substances can be also added or selected under "lifestyle habits". The lifestyle list is dynamic, showing only the substances known to interact with the drugs that are currently selected, and includes herb compounds, such as St. John's wort, as well as proper lifestyle substances such as grapefruit or cigarette smoking. The software provides a list of the genes classified as primary biomarkers as candidates for genetic testing, and a list of the interactions that have been detected. If genetic information is available then, or is made available at a later point, these results can also be entered and the software returns pharmacogenetics recommendations regarding specific genotypes. g-Nomic takes all the above-mentioned parameters in an easy and user-friendly tool making prescription safer.


SNP; drug-drug interaction; drug-herb; drug-lifestyle; pharmacogenetics; software

Conflict of interest statement

The name given to the pharmacogenetics interpretation software, g-Nomic, has been registered and has a copyright registered in the EUIPO with file number 012876868. Since g-Nomic is a software, it cannot be patented, but the screens do have safe stamp copyright licensed under the company brand of EUGENOMIC®. Marc Cendros, Juan Sabater-Tobella and Ana Sabater work for the company EUGENOMIC, but g-Nomic pharmacogenetics software has been built according to guidelines and publications without any possible conflict of interest. The authors report no other conflicts of interest in this work.

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