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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1984 Jul;81(14):4434-8.

Transformation-associated proteins in murine B-cell lymphomas that are distinct from Abelson virus gene products.


In an effort to identify cellular proteins that may be involved in the Abelson murine leukemia virus (A-MuLV) transformation process, we have isolated a hybridoma antibody (6C3) that detects a tumor-associated antigen in all A-MuLV-induced pre-B-cell lymphomas. The 6C3 antibody immunoprecipitates two molecules of Mr 160,000 and Mr 125,000 from metabolically labeled A-MuLV tumors. The two proteins recognized by the 6C3 antibody are distinct from the A-MuLV-transforming protein in that they lack viral gag determinants and are neither phosphoproteins nor protein kinases. The 6C3 proteins can be detected in all A-MuLV pre-B-cell lymphomas and some nonviral B lymphomas but are not detected on any other tumor or normal cell, including A-MuLV-transformed fibroblast lines. Thus, the 6C3 proteins may represent the products of novel cellular genes whose expression is induced, stabilized, or amplified in B-cell tumors of both viral and nonviral origin. Further evidence in support of this hypothesis is provided by the finding that 6C3 antigen expression correlates with autonomous cell growth and the transformed phenotype in both normal bone marrow cultures and those infected with A-MuLV.

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