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J Pathol. 2019 Apr;247(5):535-538. doi: 10.1002/path.5255.

Recent Advances in Pathology: the 2019 Annual Review Issue of The Journal of Pathology.

Author information

Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
The Pathological Society, London, UK.
RECAMO, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, Brno, Czech Republic.


In this Annual Review Issue of The Journal of Pathology, we present 15 invited reviews on topical aspects of pathology, ranging from the impacts of the microbiome in human disease through mechanisms of cell death and autophagy to recent advances in immunity and the uses of genomics for understanding, classifying and treating human cancers. Each of the reviews is authored by experts in their fields and our intention is to provide comprehensive updates in specific areas of pathology in which there has been considerable recent progress. Copyright © 2019 Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


ARDS; CD44; DAMP; DNA damage response; EndoPredict (EPclin); Epstein-Barr virus; FoxO3A; GATA3; Group 2 innate lymphoid cells; ILC2; KRT5; MLKL; MammaPrint; MapQuantDx; NanoString; OncotypeDX; PAMP; PD-1; PD-L1; PPARgamma; RB1; TGFbeta; TP53; VUS; abscopal response; acral; acute kidney injury, transplantation; adaptive immunity; alveolarisation; apoptosis; autoimmunity; autophagy; basal-like bladder cancer; biobank; bioinformatics; biomarkers; breast cancer; breast cancer index; bronchopulmonary dysplasia; cancer genes; cancer predisposition; cancer stem cell; cancer syndromes; caspase-3; checkpoint inhibitors; chemokine; chemoprevention; chronic inflammation; circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA); cutaneous; desmoplastic; dormancy; driver genes; drug resistance; dysbiosis; extracellular matrix; familial adenomatous polyposis; ferroptosis; fibroblasts; gasdermin; genomic signatures; hedgehog; hereditary colorectal cancer; hypoxia; imaging mass cytometry; immune-oncology; in situ hybridisation; inflammation; innate immunity; interferon; interleukin; leukotriene; liquid biopsy; lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, pathology, molecular genetics, in vitro models; lung development; lymphatic system; lynch syndrome; macrophages; massively parallel sequencing; matrix metalloproteinase; melanoma; metastasis; microbiota; mismatch repair, microsatellite instability; mitochondria; mucosal; multiplexed immunohistochemistry; multiplexed ion beam imaging; muscle-invasive bladder cancer; mutations; myeloid-derived suppressor cells; nasopharyngeal carcinoma; necroptosis; neutrophil extracellular traps; neutrophils; polyposis; population health science; postnatal development; predictive; prognostic; prognostic signatures; prosigna; protease; pyroptosis; quiescence; radiation; reactive oxygen species; respiratory infection; screening; severe inflammatory response syndrome; size-based diagnostics; statistics; stem cells; tissue biomarkers; toll-like receptor; translational research; triple negative breast cancer; tumour invasion; tumour microenvironment; tumour progression; tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes; type 2 immunity; urothelial carcinoma; uveal; variants of uncertain significance


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