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Cell Mol Life Sci. 2015 Apr;72(7):1261-73. doi: 10.1007/s00018-014-1792-z. Epub 2015 Jan 13.

Stress-induced chromatin changes in plants: of memories, metabolites and crop improvement.

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BVME UMR 7265, Lab Genet Biophys Plantes, Aix Marseille Université, Marseille, 13284, France,


Exposure of plants to adverse environmental conditions leads to extensive transcriptional changes. Genome-wide approaches and gene function studies have revealed the importance of chromatin-level control in the regulation of stress-responsive gene expression. Advances in understanding chromatin modifications implicated in plant stress response and identifying proteins involved in chromatin-mediated transcriptional responses to stress are briefly presented in this review. We then highlight how chromatin-mediated gene expression changes can be coupled to the metabolic status of the cell, since many of the chromatin-modifying proteins involved in transcriptional regulation depend on cofactors and metabolites that are shared with enzymes in basic metabolism. Lastly, we discuss the stability and heritability of stress-induced chromatin changes and the potential of chromatin-based strategies for increasing stress tolerance of crops.

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