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Am J Surg Pathol. 2008 Jun;32(6):884-90. doi: 10.1097/PAS.0b013e3181609d59.

Expression of CD56 and WT1 in ovarian stroma and ovarian stromal tumors.

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Division of Pathology, City of Hope National Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA.


The immunophenotype of ovarian stroma and spindle cell tumors derived from ovarian stroma has not been well studied. We studied the expression of CD56, WT1, estrogen receptor-beta (ER-beta), progesterone receptor (PR), smooth muscle actin, S-100, CD34, and muscle specific actin in 16 normal ovaries, 17 ovarian fibromas, 11 ovarian cellular fibromas, 10 ovarian fibrothecomas, and 11 ovarian leiomyomas. In addition, we studied CD56 and WT1 expression in 7 cases of normal endometrium, 8 uterine smooth muscle tumors, 5 endometrial stromal tumors and 64 nongynecologic (GYN) spindle cell sarcomas. All normal ovaries, ovarian fibromas, fibrothecomas, and ovarian leiomyomas were positive for CD56 and WT1. Most of the normal ovaries, ovarian fibromas, ovarian fibrothecomas, and ovarian leiomyomata also expressed ER-beta and PR. Eight of 17 ovarian fibromas, 5 of 11 ovarian cellular fibromas, and 4 of 10 ovarian fibrothecoma with focal fibroblastic differentiation were positive for smooth muscle actin. A few cases of these tumors also expressed S-100 and CD34. Only rare cases of non-GYN spindle cell sarcomas expressed WT1. Our study results show that ovarian fibromas, fibrothecomas, and leiomyomas have a similar immunophenotype (positive for CD56, WT1, ER-beta, and PR) to that of ovarian stromal cells, supporting an ovarian stromal origin for these neoplasms. However, unlike normal ovarian stromal cells, ovarian fibromas, fibrothecomas, and leiomyomas can also show fibroblastic, smooth muscle, Schwannian, and solitary fibrous tumorlike differentiation. WT1 is a fairly specific marker for spindle cell tumors of gynecologic organs, including ovarian spindle cell tumors, endometrial stromal tumors, and uterine smooth muscle tumors. Non-GYN spindle cell sarcomas rarely express WT1. CD56 is strongly expressed in ovarian stromal cells but not in endometrial stromal cells. CD56 is often expressed by a wide variety of spindle cell sarcomas, thus, it has no value in differentiating GYN from non-GYN spindle cell tumors.

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