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Am J Med Genet. 1999 Feb 12;82(4):348-51.

Monosomy 18q syndrome and atypical Rett syndrome in a girl with an interstitial deletion (18)(q21.1q22.3).

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Department of Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University, Sweden.


We describe a 6 1/2-year-old girl with an interstitial deletion of chromosome arm 18q (18q21.1q22.3). Her clinical manifestations are a combination of those found in monosomy 18q syndrome and those of Rett syndrome. Cytogenetic analysis demonstrated a deletion of the long arm of chromosome 18, defined by molecular analysis with polymorphic markers as a de novo interstitial deletion, paternally derived. The findings typical of the 18q- syndrome included mental retardation, midface hypoplasia, and hypoplasia of labia majora, and those typical of Rett syndrome were severe mental retardation, autistic behavior, inappropriate hand-washing movements, epilepsy, attacks of sighing and hyperventilation, and progressive scoliosis since the age of 5 years. She did not have microcephaly, and the mental delay was obvious from an early age without a period of normal development, which makes the diagnosis of Rett syndrome atypical. Previously, a girl with mosaicism for a monosomy 18q associated with Rett syndrome has been described. That girl had a terminal deletion of chromosome 18q, which seems to coincide in part with that in the present girl. It is possible that genes in the distal region of 18q are involved in the etiology of Rett syndrome.

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