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Science. 2006 Jun 9;312(5779):1520-3.

TOPLESS regulates apical embryonic fate in Arabidopsis.

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Plant Biology Laboratory, Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, 10010 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA.


The embryos of seed plants develop with an apical shoot pole and a basal root pole. In Arabidopsis, the topless-1 (tpl-1) mutation transforms the shoot pole into a second root pole. Here, we show that TPL resembles known transcriptional corepressors and that tpl-1 acts as a dominant negative mutation for multiple TPL-related proteins. Mutations in the putative coactivator HISTONE ACETYLTRANSFERASE GNAT SUPERFAMILY1 suppress the tpl-1 phenotype. Mutations in HISTONE DEACETYLASE19, a putative corepressor, increase the penetrance of tpl-1 and display similar apical defects. These data point to a transcriptional repression mechanism that prevents root formation in the shoot pole during Arabidopsis embryogenesis.

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