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Tigecycline Interferes with Fibrinogen Polymerization Independent of Peripheral Interactions with the Coagulation System.

Brandtner A, Bachler M, Fries D, Hermann M, Ruehlicke J, Fux V, Griesmacher A, Niederwanger C, Hell T, Treml B.

Antibiotics (Basel). 2020 Feb 14;9(2). pii: E84. doi: 10.3390/antibiotics9020084.


Effect of Tranexamic Acid on Coagulation and Fibrin Clot Properties in Children Undergoing Craniofacial Surgery.

Fenger-Eriksen C, Lindholm AD, Krogh L, Hell T, Berger M, Hermann M, Fries D, Juul N, Rasmussen M, Hvas AM.

Thromb Haemost. 2020 Jan 23. doi: 10.1055/s-0039-3402762. [Epub ahead of print]


Pharmacokinetics of trimethoprim/sulfametrole in critically ill patients on continuous renal replacement therapy.

Welte R, Beyer R, Hotter J, Broeker A, Wicha SG, Gasperetti T, Ranke P, Zaruba MM, Lorenz I, Eschertzhuber S, Ströhle M, Bellmann-Weiler R, Joannidis M, Bellmann R.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2020 Jan 28. pii: dkz556. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkz556. [Epub ahead of print]


Intraventricular Pressure in Non-communicating Hydrocephalus Patients Before Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy.

Tiefenthaler W, Burtscher J, Moser PL, Lorenz IH, Kolbitsch C.

Open Med (Wars). 2019 Nov 29;14:909-912. doi: 10.1515/med-2019-0107. eCollection 2019.


Climbing Accidents-Prospective Data Analysis from the International Alpine Trauma Registry and Systematic Review of the Literature.

Rauch S, Wallner B, Ströhle M, Dal Cappello T, Brodmann Maeder M.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 Dec 27;17(1). pii: E203. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17010203.


Mortality in Via Ferrata Emergencies in Austria from 2008 to 2018.

Ströhle M, Haselbacher M, Rugg C, Walpoth A, Konetschny R, Paal P, Mair P.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 Dec 22;17(1). pii: E103. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17010103.


Canyoning Accidents in Austria from 2005 to 2018.

Ströhle M, Beeretz I, Rugg C, Woyke S, Rauch S, Paal P.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 Dec 22;17(1). pii: E102. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17010102.


Can drones improve survival rates in mountain areas, providing automated external defibrillators?

Vögele A, Ströhle M, Paal P, Rauch S, Brugger H.

Resuscitation. 2020 Jan 1;146:277-278. doi: 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2019.11.017. Epub 2019 Nov 29. No abstract available.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with Automated External Defibrillator in the Austrian Mountains: A Retrospective Study.

Ströhle M, Vögele A, Neuhauser P, Rauch S, Brugger H, Paal P.

High Alt Med Biol. 2019 Dec;20(4):392-398. doi: 10.1089/ham.2018.0134. Epub 2019 Oct 16.


Severe Craniofacial Trauma After Multiple Pistol Shots.

Haller I, Lederer W, Glodny B, Wiedermann FJ.

Open Med (Wars). 2019 Aug 31;14:629-632. doi: 10.1515/med-2019-0072. eCollection 2019.


INPART - a psycho-oncological intervention for partners of patients with haemato-oncological disease - study protocol.

Lorenz I, Bodschwinna D, Hallensleben N, Döhner H, Niederwieser D, Zimmermann T, Mehnert A, Gündel H, Ernst J, Hoenig K.

BMC Cancer. 2019 Sep 5;19(1):885. doi: 10.1186/s12885-019-6094-2.


Response patterns of routinely measured inflammatory and coagulatory parameters in sepsis.

Bachler M, Hell T, Schausberger L, Schlömmer C, Schäfer V, Liebensteiner M, Schäffler K, Schenk B, Fries D, Innerhofer P, Niederwanger C.

PeerJ. 2019 Jun 21;7:e7147. doi: 10.7717/peerj.7147. eCollection 2019.


Pre-hospital plasma transfusion: a valuable coagulation support or an expensive fluid therapy?

Fenger-Eriksen C, Fries D, David JS, Bouzat P, Lance MD, Grottke O, Spahn DR, Schoechl H, Maegele M.

Crit Care. 2019 Jul 1;23(1):238. doi: 10.1186/s13054-019-2524-4. No abstract available.


Non-operative management of blunt hepatic and splenic injury: a time-trend and outcome analysis over a period of 17 years.

Fodor M, Primavesi F, Morell-Hofert D, Kranebitter V, Palaver A, Braunwarth E, Haselbacher M, Nitsche U, Schmid S, Blauth M, Gassner E, Öfner D, Stättner S.

World J Emerg Surg. 2019 Jun 17;14:29. doi: 10.1186/s13017-019-0249-y. eCollection 2019.


Horsepower of Doctors' Cars Correlates with Cardiovascular Risk and Sedentary Lifestyle but Not with Sexual Dysfunction or Sexual Satisfaction.

Niederseer D, Gilhofer T, Schmied C, Steger B, Dankl C, Colvin HP, Rieder J, Neunhäuserer D, Niebauer J, Datz C.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 May 31;16(11). pii: E1932. doi: 10.3390/ijerph16111932.


Influence of factor XII deficiency on activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) in critically ill patients.

Bachler M, Niederwanger C, Hell T, Höfer J, Gerstmeyr D, Schenk B, Treml B, Fries D.

J Thromb Thrombolysis. 2019 Oct;48(3):466-474. doi: 10.1007/s11239-019-01879-w.


Successful Resuscitation Using Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation of 2 Patients With Severe Liver Rupture: A Case Report.

Haller I, Lederer W, Glodny B, Lorenz I, Wiedermann FJ.

A A Pract. 2019 Aug 1;13(3):81-84. doi: 10.1213/XAA.0000000000000996.


Successful Defibrillation of Four Hypothermic Patients with Witnessed Cardiac Arrest.

Mair P, Gasteiger L, Mair B, Stroehle M, Walpoth B.

High Alt Med Biol. 2019 Mar;20(1):71-77. doi: 10.1089/ham.2018.0084. Epub 2019 Feb 25.


Acute coagulation disorder in a critically ill patient - A case report.

Oberhuber A, Treml B, Fries D, Lorenz IH, Barbara F, Andrea G.

J Intensive Care Soc. 2019 Feb;20(1):86-89. doi: 10.1177/1751143718761847. Epub 2018 Mar 5.


A comparison of the new ROTEM® sigma with its predecessor, the ROTEMdelta.

Schenk B, Görlinger K, Treml B, Tauber H, Fries D, Niederwanger C, Oswald E, Bachler M.

Anaesthesia. 2019 Mar;74(3):348-356. doi: 10.1111/anae.14542. Epub 2018 Dec 21.


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