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Solitary fibrous tumour along with non-small-cell lung cancer and Doege-Potter syndrome.

Piórek A, Kowalski D, Płużański A, Szołkowska M, Wągrodzki M, Koseła-Paterczyk H, Krzakowski M.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):49-51. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83948. Epub 2019 Apr 4. No abstract available.


Posterior mediastinal paraganglioma presenting with hypertension and back pain in a young adult.

Kermenli T, Azar C.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):47-48. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83947. Epub 2019 Apr 4. No abstract available.


Isolated congenital left ventricular diverticulum presenting as stable angina pectoris and surgical treatment.

Veliyev V, Sahratov H, Musayeva T.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):44-46. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83946. Epub 2019 Apr 4. No abstract available.


Hybrid approach for management of type B dissection involving the aortic arch.

Narayan P, Potdar S, Choudhury SR, Saha A.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):42-43. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83945. Epub 2019 Apr 4. No abstract available.


Dental treatment and recommended management in patients at risk of infective endocarditis.

Błochowiak KJ.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):37-41. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83944. Epub 2019 Apr 4. Review.


Enhanced recovery after cardiac surgery.

Kołodziej T, Maciejewski T, Mendrala K, Darocha T, Węglarzy A, Budziarz B, Kiermasz K, Kucewicz-Czech EM.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):32-36. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83943. Epub 2019 Apr 4. Review.


Six-year single-centre experience in minimally invasive mitral valve repair - impact of the team learning curve on in-hospital clinical outcome.

Gerber W, Sanetra K, Kuczera M, Białek K, Zembala M, Cisowski M.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):27-31. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83942. Epub 2019 Apr 4.


An overlooked fact: thrombocytopenia following bioprosthetic aortic valve replacement.

Kizilay M, Elbir F, Aglar AA, Vural U, Balci AY, Yekeler İ.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):19-26. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83941. Epub 2019 Apr 4.


Impact of smoking history on postoperative complications after lung cancer surgery - a study based on 286 cases.

Kozub M, Gachewicz B, Kasprzyk M, Roszak M, Gasiorowski L, Dyszkiewicz W.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):13-18. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83940. Epub 2019 Apr 4.


Pneumonectomy - permanent injury or still effective method of treatment? Early and long-term results and quality of life after pneumonectomy due to non-small cell lung cancer.

Skrzypczak PJ, Roszak M, Kasprzyk M, Kopczyńska A, Gabryel P, Dyszkiewicz W.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):7-12. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.82966. Epub 2019 Apr 4.


Primary pulmonary sarcoma - treatment outcomes depending on the different types of radical operation.

Gołota J, Osowiecka K, Orłowski T.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2019 Mar;16(1):1-6. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2019.83938. Epub 2019 Apr 4.


Surgical retrieval of entrapped coronary guidewire remnant - 3-year angiographic evaluation.

Domaradzki W, Sanetra K, Skwarna B, Jankowska-Sanetra J, Cisowski M.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2018 Dec;15(4):258-261. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2018.80924. Epub 2018 Dec 31. No abstract available.


Surgical treatment of primary pulmonary sarcoma disseminated to both pulmonary arteries using composite pulmonary trunk and bifurcation of abdominal aorta allograft.

Andrushchuk U, Mofeejuddy I, Spirydonau S, Yudina O, Shchatsinka M.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2018 Dec;15(4):254-257. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2018.80923. Epub 2018 Dec 31. No abstract available.


Apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment.

Paluszkiewicz J, Krasinska B, Milting H, Gummert J, Pyda M.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2018 Dec;15(4):246-253. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2018.80922. Epub 2018 Dec 31. Review.


Prevalence and clinical significance of incidental extracardiac findings in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.

Chaosuwannakit N, Makarawate P.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2018 Dec;15(4):241-245. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2018.80921. Epub 2018 Dec 31.


Retrospective analysis of the impact of sternum closure technique on postoperative comfort and rehabilitation.

Kukulski L, Krawczyk A, Pacholewicz J.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2018 Dec;15(4):233-237. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2018.80919. Epub 2018 Dec 31.


In-hospital outcome of patients with post-MI VSD: a single-center study.

Abbasnejad M, Vand MT, Khamnian Z, Separham A.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2018 Dec;15(4):227-232. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2018.80918. Epub 2018 Dec 31.


Coronary endarterectomy: an old tool for patients currently operated on with coronary artery bypass grafting. Long-term results, risk factor analysis.

Nardi P, Russo M, Saitto G, Bovio E, Vacirca SR, Bassano C, Scafuri A, Pellegrino A, Ruvolo G.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2018 Dec;15(4):219-226. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2018.80917. Epub 2018 Dec 31.


Ministernotomy or sternotomy in isolated aortic valve replacement? Early results.

Filip G, Bryndza MA, Konstanty-Kalandyk J, Piatek J, Wegrzyn P, Ceranowicz P, Brzezinski M, Lakkireddy D, Kapelak B, Bartuś K.

Kardiochir Torakochirurgia Pol. 2018 Dec;15(4):213-218. doi: 10.5114/kitp.2018.80916. Epub 2018 Dec 31.

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