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The potential for coproduction to add value to research.

Hickey DG.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):693-694. doi: 10.1111/hex.12821. No abstract available.


Seeking the patient perspective.

Chew-Graham CA.

Health Expect. 2018 Jun;21(3):561-562. doi: 10.1111/hex.12801. No abstract available.


Neuropathic pain: A patient-centred approach to measuring outcomes.

Hwang S, van Nooten F, Wells T, Ryan A, Crawford B, Evans C, English M.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):774-786. doi: 10.1111/hex.12673. Epub 2018 Apr 15.


Improving health literacy in a Japanese community population-A pilot study to develop an educational programme.

Ishikawa H, Yamaguchi I, Nutbeam D, Kato M, Okuhara T, Okada M, Kiuchi T.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):814-821. doi: 10.1111/hex.12678. Epub 2018 Mar 30.


Interpersonal relationships and communication as a gateway to patient and public involvement and engagement.

Chambers M.

Health Expect. 2018 Apr;21(2):407-408. doi: 10.1111/hex.12683. No abstract available.


The importance of service-users' perspectives: A systematic review of qualitative evidence reveals overlooked critical features of weight management programmes.

Sutcliffe K, Melendez-Torres GJ, Burchett HED, Richardson M, Rees R, Thomas J.

Health Expect. 2018 Jun;21(3):563-573. doi: 10.1111/hex.12657. Epub 2018 Mar 14. Review.


Cultural animation in health research: An innovative methodology for patient and public involvement and engagement.

Kelemen M, Surman E, Dikomitis L.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):805-813. doi: 10.1111/hex.12677. Epub 2018 Mar 12.


Consumer input into health care: Time for a new active and comprehensive model of consumer involvement.

Hall AE, Bryant J, Sanson-Fisher RW, Fradgley EA, Proietto AM, Roos I.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):707-713. doi: 10.1111/hex.12665. Epub 2018 Mar 7. Review.


Weight management programmes: Re-analysis of a systematic review to identify pathways to effectiveness.

Melendez-Torres GJ, Sutcliffe K, Burchett HED, Rees R, Richardson M, Thomas J.

Health Expect. 2018 Jun;21(3):574-584. doi: 10.1111/hex.12667. Epub 2018 Mar 5. Review.


Personal strengths reported by people with chronic illness: A qualitative study.

Kristjansdottir OB, Stenberg U, Mirkovic J, Krogseth T, Ljoså TM, Stange KC, Ruland CM.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):787-795. doi: 10.1111/hex.12674. Epub 2018 Feb 25.


Developing and testing a brief clinic-based lung cancer screening decision aid for primary care settings.

McDonnell KK, Strayer SM, Sercy E, Campbell C, Friedman DB, Cartmell KB, Eberth JM.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):796-804. doi: 10.1111/hex.12675. Epub 2018 Feb 23.


Older patients' experience of primary hypothyroidism: A qualitative study.

Ingoe LE, Hickey J, Pearce S, Rapley T, Razvi S, Wilkes S, Hrisos S.

Health Expect. 2018 Jun;21(3):628-635. doi: 10.1111/hex.12656. Epub 2018 Feb 21.


The contribution of a negative colorectal screening test result to symptom appraisal and help-seeking behaviour among patients subsequently diagnosed with an interval colorectal cancer.

Barnett KN, Weller D, Smith S, Steele RJ, Vedsted P, Orbell S, Moss SM, Melia JW, Patnick J, Campbell C.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):764-773. doi: 10.1111/hex.12672. Epub 2018 Feb 19.


Untimely illness: When diagnosis does not match age-related expectations.

Kirkpatrick S, Locock L, Farre A, Ryan S, Salisbury H, McDonagh JE.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):730-740. doi: 10.1111/hex.12669. Epub 2018 Feb 9.


Preparing researchers for patient and public involvement in scientific research: Development of a hands-on learning approach through action research.

de Wit M, Beurskens A, Piškur B, Stoffers E, Moser A.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):752-763. doi: 10.1111/hex.12671. Epub 2018 Feb 8.


The process of incorporating insulin pumps into the everyday lives of people with Type 1 diabetes: A critical interpretive synthesis.

Reidy C, Bracher M, Foster C, Vassilev I, Rogers A.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):714-729. doi: 10.1111/hex.12666. Epub 2018 Feb 8. Review.


Diagnosis of a severe congenital anomaly: A qualitative analysis of parental decision making and the implications for healthcare encounters.

Lotto R, Smith LK, Armstrong N.

Health Expect. 2018 Jun;21(3):678-684. doi: 10.1111/hex.12664. Epub 2018 Feb 2.


Online information for parents caring for their premature baby at home: A focus group study and systematic web search.

Alderdice F, Gargan P, McCall E, Franck L.

Health Expect. 2018 Aug;21(4):741-751. doi: 10.1111/hex.12670. Epub 2018 Jan 30.


Self-responsibility, rationing and treatment decision making - managing moral narratives alongside fiscal reality in the obesity surgery clinic.

Owen-Smith A, Coast J, Donovan JL.

Health Expect. 2018 Jun;21(3):606-614. doi: 10.1111/hex.12651. Epub 2018 Jan 19.


Patient, carer and public involvement in major system change in acute stroke services: The construction of value.

McKevitt C, Ramsay AIG, Perry C, Turner SJ, Boaden R, Wolfe CDA, Fulop NJ.

Health Expect. 2018 Jun;21(3):685-692. doi: 10.1111/hex.12668. Epub 2018 Jan 18.

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