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Minimizing Context Dependency of Gene Networks Using Artificial Cells.

Ding Y, Contreras-Llano LE, Morris E, Mao M, Tan C.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2018 Sep 12;10(36):30137-30146. doi: 10.1021/acsami.8b10029. Epub 2018 Aug 29.


Dotette: Programmable, high-precision, plug-and-play droplet pipetting.

Fan J, Men Y, Hao Tseng K, Ding Y, Ding Y, Villarreal F, Tan C, Li B, Pan T.

Biomicrofluidics. 2018 May 21;12(3):034107. doi: 10.1063/1.5030629. eCollection 2018 May.


Synthetic microbial consortia enable rapid assembly of pure translation machinery.

Villarreal F, Contreras-Llano LE, Chavez M, Ding Y, Fan J, Pan T, Tan C.

Nat Chem Biol. 2018 Jan;14(1):29-35. doi: 10.1038/nchembio.2514. Epub 2017 Nov 13.


Bacterial lipid droplets bind to DNA via an intermediary protein that enhances survival under stress.

Zhang C, Yang L, Ding Y, Wang Y, Lan L, Ma Q, Chi X, Wei P, Zhao Y, Steinbüchel A, Zhang H, Liu P.

Nat Commun. 2017 Jul 6;8:15979. doi: 10.1038/ncomms15979.


Multi-dimensional studies of synthetic genetic promoters enabled by microfluidic impact printing.

Fan J, Villarreal F, Weyers B, Ding Y, Tseng KH, Li J, Li B, Tan C, Pan T.

Lab Chip. 2017 Jun 27;17(13):2198-2207. doi: 10.1039/c7lc00382j.


Mycophenolate mofetil therapy for steroid-resistant IgA nephropathy with the nephrotic syndrome in children.

Kang Z, Li Z, Duan C, Wu T, Xun M, Ding Y, Zhang Y, Zhang L, Yin Y.

Pediatr Nephrol. 2015 Jul;30(7):1121-9. doi: 10.1007/s00467-014-3041-y. Epub 2015 Mar 15.


Dynamics of the lipid droplet proteome of the Oleaginous yeast rhodosporidium toruloides.

Zhu Z, Ding Y, Gong Z, Yang L, Zhang S, Zhang C, Lin X, Shen H, Zou H, Xie Z, Yang F, Zhao X, Liu P, Zhao ZK.

Eukaryot Cell. 2015 Mar;14(3):252-64. doi: 10.1128/EC.00141-14. Epub 2015 Jan 9.


Synthetic Biology: A Bridge between Artificial and Natural Cells.

Ding Y, Wu F, Tan C.

Life (Basel). 2014 Dec 19;4(4):1092-116. doi: 10.3390/life4041092. Review.


Clinical and pathological features of acute kidney injury in children.

Li Z, Kang Z, Duan C, Wu T, Zhang L, Xun M, Ding Y, Zhang Y, Yin Y.

Ren Fail. 2014 Aug;36(7):1023-8. doi: 10.3109/0886022X.2014.917452. Epub 2014 May 21.


Integrated omics study delineates the dynamics of lipid droplets in Rhodococcus opacus PD630.

Chen Y, Ding Y, Yang L, Yu J, Liu G, Wang X, Zhang S, Yu D, Song L, Zhang H, Zhang C, Huo L, Huo C, Wang Y, Du Y, Zhang H, Zhang P, Na H, Xu S, Zhu Y, Xie Z, He T, Zhang Y, Wang G, Fan Z, Yang F, Liu H, Wang X, Zhang X, Zhang MQ, Li Y, Steinbüchel A, Fujimoto T, Cichello S, Yu J, Liu P.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2014 Jan;42(2):1052-64. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt932. Epub 2013 Oct 22.


Proteomic studies of isolated lipid droplets from bacteria, C. elegans, and mammals.

Na H, Zhang P, Ding Y, Yang L, Wang Y, Zhang H, Xie Z, Yang F, Cichello S, Liu P.

Methods Cell Biol. 2013;116:1-14. doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-408051-5.00001-2.


Tracing evolutionary footprints to identify novel gene functional linkages.

Chen Y, Yang L, Ding Y, Zhang S, He T, Mao F, Zhang C, Zhang H, Huo C, Liu P.

PLoS One. 2013 Jun 25;8(6):e66817. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0066817. Print 2013.


Isolating lipid droplets from multiple species.

Ding Y, Zhang S, Yang L, Na H, Zhang P, Zhang H, Wang Y, Chen Y, Yu J, Huo C, Xu S, Garaiova M, Cong Y, Liu P.

Nat Protoc. 2013 Jan;8(1):43-51. doi: 10.1038/nprot.2012.142. Epub 2012 Dec 6.


The proteomics of lipid droplets: structure, dynamics, and functions of the organelle conserved from bacteria to humans.

Yang L, Ding Y, Chen Y, Zhang S, Huo C, Wang Y, Yu J, Zhang P, Na H, Zhang H, Ma Y, Liu P.

J Lipid Res. 2012 Jul;53(7):1245-53. doi: 10.1194/jlr.R024117. Epub 2012 Apr 25. Review.


Identification of the major functional proteins of prokaryotic lipid droplets.

Ding Y, Yang L, Zhang S, Wang Y, Du Y, Pu J, Peng G, Chen Y, Zhang H, Yu J, Hang H, Wu P, Yang F, Yang H, Steinbüchel A, Liu P.

J Lipid Res. 2012 Mar;53(3):399-411. doi: 10.1194/jlr.M021899. Epub 2011 Dec 15.


The roles of SbcCD and RNaseE in the transcription of GAA x TTC repeats in Escherichia coli.

Pan X, Ding Y, Shi L.

DNA Repair (Amst). 2009 Nov 2;8(11):1321-7. doi: 10.1016/j.dnarep.2009.08.001. Epub 2009 Sep 4.


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