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Micromachines (Basel). 2020 Feb 3;11(2). pii: E160. doi: 10.3390/mi11020160.

Experimental Study on the Lubrication and Cooling Effect of Graphene in Base Oil for Si3N4/Si3N4 Sliding Pairs.

Zhang L1,2, Wei X1,2, Wang J1,2, Wu Y1,3, An D1,2, Xi D4.

Author information

.School of Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang 110168, China.
.Test and Analysis Center, Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang 110168, China.
.National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of NC Machining Equipment and Technology of High-Grade Stone, Shenyang 110168, China.
.School of Material Science and Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang 110168, China.


Recently, the engineering structural ceramics as friction and wear components in manufacturing technology and devices have attracted much attention due to their high strength and corrosion resistance. In this study, the tribological properties of Si3N4/Si3N4 sliding pairs were investigated by adding few-layer graphene to base lubricating oil on the lubrication and cooling under different experimental conditions. Test results showed that lubrication and cooling performance was obviously improved with the addition of graphene at high rotational speeds and low loads. For oil containing 0.1 wt% graphene at a rotational speed of 3000 r·min-1 and 40 N loads, the average friction coefficient was reduced by 76.33%. The cooling effect on Si3N4/Si3N4 sliding pairs, however, was optimal at low rotational speeds and high loads. For oil containing 0.05 wt% graphene at a lower rotational speed of 500 r·min-1 and a higher load of 140 N, the temperature rise was reduced by 19.76%. In addition, the wear mark depth would decrease when adding appropriate graphene. The mechanism behind the reduction in friction and anti-wear properties was related to the formation of a lubricating protective film.


Si3N4; friction; graphene; lubrication; temperature rise

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