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Gentiopicroside activates the bile acid receptor Gpbar1 (TGR5) to repress NF-kappaB pathway and ameliorate diabetic nephropathy.

Xiao H, Sun X, Liu R, Chen Z, Lin Z, Yang Y, Zhang M, Liu P, Quan S, Huang H.

Pharmacol Res. 2019 Nov 20;151:104559. doi: 10.1016/j.phrs.2019.104559. [Epub ahead of print]


Cloning, Expression and Effects of P. americana Thymosin on Wound Healing.

Jing J, Sun X, Zhou C, Zhang Y, Shen Y, Zeng X, Yue B, Zhang X.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Oct 5;20(19). pii: E4932. doi: 10.3390/ijms20194932.


Complete Genome Sequence of a Shiga Toxin-Converting Bacteriophage, Escherichia Phage Lys12581Vzw, Induced from an Outbreak Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Strain.

Zhang Y, Liao YT, Salvador A, Sun X, Wu VCH.

Microbiol Resour Announc. 2019 Sep 5;8(36). pii: e00793-19. doi: 10.1128/MRA.00793-19.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease and chronic cough: A possible mechanism elucidated by ambulatory pH-impedance-pressure monitoring.

Li X, Lin S, Wang Z, Zhang H, Sun X, Li J, Wu D, Ke M, Fang X.

Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2019 Dec;31(12):e13707. doi: 10.1111/nmo.13707. Epub 2019 Sep 3.


Connexin32 ameliorates renal fibrosis in diabetic mice by promoting K48-linked Nox4 polyubiquitination and degradation via the inhibition of Smurf1 expression.

Chen Z, Sun X, Chen Q, Lan T, Huang K, Xiao H, Lin Z, Yang Y, Liu P, Huang H.

Br J Pharmacol. 2019 Aug 29. doi: 10.1111/bph.14853. [Epub ahead of print]


Natural history of gastroesophageal reflux: A prospective cohort study in a stratified, randomized population in Beijing.

Fang X, Zhu L, Wu D, Wang Z, Fei G, Chang M, Liu F, Xin H, Xu T, Chen W, Wen P, Li S, Zhao W, Chen W, Yao F, Sun X, Han S, Ke M.

J Dig Dis. 2019 Oct;20(10):523-531. doi: 10.1111/1751-2980.12799. Epub 2019 Sep 3.


The small molecular CCR3 antagonist YM344031 attenuates neurodegenerative pathologies and improves learning and memory performance in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

Sui Y, Zhang Y, Dong C, Xu B, Sun X.

Brain Res. 2019 Sep 15;1719:1-10. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2019.05.022. Epub 2019 May 20.


PAQR3 regulates phosphorylation of FoxO1 in insulin-resistant HepG2 cells via NF-κB signaling pathway.

Chen L, Sun X, Xiao H, Xu F, Yang Y, Lin Z, Chen Z, Quan S, Huang H.

Exp Cell Res. 2019 Aug 15;381(2):301-310. doi: 10.1016/j.yexcr.2019.04.031. Epub 2019 May 13.


Comparative Genomics Reveals the Genetic Mechanisms of Musk Secretion and Adaptive Immunity in Chinese Forest Musk Deer.

Zhou C, Zhang W, Wen Q, Bu P, Gao J, Wang G, Jin J, Song Y, Sun X, Zhang Y, Jiang X, Yu H, Peng C, Shen Y, Price M, Li J, Zhang X, Fan Z, Yue B.

Genome Biol Evol. 2019 Apr 1;11(4):1019-1032. doi: 10.1093/gbe/evz055.


The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy in Shaping Self-Management Behaviors Among Adults With Type 2 Diabetes.

Jiang X, Jiang H, Li M, Lu Y, Liu K, Sun X.

Worldviews Evid Based Nurs. 2019 Apr;16(2):151-160. doi: 10.1111/wvn.12354. Epub 2019 Mar 21.


Non-needle acupoint stimulation for prevention of nausea and vomiting after breast surgery: A meta-analysis.

Sun R, Dai W, Liu Y, Liu C, Liu Y, Gong Y, Sun X, Shi T, Song M.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Mar;98(10):e14713. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000014713.


Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of Dengue virus outbreaks in two regions of China, 2014 - 2015.

Cao J, Deng H, Ye L, Ma X, Chen S, Sun X, Wu X, Yan T, Zhang L, Liu L, Li L, Li W, Hu K.

PLoS One. 2019 Mar 5;14(3):e0213353. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0213353. eCollection 2019.


TRE1 and CHS1 contribute to deltamethrin resistance in Culex pipiens pallens.

Guo J, Xu Y, Yang X, Sun X, Sun Y, Zhou D, Ma L, Shen B, Zhu C.

Arch Insect Biochem Physiol. 2019 Apr;100(4):e21538. doi: 10.1002/arch.21538. Epub 2019 Feb 19.


Pilot-scale experiments on multilevel contact oxidation treatment of poultry farm wastewater using saran lock carriers under different operation model.

Zheng T, Li P, Ma X, Sun X, Wu C, Wang Q, Gao M.

J Environ Sci (China). 2019 Mar;77:336-345. doi: 10.1016/j.jes.2018.09.005. Epub 2018 Sep 21.


Lateral orbitofrontal dysfunction in the Sapap3 knockout mouse model of obsessive–compulsive disorder

Lei H, Lai J, Sun X, Xu Q, Feng G.

J Psychiatry Neurosci. 2019 Mar 1;44(2):120-131.


The critical interaction between valproate sodium and warfarin: case report and review.

Zhou C, Sui Y, Zhao W, Dong C, Ren L, Song P, Xu B, Sun X.

BMC Pharmacol Toxicol. 2018 Oct 1;19(1):60. doi: 10.1186/s40360-018-0251-0. Review.


Protein-Resistant Property of Egg White Ovomucin under Different pHs and Ionic Strengths.

Sun X, Huang J, Zeng H, Wu J.

J Agric Food Chem. 2018 Oct 24;66(42):11034-11042. doi: 10.1021/acs.jafc.8b03905. Epub 2018 Oct 10.


Sera with anti-enteric neuronal antibodies from patients with irritable bowel syndrome promote apoptosis in myenteric neurons of guinea pigs and human SH-Sy5Y cells.

Fan W, Fei G, Li X, Wang X, Hu C, Xin H, Sun X, Li Y, Wood JD, Fang X.

Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2018 Dec;30(12):e13457. doi: 10.1111/nmo.13457. Epub 2018 Sep 17.


Micro-RNA-137 Inhibits Tau Hyperphosphorylation in Alzheimer's Disease and Targets the CACNA1C Gene in Transgenic Mice and Human Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y Cells.

Jiang Y, Xu B, Chen J, Sui Y, Ren L, Li J, Zhang H, Guo L, Sun X.

Med Sci Monit. 2018 Aug 13;24:5635-5644. doi: 10.12659/MSM.908765.

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