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Inorg Chem. 2002 Dec 16;41(25):6892-904.

Synthesis and properties of stereoregular cyclic polysilanols: cis-[PhSi(O)OH](4), cis-[PhSi(O)OH](6), and tris-cis-tris-trans-[PhSi(O)OH](12).

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Nesmeyanov Institute of Organo-Element Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilov Street 28, Moscow 117813, Russia.


New stereoregular cyclic polysilanols of the general formula [PhSi(O)OH]n (n = 6 and 12) have been selectively obtained in high yields by the reaction of cagelike oligophenylmetallasiloxanes with dilute solutions of hydrochloric acid at low temperatures. An alternative method was used to prepare cis-[PhSi(O)OH](4) from sodium phenylsiloxanolate, cis-[(Na(+))(4)[PhSi(O)O(-)](4)].(1-butanol)(x). All compounds were fully characterized by NMR and IR spectroscopy and molecular weight determinations. The structure of cis-[PhSi(O)OH](6) was confirmed by single-crystal X-ray analysis. Furthermore, a series of stereoregular cyclosiloxanes containing triorganylsiloxy groups at each silicon atom was prepared by the reactions of the cyclic polysilanols with triorganylchlorosilanes Me(3)SiCl, Me(2)ViSiCl, and Me(2)(CH(2)Cl)SiCl.


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