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Changes in gene expression as one of the key mechanisms involved in radiation-induced bystander effect.

Sokolov M, Neumann R.

Biomed Rep. 2018 Aug;9(2):99-111. doi: 10.3892/br.2018.1110. Epub 2018 Jun 11. Review.


Single nucleotide variations in cultured cancer cells: Effect of mismatch repair.

Panyutin IG, Panyutin IV, Powell-Castilla I, Felix L, Neumann RD.

Mutat Res. 2017 Oct;803-805:22-25. doi: 10.1016/j.mrfmmm.2017.07.003. Epub 2017 Jul 27.


Effect of ionizing radiation on the proliferation of human embryonic stem cells.

Panyutin IV, Holar SA, Neumann RD, Panyutin IG.

Sci Rep. 2017 Mar 7;7:43995. doi: 10.1038/srep43995.


Effect of Chromatin Structure on the Extent and Distribution of DNA Double Strand Breaks Produced by Ionizing Radiation; Comparative Study of hESC and Differentiated Cells Lines.

Venkatesh P, Panyutin IV, Remeeva E, Neumann RD, Panyutin IG.

Int J Mol Sci. 2016 Jan 2;17(1). pii: E58. doi: 10.3390/ijms17010058.


Global Gene Expression Alterations as a Crucial Constituent of Human Cell Response to Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation Exposure.

Sokolov M, Neumann R.

Int J Mol Sci. 2015 Dec 31;17(1). pii: E55. doi: 10.3390/ijms17010055. Review.


A Genomic Study of DNA Alteration Events Caused by Ionizing Radiation in Human Embryonic Stem Cells via Next-Generation Sequencing.

Nguyen V, Panyutin IV, Panyutin IG, Neumann RD.

Stem Cells Int. 2016;2016:1346521. doi: 10.1155/2016/1346521. Epub 2015 Nov 22.


G-quadruplex formation between G-rich PNA and homologous sequences in oligonucleotides and supercoiled plasmid DNA.

Gaynutdinov TI, Englund EA, Appella DH, Onyshchenko MI, Neumann RD, Panyutin IG.

Nucleic Acid Ther. 2015 Apr;25(2):78-84. doi: 10.1089/nat.2014.0517. Epub 2015 Feb 4.


Changes in human pluripotent stem cell gene expression after genotoxic stress exposures.

Sokolov MV, Neumann RD.

World J Stem Cells. 2014 Nov 26;6(5):598-605. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v6.i5.598. Review.


PPG peptide nucleic acids that promote DNA guanine quadruplexes.

Englund EA, Gupta P, Micklitsch CM, Onyshchenko MI, Remeeva E, Neumann RD, Panyutin IG, Appella DH.

Chembiochem. 2014 Sep 5;15(13):1887-90. doi: 10.1002/cbic.201402224. Epub 2014 Jul 8.


Rational development of radiopharmaceuticals for HIV-1.

Lau CY, Maldarelli F, Eckelman WC, Neumann RD.

Nucl Med Biol. 2014 Apr;41(4):299-308. doi: 10.1016/j.nucmedbio.2014.01.005. Epub 2014 Jan 17. Review.


Effects of low doses of ionizing radiation exposures on stress-responsive gene expression in human embryonic stem cells.

Sokolov M, Neumann R.

Int J Mol Sci. 2014 Jan 6;15(1):588-604. doi: 10.3390/ijms15010588.


Perspective, the one most responsive to change.

Eckelman WC, Lau CY, Neumann RD.

Nucl Med Biol. 2014 Apr;41(4):297-8. doi: 10.1016/j.nucmedbio.2013.10.002. Epub 2013 Oct 11. No abstract available.


Lessons learned about human stem cell responses to ionizing radiation exposures: a long road still ahead of us.

Sokolov M, Neumann R.

Int J Mol Sci. 2013 Jul 29;14(8):15695-723. doi: 10.3390/ijms140815695. Review.


Human embryonic stem cell responses to ionizing radiation exposures: current state of knowledge and future challenges.

Sokolov MV, Neumann RD.

Stem Cells Int. 2012;2012:579104. doi: 10.1155/2012/579104. Epub 2012 Aug 16.


An in vitro DNA double-strand break repair assay based on end-joining of defined duplex oligonucleotides.

Datta K, Purkayastha S, Neumann RD, Winters TA.

Methods Mol Biol. 2012;920:485-500. doi: 10.1007/978-1-61779-998-3_33.


Effect of 5-[(125)I]iodo-2'-deoxyuridine uptake on the proliferation and pluripotency of human embryonic stem cells.

Panyutin IV, Eniafe R, Panyutin IG, Neumann RD.

Int J Radiat Biol. 2012 Dec;88(12):954-60. doi: 10.3109/09553002.2012.700435. Epub 2012 Jul 9.


Radioprobing the conformation of DNA in a p53-DNA complex.

Karamychev VN, Wang D, Mazur SJ, Appella E, Neumann RD, Zhurkin VB, Panyutin IG.

Int J Radiat Biol. 2012 Dec;88(12):1039-45. doi: 10.3109/09553002.2012.698030. Epub 2012 Jun 21.


Study of charge transport mechanisms in (125)I-induced DNA damage at various temperatures.

Ndlebe T, Neumann RD, Panyutin IG.

Int J Radiat Biol. 2012 Dec;88(12):941-7. doi: 10.3109/09553002.2012.697645. Epub 2012 Jun 25.

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