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Carbon stock increases up to old growth forest along a secondary succession in Mediterranean island ecosystems.

Badalamenti E, Battipaglia G, Gristina L, Novara A, Rühl J, Sala G, Sapienza L, Valentini R, La Mantia T.

PLoS One. 2019 Jul 24;14(7):e0220194. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0220194. eCollection 2019.


Memory effects of climate and vegetation affecting net ecosystem CO2 fluxes in global forests.

Besnard S, Carvalhais N, Arain MA, Black A, Brede B, Buchmann N, Chen J, Clevers JGPW, Dutrieux LP, Gans F, Herold M, Jung M, Kosugi Y, Knohl A, Law BE, Paul-Limoges E, Lohila A, Merbold L, Roupsard O, Valentini R, Wolf S, Zhang X, Reichstein M.

PLoS One. 2019 Feb 6;14(2):e0211510. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0211510. eCollection 2019. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2019 Feb 28;14(2):e0213467.


Corrigendum to "Soil organic carbon pool's contribution to climate change mitigation on marginal land of a Mediterranean montane area in Italy" <[J. Environ. Manag. 218 (2018) 593-601]>.

Tommaso C, Emanuele B, Guido P, Lucia P, Vincenza CM, Riccardo V.

J Environ Manage. 2018 Aug 1;219:361. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2018.05.020. No abstract available.


Soil organic carbon pool's contribution to climate change mitigation on marginal land of a Mediterranean montane area in Italy.

Tommaso C, Emanuele B, Guido P, Lucia P, Vincenza CM, Riccardo V.

J Environ Manage. 2018 Jul 15;218:593-601. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2018.04.093. Epub 2018 Apr 30. Erratum in: J Environ Manage. 2018 May 14;:.


Forest biomass, productivity and carbon cycling along a rainfall gradient in West Africa.

Moore S, Adu-Bredu S, Duah-Gyamfi A, Addo-Danso SD, Ibrahim F, Mbou AT, de Grandcourt A, Valentini R, Nicolini G, Djagbletey G, Owusu-Afriyie K, Gvozdevaite A, Oliveras I, Ruiz-Jaen MC, Malhi Y.

Glob Chang Biol. 2018 Feb;24(2):e496-e510. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13907. Epub 2017 Dec 4.


Coexistence trend contingent to Mediterranean oaks with different leaf habits.

Di Paola A, Paquette A, Trabucco A, Mereu S, Valentini R, Paparella F.

Ecol Evol. 2017 Mar 23;7(9):3006-3015. doi: 10.1002/ece3.2840. eCollection 2017 May.


An integrated pan-tropical biomass map using multiple reference datasets.

Avitabile V, Herold M, Heuvelink GB, Lewis SL, Phillips OL, Asner GP, Armston J, Ashton PS, Banin L, Bayol N, Berry NJ, Boeckx P, de Jong BH, DeVries B, Girardin CA, Kearsley E, Lindsell JA, Lopez-Gonzalez G, Lucas R, Malhi Y, Morel A, Mitchard ET, Nagy L, Qie L, Quinones MJ, Ryan CM, Ferry SJ, Sunderland T, Laurin GV, Gatti RC, Valentini R, Verbeeck H, Wijaya A, Willcock S.

Glob Chang Biol. 2016 Apr;22(4):1406-20. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13139. Epub 2016 Jan 10.


An overview of available crop growth and yield models for studies and assessments in agriculture.

Di Paola A, Valentini R, Santini M.

J Sci Food Agric. 2016 Feb;96(3):709-14. doi: 10.1002/jsfa.7359. Epub 2015 Sep 3. Review.


Long tree-ring chronologies provide evidence of recent tree growth decrease in a Central African tropical forest.

Battipaglia G, Zalloni E, Castaldi S, Marzaioli F, Cazzolla-Gatti R, Lasserre B, Tognetti R, Marchetti M, Valentini R.

PLoS One. 2015 Mar 25;10(3):e0120962. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0120962. eCollection 2015. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2015;10(4):e0126168.


Biodiversity mapping in a tropical West African forest with airborne hyperspectral data.

Vaglio Laurin G, Cheung-Wai Chan J, Chen Q, Lindsell JA, Coomes DA, Guerriero L, Del Frate F, Miglietta F, Valentini R.

PLoS One. 2014 Jun 17;9(6):e97910. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097910. eCollection 2014. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2014;9(8):e105032.


Climate change threatens coexistence within communities of Mediterranean forested wetlands.

Di Paola A, Valentini R, Paparella F.

PLoS One. 2012;7(10):e44727. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044727. Epub 2012 Oct 8. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2013;8(10). doi:10.1371/annotation/eb12a04d-53fc-4479-a808-fbb6f4123712.


Development and testing of a novel lab-scale direct steam-injection apparatus to hydrolyse model and saline crop slurries.

Santi G, D'Annibale A, Petruccioli M, Crognale S, Ruzzi M, Valentini R, Moresi M.

J Biotechnol. 2012 Feb 20;157(4):590-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2011.09.005. Epub 2011 Sep 16. Erratum in: J Biotechnol. 2013 Jan 10;163(1):83. Guglielmo, Santi [corrected to Santi, Guglielmo]; Alessandro, D'Annibale [corrected to D’Annibale, Alessandro]; Maurizio, Petruccioli [corrected to Petruccioli, Maurizio]; Silvia, Crognale [corrected to Crognale, Silvia]; Maurizio, Ruzzi [corrected to Ru.


Comparative study of transcriptional and physiological responses to salinity stress in two contrasting Populus alba L. genotypes.

Beritognolo I, Harfouche A, Brilli F, Prosperini G, Gaudet M, Brosché M, Salani F, Kuzminsky E, Auvinen P, Paulin L, Kangasjärvi J, Loreto F, Valentini R, Mugnozza GS, Sabatti M.

Tree Physiol. 2011 Dec;31(12):1335-55. doi: 10.1093/treephys/tpr083. Epub 2011 Sep 12.


Extending large-scale forest inventories to assess urban forests.

Corona P, Agrimi M, Baffetta F, Barbati A, Chiriacò MV, Fattorini L, Pompei E, Valentini R, Mattioli W.

Environ Monit Assess. 2012 Mar;184(3):1409-22. doi: 10.1007/s10661-011-2050-6. Epub 2011 May 5.


ASPIS, A Flexible Multispectral System for Airborne Remote Sensing Environmental Applications.

Papale D, Belli C, Gioli B, Miglietta F, Ronchi C, Vaccari FP, Valentini R.

Sensors (Basel). 2008 May 16;8(5):3240-3256.


The human footprint in the carbon cycle of temperate and boreal forests.

Magnani F, Mencuccini M, Borghetti M, Berbigier P, Berninger F, Delzon S, Grelle A, Hari P, Jarvis PG, Kolari P, Kowalski AS, Lankreijer H, Law BE, Lindroth A, Loustau D, Manca G, Moncrieff JB, Rayment M, Tedeschi V, Valentini R, Grace J.

Nature. 2007 Jun 14;447(7146):848-50.


Drying and wetting of Mediterranean soils stimulates decomposition and carbon dioxide emission: the "Birch effect".

Jarvis P, Rey A, Petsikos C, Wingate L, Rayment M, Pereira J, Banza J, David J, Miglietta F, Borghetti M, Manca G, Valentini R.

Tree Physiol. 2007 Jul;27(7):929-40.


The methane sink associated to soils of natural and agricultural ecosystems in Italy.

Castaldi S, Costantini M, Cenciarelli P, Ciccioli P, Valentini R.

Chemosphere. 2007 Jan;66(4):723-9. Epub 2006 Sep 18.


Large daily variation in 13C-enrichment of leaf-respired CO2 in two Quercus forest canopies.

Hymus GJ, Maseyk K, Valentini R, Yakir D.

New Phytol. 2005 Aug;167(2):377-84.


Europe's terrestrial biosphere absorbs 7 to 12% of European anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

Janssens IA, Freibauer A, Ciais P, Smith P, Nabuurs GJ, Folberth G, Schlamadinger B, Hutjes RW, Ceulemans R, Schulze ED, Valentini R, Dolman AJ.

Science. 2003 Jun 6;300(5625):1538-42. Epub 2003 May 22.

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