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HLA DR2b-binding peptides from human endogenous retrovirus envelope, Epstein-Barr virus and brain proteins in the context of molecular mimicry in multiple sclerosis.

Ramasamy R, Mohammed F, Meier UC.

Immunol Lett. 2020 Jan;217:15-24. doi: 10.1016/j.imlet.2019.10.017. Epub 2019 Nov 3.


Line Immunoblot Assay for Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever and Findings in Patient Sera from Australia, Ukraine and the USA.

Shah JS, Liu S, Du Cruz I, Poruri A, Maynard R, Shkilna M, Korda M, Klishch I, Zaporozhan S, Shtokailo K, Andreychyn M, Stricker RB, Ramasamy R.

Healthcare (Basel). 2019 Oct 21;7(4). pii: E121. doi: 10.3390/healthcare7040121.


Development of the major arboviral vector Aedes aegypti in urban drain-water and associated pyrethroid insecticide resistance is a potential global health challenge.

Surendran SN, Jayadas TTP, Sivabalakrishnan K, Santhirasegaram S, Karvannan K, Weerarathne TC, Parakrama Karunaratne SHP, Ramasamy R.

Parasit Vectors. 2019 Jul 8;12(1):337. doi: 10.1186/s13071-019-3590-9.


Anthropogenic Factors Driving Recent Range Expansion of the Malaria Vector Anopheles stephensi.

Surendran SN, Sivabalakrishnan K, Sivasingham A, Jayadas TTP, Karvannan K, Santhirasegaram S, Gajapathy K, Senthilnanthanan M, Karunaratne SP, Ramasamy R.

Front Public Health. 2019 Mar 14;7:53. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2019.00053. eCollection 2019.


Susceptibility to common insecticides and detoxifying enzyme activities in Anopheles sundaicus (sensu lato) after cessation of indoor residual spraying of insecticides in the Jaffna Peninsula and its surroundings in northern Sri Lanka.

Sivabalakrishnan K, Weerarathne TC, Thileepan A, Parakrama Karunaratne SHP, Ramasamy R, Surendran SN.

Parasit Vectors. 2019 Jan 7;12(1):13. doi: 10.1186/s13071-018-3254-1.


Pilot Study of Immunoblots with Recombinant Borrelia burgdorferi Antigens for Laboratory Diagnosis of Lyme Disease.

Liu S, Cruz ID, Ramos CC, Taleon P, Ramasamy R, Shah J.

Healthcare (Basel). 2018 Aug 14;6(3). pii: E99. doi: 10.3390/healthcare6030099.


Rapid method for detecting and differentiating Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and non-tuberculous mycobacteria in sputum by fluorescence in situ hybridization with DNA probes.

Baliga S, Murphy C, Sharon L, Shenoy S, Biranthabail D, Weltman H, Miller S, Ramasamy R, Shah J.

Int J Infect Dis. 2018 Oct;75:1-7. doi: 10.1016/j.ijid.2018.07.011. Epub 2018 Jul 24.


Genotype and biotype of invasive Anopheles stephensi in Mannar Island of Sri Lanka.

Surendran SN, Sivabalakrishnan K, Gajapathy K, Arthiyan S, Jayadas TTP, Karvannan K, Raveendran S, Parakrama Karunaratne SHP, Ramasamy R.

Parasit Vectors. 2018 Jan 3;11(1):3. doi: 10.1186/s13071-017-2601-y.


Analysis of Historical Trends and Recent Elimination of Malaria from Sri Lanka and Its Applicability for Malaria Control in Other Countries.

Wijesundere DA, Ramasamy R.

Front Public Health. 2017 Aug 28;5:212. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2017.00212. eCollection 2017. Review.


Dual color fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) assays for detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium avium complexes and related pathogens in cultures.

Shah J, Weltman H, Narciso P, Murphy C, Poruri A, Baliga S, Sharon L, York M, Cunningham G, Miller S, Caviedes L, Gilman R, Desmond E, Ramasamy R.

PLoS One. 2017 Apr 11;12(4):e0174989. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0174989. eCollection 2017.


Population genomics reveals that an anthropophilic population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in West Africa recently gave rise to American and Asian populations of this major disease vector.

Crawford JE, Alves JM, Palmer WJ, Day JP, Sylla M, Ramasamy R, Surendran SN, Black WC 4th, Pain A, Jiggins FM.

BMC Biol. 2017 Feb 28;15(1):16. doi: 10.1186/s12915-017-0351-0.


Potential molecular mimicry between the human endogenous retrovirus W family envelope proteins and myelin proteins in multiple sclerosis.

Ramasamy R, Joseph B, Whittall T.

Immunol Lett. 2017 Mar;183:79-85. doi: 10.1016/j.imlet.2017.02.003. Epub 2017 Feb 9.


Evaluation of the importance of antibodies to α-galactosyl epitopes in immunity to malaria.

Ramasamy R.

J Vector Borne Dis. 2015 Dec;52(4):337-8. No abstract available.


Karyotypic assignment of Sri Lankan Anopheles culicifacies species B and E does not correlate with cytochrome oxidase subunit I and microsatellite genotypes.

Surendran SN, Truelove N, Sarma DK, Jude PJ, Ramasamy R, Gajapathy K, Peiris LB, Karunaratne SH, Walton C.

Parasit Vectors. 2015 Jun 14;8:327. doi: 10.1186/s13071-015-0944-9.


Bionomic aspects of the Anopheles subpictus species complex in Sri Lanka.

Jude PJ, Ramasamy R, Surendran SN.

J Insect Sci. 2014;14:97. doi: 10.1673/031.014.97.


Zoonotic malaria - global overview and research and policy needs.

Ramasamy R.

Front Public Health. 2014 Aug 18;2:123. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2014.00123. eCollection 2014. Review.


Biological differences between brackish and fresh water-derived Aedes aegypti from two locations in the Jaffna peninsula of Sri Lanka and the implications for arboviral disease transmission.

Ramasamy R, Jude PJ, Veluppillai T, Eswaramohan T, Surendran SN.

PLoS One. 2014 Aug 29;9(8):e104977. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0104977. eCollection 2014.


Molecular characterization of the malaria vector Anopheles barbirostris van der Wulp in Sri Lanka.

Gajapathy K, Jude PJ, Goodacre SL, Peiris LB, Ramasamy R, Surendran SN.

Parasit Vectors. 2014 Jul 29;7:348. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-7-348.

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