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Nanoscale Res Lett. 2015 Mar 1;10:102. doi: 10.1186/s11671-015-0799-1. eCollection 2015.

Photoinduced refractive index variation within picosecond laser pulses excitation as the indicator of oxyorthosilicates single crystals composition modification.

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Department of Nonlinear Optics, Institute of Physics NAS of Ukraine, pr. Nauki, 46, Kiev, 03680 Ukraine.
Department of Crystal Growth Technology, Institute for Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine, pr. Lenina, 60, Kharkiv, 61001 Ukraine.


For the first time, the diagnostics of oxyorthosilicates single crystals based on self-action of picosecond range laser pulses at 1,064 nm (1.17 eV) has been performed. High sensitivity of the photoinduced refractive index variation to the substitution of the Lu atoms by Gd in the LSO/LGSO crystalline host as well as to the admixture of Ce was found. The effect can be explained with different electron detrapping-recombination process efficiencies due to the resonant electron excitation from the deep traps in the gap attributed to intrinsic oxygen vacancies.


Crystals composition modification diagnostics; Nonlinear optical response; Oxygen vacancies; Resonant pulse excitation; Scintillators

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