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Culture of pulmonary artery endothelial cells from pulmonary artery catheter balloon tips: considerations for use in pulmonary vascular disease.

Ventetuolo CE, Aliotta JM, Braza J, Chichger H, Dooner M, McGuirl D, Mullin CJ, Newton J, Pereira M, Princiotto A, Quesenberry PJ, Walsh T, Whittenhall M, Klinger JR, Harrington EO.

Eur Respir J. 2020 Mar 20;55(3). pii: 1901313. doi: 10.1183/13993003.01313-2019. Print 2020 Mar.


Mesenchymal Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles Reverse Sugen/Hypoxia Pulmonary Hypertension in Rats.

Klinger JR, Pereira M, Del Tatto M, Brodsky AS, Wu KQ, Dooner MS, Borgovan T, Wen S, Goldberg LR, Aliotta JM, Ventetuolo CE, Quesenberry PJ, Liang OD.

Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2019 Nov 13. doi: 10.1165/rcmb.2019-0154OC. [Epub ahead of print]


Biodistribution of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles in a Radiation Injury Bone Marrow Murine Model.

Wen S, Dooner M, Papa E, Del Tatto M, Pereira M, Borgovan T, Cheng Y, Goldberg L, Liang O, Camussi G, Quesenberry P.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Nov 2;20(21). pii: E5468. doi: 10.3390/ijms20215468.


Inflammation-related gene expression profiles of salivary extracellular vesicles in patients with head trauma.

Cheng Y, Pereira M, Raukar NP, Reagan JL, Quesenberry M, Goldberg L, Borgovan T, LaFrance Jr WC, Dooner M, Deregibus M, Camussi G, Ramratnam B, Quesenberry P.

Neural Regen Res. 2020 Apr;15(4):676-681. doi: 10.4103/1673-5374.266924.


Low dose 100 cGy irradiation as a potential therapy for pulmonary hypertension.

Egan PC, Liang OD, Goldberg LR, Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Borgovan T, Dooner M, Camussi G, Klinger JR, Quesenberry PJ.

J Cell Physiol. 2019 Nov;234(11):21193-21198. doi: 10.1002/jcp.28723. Epub 2019 Apr 22.


Potential biomarkers to detect traumatic brain injury by the profiling of salivary extracellular vesicles.

Cheng Y, Pereira M, Raukar N, Reagan JL, Queseneberry M, Goldberg L, Borgovan T, LaFrance WC Jr, Dooner M, Deregibus M, Camussi G, Ramratnam B, Quesenberry P.

J Cell Physiol. 2019 Aug;234(8):14377-14388. doi: 10.1002/jcp.28139. Epub 2019 Jan 15.


Daily rhythms influence the ability of lung-derived extracellular vesicles to modulate bone marrow cell phenotype.

Dooner MS, Stewart C, Deng Y, Papa E, Pereira M, Del Tatto M, Johnson S, Wen S, Amaral A, Aliotta J, Quesenberry PJ, Goldberg LR.

PLoS One. 2018 Nov 26;13(11):e0207444. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0207444. eCollection 2018.


Bone Marrow Endothelial Progenitor Cells Are the Cellular Mediators of Pulmonary Hypertension in the Murine Monocrotaline Injury Model.

Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Wen S, Dooner MS, Del Tatto M, Papa E, Cheng Y, Goldberg L, Ventetuolo CE, Liang O, Klinger JR, Quesenberry PJ.

Stem Cells Transl Med. 2017 Jul;6(7):1595-1606. doi: 10.1002/sctm.16-0386. Epub 2017 May 5.


Exosomes induce and reverse monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertension in mice.

Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Wen S, Dooner MS, Del Tatto M, Papa E, Goldberg LR, Baird GL, Ventetuolo CE, Quesenberry PJ, Klinger JR.

Cardiovasc Res. 2016 Jun 1;110(3):319-30. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvw054. Epub 2016 Mar 14.


Lung-derived exosome uptake into and epigenetic modulation of marrow progenitor/stem and differentiated cells.

Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Sears EH, Dooner MS, Wen S, Goldberg LR, Quesenberry PJ.

J Extracell Vesicles. 2015 Sep 16;4:26166. doi: 10.3402/jev.v4.26166. eCollection 2015.


Cellular phenotype and extracellular vesicles: basic and clinical considerations.

Quesenberry PJ, Goldberg LR, Aliotta JM, Dooner MS, Pereira MG, Wen S, Camussi G.

Stem Cells Dev. 2014 Jul 1;23(13):1429-36. doi: 10.1089/scd.2013.0594. Epub 2014 Apr 1.


Induction of pulmonary hypertensive changes by extracellular vesicles from monocrotaline-treated mice.

Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Amaral A, Sorokina A, Igbinoba Z, Hasslinger A, El-Bizri R, Rounds SI, Quesenberry PJ, Klinger JR.

Cardiovasc Res. 2013 Dec 1;100(3):354-62. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvt184. Epub 2013 Jul 18.


A new stem cell biology: the continuum and microvesicles.

Quesenberry PJ, Dooner MS, Goldberg LR, Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Amaral A, Del Tatto MM, Hixson DC, Ramratnam B.

Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. 2012;123:152-66; discussion 166.


Progenitor/stem cell fate determination: interactive dynamics of cell cycle and microvesicles.

Aliotta JM, Lee D, Puente N, Faradyan S, Sears EH, Amaral A, Goldberg L, Dooner MS, Pereira M, Quesenberry PJ.

Stem Cells Dev. 2012 Jul 1;21(10):1627-38. doi: 10.1089/scd.2011.0550. Epub 2012 Feb 15.


Stable cell fate changes in marrow cells induced by lung-derived microvesicles.

Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Li M, Amaral A, Sorokina A, Dooner MS, Sears EH, Brilliant K, Ramratnam B, Hixson DC, Quesenberry PJ.

J Extracell Vesicles. 2012 Apr 16;1. doi: 10.3402/jev.v1i0.18163. eCollection 2012.


Microvesicle entry into marrow cells mediates tissue-specific changes in mRNA by direct delivery of mRNA and induction of transcription.

Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Johnson KW, de Paz N, Dooner MS, Puente N, Ayala C, Brilliant K, Berz D, Lee D, Ramratnam B, McMillan PN, Hixson DC, Josic D, Quesenberry PJ.

Exp Hematol. 2010 Mar;38(3):233-45. doi: 10.1016/j.exphem.2010.01.002. Epub 2010 Jan 15.


Interaction of human SUV3 RNA/DNA helicase with BLM helicase; loss of the SUV3 gene results in mouse embryonic lethality.

Pereira M, Mason P, Szczesny RJ, Maddukuri L, Dziwura S, Jedrzejczak R, Paul E, Wojcik A, Dybczynska L, Tudek B, Bartnik E, Klysik J, Bohr VA, Stepien PP.

Mech Ageing Dev. 2007 Nov-Dec;128(11-12):609-17. Epub 2007 Sep 14.


Raf kinase inhibitory protein knockout mice: expression in the brain and olfaction deficit.

Theroux S, Pereira M, Casten KS, Burwell RD, Yeung KC, Sedivy JM, Klysik J.

Brain Res Bull. 2007 Mar 30;71(6):559-67. Epub 2006 Dec 11.

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