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Angiology. 2017 Jan;68(1):10-18. Epub 2016 Mar 8.

Antianginal Efficacy of Ivabradine in Patients With History of Coronary Revascularization.

Author information

Cardiology Department, George Papanikolaou General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Medical Department, Servier Hellas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Athens, Greece.
Medical Department, Servier Hellas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Athens, Greece
First Cardiology Department, Korgialeneio-Benakeio E.E.S. General Hospital, Athens, Greece.


Although coronary revascularization procedures are widely performed in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), angina is often reported, even after such procedures. This study evaluated the antianginal efficacy and effect of ivabradine treatment on quality of life (QOL) in patients with CAD and history of coronary revascularization. This is a post hoc analysis (926 post-revascularization patients) of a prospective, noninterventional study, which included 2403 patients with CAD and stable angina. The data were recorded at baseline, at 1 month and 4 months after inclusion. After ivabradine administration, mean number of anginal events decreased from 2.2 ± 2.3 (median: 2.0, minimum: 0.0, maximum: 21.0, range: 21.0) to 0.3 ± 0.6 (median: 0.0, minimum: 0.0, maximum: 7.0, range: 7.0) times/week (P < .001), while nitroglycerin consumption decreased from 1.5 ± 2.2 (median: 1.0, minimum: 0.0, maximum: 20.0, range: 20.0) to 0.1 ± 0.4 times/week (median: 0.0, minimum: 0.0, maximum: 5.0, range: 5.0; P < .001). Quality of life improved at study completion compared to baseline (P < .001). Ivabradine addition on top of optimal individualized dose of β-blockers is associated with decreased anginal events and improvement in QOL in patients with stable angina and history of coronary revascularization.


ivabradine; quality of life; stable angina

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Conflict of interest statement

Investigators of “Prospective, noninterventional, observational study of the antianginal efficacy of ivabradine during a 4-month treatment of a Greek population with coronary artery disease”: Akifoglou Birol, Afaras Georgios, Agathos Athanasios, Aggistrioti Aglaia, Agrafiotis Elias, Albanis Charalabos, Aldakos Georgios, Aleksandridis Elias, Aleksoudis Apostolos, Almaidi Irini, Anastopoulos Panagiotis, Antonakis Vasilios, Antoniou Ioannis, Apostolopoulos Athanasios, Argiriou Theodoros, Arvanitakis Georgios, Arvanitis Konstantinos, Asimakopoulos Christos, Babarakos Anastasios, Babas Georgios, Bakiris Pavlos, Bakirtzis Athanasios, Bakirtzis Pantelis, Balaskas Andreas, Banias Dimitrios, Benis Thomas, Beroukas Antonios, Bogiatzis Dimitrios, Bountioukos Emmanouil, Charaktsis Ioannis, Charbas Christos, Chasapis Dimitrios, Chatzisavas Spiridon, Chondrokoukis Georgios, Chorozopoulos Emmanouil, Chousakos Panagiotis, Christodoulou Spiridon, Christogiannis Zacharias, Christoulakis Stelios, Dalamagka Emmanouela, Demerouti Eftichia, Dermitzakis Georgios, Dimitriadou Aleksandra, Dimopoulos Panagiotis, Dimopoulos Vasileios, Dimoulis Nikolaos, Doulgeridis Panagiotis, Drakos Thomas, Drolias Apostolos, Efthimiou Georgios, Ellinoudis Georgios, Floros Dimitrios, Fotopoulou Vasiliki, Fournarakis Georgios, Fragkiadakis Charalabos, Galanouli Vasiliki, Gavrielatos Gerasimos, Georgakis Andreas, Georgakis Antonios, Georgariou Dimos, Georgariou Kiriakos, Gerasimidou kaltsa Ioanna, Geropoulos Vasilios, Giannakodimos Vasilios, Giannoulis Thomas, Giazitzoglou Eleftherios, Gkentsidis Stilianos, Gkilitsis Christos, Gkiokas Stefanos, Gkiti Eleni, Gkotsis Konstantinos, Gkoutzios Theodoros, Gogou Maria, Goupios Ioannis, Gourgiotis Kiriakos, Graikos Athanasios, Grapsa Georgia, Grigorakis Panagiotis, Grigoriadou-Skouta Eleni, Grillis Nikolaos, Ipirotis Konstantinos, Kabitsi Efterpi, Kakedis Spiridon, Kallintzi Kalliopi, Kalos Aggelos, Kamvrogiannis Panagiotis, Kanellopoulos Konstantinos, Kapetanios Konstantinos, Kara ali Chairidin, Karakoulakis Sokratis, Karalioliou Silvia, Karavasilis Konstantinos, Kardogiannis Theodoros, Karouzos Nikolaos, Kassos Dimitrios, Katelouzos Nikolaos, Katsaflianis Asterios, Katsaris Christos, Katsoulas Triantafillos, Kavakaki Evagelia, Kazakos Evangelos, Kenellos Georgios, Kioupeloglou Georgios, Kipouridis Nikolaos, Kiriazopoulos Panagiotis, Kitikidou Korina, Klapsinos Nikolaos, Klidarias Margaritis, Kontopoulos Georgios, Kopsida Zeta, Kostakis Georgios, Kostoulas Ioannis, Kotridis Panagiotis, Kotsaridis Avraam, Koukoulas Andreas, Koukoulekidis Georgios, Kouremetis Michail, Kourouklis Spiridon, Koutras Ioannis, Koutrouli Eleanna, Koutsakis Georgios, Koutsimanis Vasilios, Krobas Nikolaos, Labiris Nikolaos, Labrou Ioannis, Labrou Xrisostomos, Lafazanis Georgios, Lagoudi Eleni, Lefakis Michail, Logothetis Dimitrios, Loukatzikou Anna-Aleksandra, Loukeris Konstantinos, Madas Antonios, Mainas Konstantinos, Makaronas Georgios, Makrakis Georgios, Marakas Stilianos, Markatou Paraskevi, Marketakis Dimitrios, Markoulis Theocharis, Marousis Panagiotis, Martiadou Konstantina, Martsekis Loukas, Matziridis Anestis, Mavrepis Ioannis, Mavridis Aggelos, Mavrothalassitis Chrisostomos, Mazaraki Despina, Meidanis Evaggelos, Mentesidis Dimitrios, Meras Michail, Michailidis Georgios, Micheloggonas Ioannis, Mitakidou Anastasia, Mitrou Vasilios, Mitroulas Christos, Moschidis Athanasios, Nasiadis Ioannis, Nikiforos Savvas, Nikolakeas Stefanos, Nikolaou Attalos, Nikolopoulos Christos, Nomikos Vasilios, Orkopoulos Anestis, Panagiotopoulos Grigorios, Panagoulias Georgios, Pantelia Maria, Papachristos Christos, Papadakis Emmanouil, Papadakis Miltiadis, Papadakis Panagiotis, Papadatou Aggeliki, Papadimitriou Christos, Papadimitriou Evaggelos, Papadopoulos Apostolos, Papadopoulos Dimitrios, Papadopoulos Georgios, Papadopoulos Paris, Papageorgiou Anastasios, Papaioannou Georgios, Papargiriou Theodoros, Papastamou Christos, Papavasiliou Dimitrios, Pappas Panagiotis, Pardalis Elias, Patsilinakos Aleksandros, Pegka Evgenia, Petinakis Pantelis, Petras Charalabos, Petrogiannis Spiros, Pilis Antonios, Pinnas Michalis, Pollatos Dionisios, Prattis Nikolaos, Primerakis Georgios, Psarogianni Paraskevi, Psilogenis Christos, Raftopoulos Leonidas, Reppas Evaggelos, Riga Maria, Routsakos Damianos, Samartzi Maria, Sarantakos Nikolaos, Sassalos Konstantinos, Savvopoulou Gkolfo, Servetas Nikolaos, Sfikas Georgios, Sikiotis Ioannis, Siliogkas Georgios, Siskos Georgios, Skarpas Konstantinos, Sofilas Kosmas, Soulas Dimitrios, Stamatopoulos Georgios, Stathakopoulos Dimitrios, Stathopoulou Konstantina, Stavropoulos Rafail, Stefanakis Emmanouil, Stergiou Aggeliki, Stergiou Leonidas, Stratis Panagiotis, Tanidou Paraskevi, Tasoulas Elias, Teneketzi Eleni, Theofilis Anastasios, Toumanidis Iraklis, Tsaknakis Leonidas, Tsamis Nikolaos, Tsavdaris Konstantinos, Tsirakis Panagiotis, Tsotsoros Nikolaos, Tzeltzes Georgios, Tzortzis Kiriakos, Vakalis Ioannis, Vardakis Konstantin Declaration of Conflicting Interests: The author(s) declared the following potential conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article: I Zarifis has received honoraria for advisory boards from SERVIER HELLAS, V Grammatikou and E Kallistratos are employed by the Medical department of SERVIER HELLAS, A. Katsivas has no conflict of interest.

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