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J Asthma. 2012 Oct;49(8):854-61. Epub 2012 Sep 10.

Impact of asthma and comorbid allergic rhinitis on quality of life and control in patients of Italian general practitioners.

Collaborators (168)

Alfredo F, Sergio N, Anna S, Alessandro A, Lucia B, Diego B, Francesco LF, Giuseppe NP, Antonietta RM, Claudio A, Marco C, Mauro M, Claudia R, Giuseppina C, Giovanna C, Luigi F, Andreina F, Maurizio DM, Alessandro DP, Antonella LA, Davide R, Mauro B, Vincenzo C, Bruno G, Emiliano A, Claudio B, Lorenzo D, Domenico M, Giovanni P, Marinella P, Gabriella V, Eliano B, Marina C, Khalid K, Laura P, Alberto S, Caterina T, Renata T, Gianni T, Emanuela R, Mario TG, Tiziano B, Chiara C, Federica G, Ivan V, Eugenio P, Enrico C, Riccardo M, Luigi M, Filippo T, Stefano M, Gabriele R, Mauro B, Marcello B, Roberto C, Donatella C, Paola G, Tiziano L, Paolo M, Giuliano P, Michele V, Roberto B, Pietro G, Angelo M, Salvatore SD, Eleonora T, Vito A, Cosimo de M, Donata F, Gianmario I, Luigi L, Giovanna L, Eugenio M, Giorgio M, Michele M, Vito M, Marco M, Giuseppe M, Pietro S, Giovanni S, Carlo C, Paolo G, Maria I, Maria L, Raffaele M, Maria NG, Giovanni P, Raffaele P, Teodoro R, Silvia T, Carmelo C, Daniele I, Rita S, Augusto V, Nicolò A, Antonio B, Domenico S, Antonio SG, Giovanni DG, Elio DS, Franco AG, Gianluigi S, Raffaellina S, Francesco C, Antonio de B, Arrigo L, Marco U, Angino AA, Baldacci S, Borbotti M, Carrozzi L, Cerrai S, Di Pede F, Maio S, Mangione M, Martini F, Pala AP, Piegaia BB, Pistelli F, Sarno G, Silvi P, Simoni M, Viegi G, Bacci E, Bancalari L, Dente F, Foschino MP, Moscato G, Paggiaro P, Pelucchi A, Bresciani M, Pierimarchi P, Brunetto B, Iacovacci P, Pini C, Tinghino R, Forastiere F, Perucci CA, Pistelli R, Porta D, Ancona L, Protasi S, Lazazzera B, Ziroli V, D'Armini E, Campanile SF, Ferri M, Lorusso P, Salotti R, Santagati M, Agea E, Casciari C, Murgia N, Spinozzi F, Bonifazi F, Antonicelli L, Braschi MC, Conti V, Filippelli A, Corbi GM, Russomanno G, Braido F, Canonica W, Baiardini I, Francesco B, Cerveri I, Corsico A, Grosso A.

Author information

Pulmonary Environmental Epidemiology Unit, CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa, Italy.



Asthma is a disease with elevated prevalence within the general population. Although general practitioners (GPs) are among the first health-care professionals to whom patients refer for their symptoms, there are few evaluations of this disease based on data provided by the GPs. The aim of this observational study is to assess the impact of asthma and comorbid allergic rhinitis on individual/social burden, quality of life, and disease control in asthmatic patients of Italian GPs.


Throughout Italy, 107 GPs enrolled 995 patients diagnosed with asthma and using anti-asthmatic drug prescriptions, or with asthma-like symptoms during the previous 12 months. Data were collected through questionnaires filled out by GPs and patients.


Of the 995 asthmatic patients, 60.6% had concomitant allergic rhinitis (R+A), 39.4% had asthma alone. The latter, compared to those with R+A, showed significantly lower prevalence of intermittent asthma (37.5% vs. 55.6%) and higher prevalence of mild, moderate, and severe persistent asthma (28.4% vs. 23.2%, 28.7% vs. 18.8%, and 5.4% vs 2.4%, respectively). Individual/social burden due to asthma was frequent and increased with disease severity: 87.5% of severe persistent asthma patients reported at least one medical consultation in the last 12 months, 37.5% emergency department visits, 26.7% hospitalization, and 62.5% limitations in daily activities. Control and quality of life were inversely associated with disease severity and were worse in patients with R+A than in those with asthma alone.


This study showed the negative impact of high severity levels and comorbid allergic rhinitis on quality of life of asthmatic patients and on individual/social burden due to asthma in an Italian GPs setting.

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