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Pflugers Arch. 1995 Mar;429(5):716-21.

The effects of calcium and calcium channel blockers on sodium pump.

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Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.


The effects of 10 mM Ca2+ and Ca2+ channel blockers verapamil, diltiazem and flunarizine on the ouabain-sensitive electrogenic Na+, K+ pump activity of mouse diaphragm muscle fibres enriched with Na+ were compared with the changes in cytosolic [Ca2+]. The electrogenic Na+ pump activity produced by adding K+ to muscles previously bathed for 4 h in a K(+)-free, 2-mM [Ca2+] solution increased the resting membrane potential by about 18 mV. This hyperpolarization was completely inhibited after 10 min incubation in 10 mM Ca2+. Verapamil 10(-5) M, 10(-5) M diltiazem and 10(-7) M flunarizine effectively prevented the effect of elevated [Ca2+]. At these concentrations, these drugs did not affect the K(+)-induced hyperpolarization. In mouse diaphragm, the basal cytosolic [Ca2+] measured by the fluorescent indicator 1-[2-(5-carboxyoxazol-2-yl)-6- aminobenzofuran-5-oxy]2-(2'-amino-5'-methylphenoxy)ethane-N,N,N',N '- tetraacetic acid acetoxymethyl ester (fura-2/AM) was 261 +/- 6 nM. After 4 h in a Liley K(+)-free, 2 mM [Ca2+] solution, the cytosolic [Ca2+] increased to 314 +/- 28 nM. Increase in [Ca2+] from 2 to 10 mM caused a twofold increase of cytosolic [Ca2+] to 637 +/- 26 nM. This rise was, like the Ca(2+)-induced inhibition of electrogenic pump, prevented by 10(-5) M verapamil, 10(-5) M diltiazem and 10(-7) M flunarizine. The results suggest that substances which block Ca2+ entry into the cell prevent the Ca(2+)-induced inhibition of the Na+ pump.

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