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The predictive value of Klotho polymorphism, in addition to classical markers of CKD-MBD, for left ventricular hypertrophy in haemodialysis patients.

Apostolović B, Cvetković T, Stefanović N, Apostolović S, Apostolović MA, Mitić B, Radovanović RV, Paunović K, Ignjatović A, Cvetković M, Stević N, Pavlović D.

Int Urol Nephrol. 2019 Aug;51(8):1425-1433. doi: 10.1007/s11255-019-02193-3. Epub 2019 Jun 11.


The Impact of MGMT Promoter Methylation and Temozolomide Treatment in Serbian Patients with Primary Glioblastoma.

Jovanović N, Mitrović T, Cvetković VJ, Tošić S, Vitorović J, Stamenković S, Nikolov V, Kostić A, Vidović N, Krstić M, Jevtović-Stoimenov T, Pavlović D.

Medicina (Kaunas). 2019 Feb 1;55(2). pii: E34. doi: 10.3390/medicina55020034.


The association of CAT-262C/T polymorphism with catalase activity and treatment response in juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Bašić J, Vojinović J, Jevtović-Stoimenov T, Despotović M, Cvetković T, Lazarević D, Sušić G, Milošević V, Cvetković M, Pavlović D.

Rheumatol Int. 2019 Mar;39(3):551-559. doi: 10.1007/s00296-019-04246-3. Epub 2019 Jan 24.


Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism influences lipid profile in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Bašić J, Vojinović J, Jevtović-Stoimenov T, Despotović M, Sušić G, Lazarević D, Milošević V, Cvetković M, Pavlović D.

Clin Rheumatol. 2019 Jan;38(1):117-124. doi: 10.1007/s10067-018-4264-2. Epub 2018 Aug 20.


Oral supplementation with melatonin reduces oxidative damage and concentrations of inducible nitric oxide synthase, VEGF and matrix metalloproteinase 9 in the retina of rats with streptozotocin/nicotinamide induced pre-diabetes.

Djordjevic B, Cvetkovic T, Stoimenov TJ, Despotovic M, Zivanovic S, Basic J, Veljkovic A, Velickov A, Kocic G, Pavlovic D, Sokolovic D.

Eur J Pharmacol. 2018 Aug 15;833:290-297. doi: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2018.06.011. Epub 2018 Jun 8.


Polymorphic variants of antioxidative defense enzymes and their gene-gene epistatic interactions in systemic lupus erythematode patients.

Jevtovic Stoimenov T, Despotovic M, Stojanovic S, Basic J, Pavlovic D.

Clin Rheumatol. 2017 Sep;36(9):2019-2026. doi: 10.1007/s10067-017-3755-x. Epub 2017 Jul 15.


Association of tumor necrosis factor-α (G-308A) genetic variant with matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity and joint destruction in early rheumatoid arthritis.

Stojanovic S, Bojana Stamenkovic, Stoimenov TJ, Nedovic J, Zivkovic V, Despotovic M, Pavlovic D.

Clin Rheumatol. 2017 Jul;36(7):1479-1485. doi: 10.1007/s10067-017-3699-1. Epub 2017 Jun 1.


Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms in Serbian Patients With Bronchial Asthma: A Case-Control Study.

Despotovic M, Jevtovic Stoimenov T, Stankovic I, Basic J, Pavlovic D.

J Cell Biochem. 2017 Nov;118(11):3986-3992. doi: 10.1002/jcb.26054. Epub 2017 May 23.


Distribution of MEFV gene mutations and R202Q polymorphism in the Serbian population and their influence on oxidative stress and clinical manifestations of inflammation.

Milenković J, Vojinović J, Debeljak M, Toplak N, Lazarević D, Avčin T, Jevtović-Stoimenov T, Pavlović D, Bojanić V, Milojković M, Kocić G, Veljković A.

Pediatr Rheumatol Online J. 2016 Jul 1;14(1):39. doi: 10.1186/s12969-016-0097-1.


Pharmacogenetics may Influence Tacrolimus Daily Dose, but not Urinary Tubular Damage Markers in the Long-Term Period after Renal Transplantation.

Stefanović NZ, Cvetković TP, Veličković-Radovanović RM, Jevtović-Stoimenov TM, Vlahović PM, Stojanović IR, Pavlović DD.

J Med Biochem. 2015 Oct;34(4):422-430. doi: 10.1515/jomb-2015-0001. Epub 2015 Sep 19.


The Differences in the Cellular and Plasma Antioxidative Capacity Between Transient and Defined Focal Brain Ischemia: Does it Suggest Supporting Time-Dependent Neuroprotection Therapy?

Ljubisavljevic S, Cvetkovic T, Zvezdanovic L, Stojanovic S, Stojanovic I, Kocic G, Zivkovic M, Paunovic L, Milenkovic L, Lukic D, Stamenovic J, Pavlovic D.

Cell Mol Neurobiol. 2016 Jul;36(5):789-800. doi: 10.1007/s10571-015-0262-y. Epub 2015 Sep 3.


Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Stable Renal Transplant Recipients with Respect to the Immunosuppression Protocol - Differences or Similarities?

Cvetković T, Veličković-Radovanović R, Stojanović D, Stefanović N, Ignjatović A, Stojanović I, Sladojević N, Pavlović D.

J Med Biochem. 2015 Jul;34(3):295-303. doi: 10.2478/jomb-2014-0047. Epub 2015 Jul 14.


Gene polymorphisms of tumor necrosis factor alpha and antioxidant enzymes in bronchial asthma.

Despotovic M, Stoimenov TJ, Stankovic I, Pavlovic D, Sokolovic D, Cvetkovic T, Kocic G, Basic J, Veljkovic A, Djordjevic B.

Adv Clin Exp Med. 2015 Mar-Apr;24(2):251-6. doi: 10.17219/acem/40454.


Oxidant and antioxidant status in experimental rat testis after testicular torsion/detorsion.

Cvetkovic T, Stankovic J, Najman S, Pavlovic D, Stokanovic D, Vlajkovic S, Dakovic-Bjelakovic M, Cukuranovic J, Zivkovic V, Stefanovic V.

Int J Fertil Steril. 2015 Apr-Jun;9(1):121-8. Epub 2015 Apr 21.


Arginase activity and lecithin/sphingomyelin (l/s) ratio in the amniotic fluid of pregnant women.

Bjelakovic G, Miladinovic P, Jevtovic-Stoimenov T, Stojanovic I, Nikolic J, Pavlovic D, Kocic G, Bjelakovic M, Ilic M, Sokolovic D, Basic J.

Indian J Clin Biochem. 2015 Jan;30(1):84-8. doi: 10.1007/s12291-013-0398-9. Epub 2013 Nov 20.


The importance of nitric oxide and arginase in the pathogenesis of acute neuroinflammation: are those contra players with the same direction?

Ljubisavljevic S, Stojanovic I, Pavlovic R, Pavlovic D.

Neurotox Res. 2014 Nov;26(4):392-9. doi: 10.1007/s12640-014-9470-3. Epub 2014 Apr 26.


Erythrocytes' antioxidative capacity as a potential marker of oxidative stress intensity in neuroinflammation.

Ljubisavljevic S, Stojanovic I, Cvetkovic T, Vojinovic S, Stojanov D, Stojanovic D, Stefanovic N, Pavlovic D.

J Neurol Sci. 2014 Feb 15;337(1-2):8-13. doi: 10.1016/j.jns.2013.11.006. Epub 2013 Nov 13.


Glutathione homeostasis disruption of erythrocytes, but not glutathione peroxidase activity change, is closely accompanied with neurological and radiological scoring of acute CNS inflammation.

Ljubisavljevic S, Stojanovic I, Cvetkovic T, Vojinovic S, Stojanov D, Stojanovic D, Bojanic V, Stokanovic D, Pavlovic D.

Neuroimmunomodulation. 2014;21(1):13-20. doi: 10.1159/000355040. Epub 2013 Oct 10.


Gender differences in oxidative and nitrosative stress parameters in kidney transplant patients on tacrolimus-based immunosuppression.

Cvetkovic TP, Stefanovic NZ, Velickovic-Radovanovic RM, Paunovic GJ, Djordjevic VM, Stojanovic DR, Stojanovic IR, Pavlovic DD.

Int Urol Nephrol. 2014 Jun;46(6):1217-24. doi: 10.1007/s11255-013-0577-x. Epub 2013 Oct 8.


The role of essential oils and the biological detoxification in the prevention of aflatoxin borne diseases.

Kitic D, Pavlovic D, Brankovic S.

Curr Top Med Chem. 2013;13(21):2767-90. Review.


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