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Methylamine Activates Glucose Uptake in Human Adipocytes Without Overpassing Action of Insulin or Stimulating its Secretion in Pancreatic Islets.

Carpéné C, Mauriège P, Boulet N, Biron S, Grolleau JL, Garcia-Barrado MJ, Iglesias-Osma MC.

Medicines (Basel). 2019 Aug 12;6(3). pii: E89. doi: 10.3390/medicines6030089.


Oral Phenelzine Treatment Mitigates Metabolic Disturbances in Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet.

Mercader J, Sabater A, Le Gonidec S, Decaunes P, Chaplin A, Gomez-Zorita S, Milagro F, Carpene C.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2019 Jul 3. pii: jpet.119.259895. doi: 10.1124/jpet.119.259895. [Epub ahead of print]


Effects of the amino acid derivatives, β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate, taurine, and N-methyltyramine, on triacylglycerol breakdown in fat cells.

Leroux M, Lemery T, Boulet N, Briot A, Zakaroff A, Bouloumié A, Andrade F, Pérez-Matute P, Arbones-Mainar JM, Carpéné C.

J Physiol Biochem. 2019 Aug;75(3):263-273. doi: 10.1007/s13105-019-00677-5. Epub 2019 Mar 27.


Resveratrol Anti-Obesity Effects: Rapid Inhibition of Adipocyte Glucose Utilization.

Carpéné C, Les F, Cásedas G, Peiro C, Fontaine J, Chaplin A, Mercader J, López V.

Antioxidants (Basel). 2019 Mar 26;8(3). pii: E74. doi: 10.3390/antiox8030074.


Past, Present and Future Anti-Obesity Effects of Flavin-Containing and/or Copper-Containing Amine Oxidase Inhibitors.

Carpéné C, Boulet N, Chaplin A, Mercader J.

Medicines (Basel). 2019 Jan 15;6(1). pii: E9. doi: 10.3390/medicines6010009. Review.


Regulation of glucose metabolism by bioactive phytochemicals for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Zhao C, Yang C, Wai STC, Zhang Y, P Portillo M, Paoli P, Wu Y, San Cheang W, Liu B, Carpéné C, Xiao J, Cao H.

Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2019;59(6):830-847. doi: 10.1080/10408398.2018.1501658. Epub 2018 Dec 3.


Resveratrol, Metabolic Syndrome, and Gut Microbiota.

Chaplin A, Carpéné C, Mercader J.

Nutrients. 2018 Nov 3;10(11). pii: E1651. doi: 10.3390/nu10111651. Review.


Metabolic Effects of Oral Phenelzine Treatment on High-Sucrose-Drinking Mice.

Carpéné C, Gómez-Zorita S, Chaplin A, Mercader J.

Int J Mol Sci. 2018 Sep 25;19(10). pii: E2904. doi: 10.3390/ijms19102904.


Mechanisms of the antilipolytic response of human adipocytes to tyramine, a trace amine present in food.

Carpéné C, Galitzky J, Belles C, Zakaroff-Girard A.

J Physiol Biochem. 2018 Nov;74(4):623-633. doi: 10.1007/s13105-018-0643-z. Epub 2018 Jul 23.


The Dietary Antioxidant Piceatannol Inhibits Adipogenesis of Human Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Limits Glucose Transport and Lipogenic Activities in Adipocytes.

Carpéné C, Pejenaute H, Del Moral R, Boulet N, Hijona E, Andrade F, Villanueva-Millán MJ, Aguirre L, Arbones-Mainar JM.

Int J Mol Sci. 2018 Jul 17;19(7). pii: E2081. doi: 10.3390/ijms19072081.


Body fat reduction without cardiovascular changes in mice after oral treatment with the MAO inhibitor phenelzine.

Carpéné C, Mercader J, Le Gonidec S, Schaak S, Mialet-Perez J, Zakaroff-Girard A, Galitzky J.

Br J Pharmacol. 2018 Jun;175(12):2428-2440. doi: 10.1111/bph.14211. Epub 2018 May 6.


Short-term effects of obestatin on hexose uptake and triacylglycerol breakdown in human subcutaneous adipocytes.

Carpéné C, Les F, Estève D, Galitzky J.

World J Diabetes. 2018 Jan 15;9(1):25-32. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v9.i1.25.


Natriuretic peptides promote glucose uptake in a cGMP-dependent manner in human adipocytes.

Coué M, Barquissau V, Morigny P, Louche K, Lefort C, Mairal A, Carpéné C, Viguerie N, Arner P, Langin D, Rydén M, Moro C.

Sci Rep. 2018 Jan 18;8(1):1097. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-19619-0.


Pterostilbene Inhibits Lipogenic Activity similar to Resveratrol or Caffeine but Differently Modulates Lipolysis in Adipocytes.

Gomez-Zorita S, Belles C, Briot A, Fernández-Quintela A, Portillo MP, Carpéné C.

Phytother Res. 2017 Aug;31(8):1273-1282. doi: 10.1002/ptr.5852. Epub 2017 Jun 19.


Insulin-mimetic compound hexaquis (benzylammonium) decavanadate is antilipolytic in human fat cells.

Carpéné C, Garcia-Vicente S, Serrano M, Marti L, Belles C, Royo M, Galitzky J, Zorzano A, Testar X.

World J Diabetes. 2017 Apr 15;8(4):143-153. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v8.i4.143.


Anti-obesity effects of resveratrol: comparison between animal models and humans.

Fernández-Quintela A, Carpéné C, Fernández M, Aguirre L, Milton-Laskibar I, Contreras J, Portillo MP.

J Physiol Biochem. 2016 Aug;73(3):417-429. doi: 10.1007/s13105-016-0544-y. Epub 2016 Dec 15. Review. Erratum in: J Physiol Biochem. 2017 Oct 5;:.


Anatomical distribution of primary amine oxidase activity in four adipose depots and plasma of severely obese women with or without a dysmetabolic profile.

Carpéné C, Les F, Hasnaoui M, Biron S, Marceau P, Richard D, Galitzky J, Joanisse DR, Mauriège P.

J Physiol Biochem. 2016 Aug;73(3):475-486. doi: 10.1007/s13105-016-0526-0. Epub 2016 Oct 21. Erratum in: J Physiol Biochem. 2017 Oct 5;:.


Advances in Integrating Traditional and Omic Biomarkers When Analyzing the Effects of the Mediterranean Diet Intervention in Cardiovascular Prevention.

Fitó M, Melander O, Martínez JA, Toledo E, Carpéné C, Corella D.

Int J Mol Sci. 2016 Sep 2;17(9). pii: E1469. doi: 10.3390/ijms17091469. Review.


Piceatannol and resveratrol share inhibitory effects on hydrogen peroxide release, monoamine oxidase and lipogenic activities in adipose tissue, but differ in their antilipolytic properties.

Les F, Deleruyelle S, Cassagnes LE, Boutin JA, Balogh B, Arbones-Mainar JM, Biron S, Marceau P, Richard D, Nepveu F, Mauriège P, Carpéné C.

Chem Biol Interact. 2016 Oct 25;258:115-25. doi: 10.1016/j.cbi.2016.07.014. Epub 2016 Jul 28.


Dietary Phenolic Compounds Interfere with the Fate of Hydrogen Peroxide in Human Adipose Tissue but Do Not Directly Inhibit Primary Amine Oxidase Activity.

Carpéné C, Hasnaoui M, Balogh B, Matyus P, Fernández-Quintela A, Rodríguez V, Mercader J, Portillo MP.

Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2016;2016:2427618. doi: 10.1155/2016/2427618. Epub 2016 Jan 5.

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