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miR-181a/b downregulation exerts a protective action on mitochondrial disease models.

Indrieri A, Carrella S, Romano A, Spaziano A, Marrocco E, Fernandez-Vizarra E, Barbato S, Pizzo M, Ezhova Y, Golia FM, Ciampi L, Tammaro R, Henao-Mejia J, Williams A, Flavell RA, De Leonibus E, Zeviani M, Surace EM, Banfi S, Franco B.

EMBO Mol Med. 2019 May;11(5). pii: e8734. doi: 10.15252/emmm.201708734.


Structure and Quality Assurance of Fellowship Training in General Surgery: Consensus recommendations from the Association of Surgeons in Training.

ASiT Consensus Group on Fellowships in General Surgery (all authors to appear when expand on Pubmed); Steering Group; Data Collection; Writing Group.

Int J Surg. 2019 Mar 25. pii: S1743-9191(19)30056-1. doi: 10.1016/j.ijsu.2019.03.002. [Epub ahead of print]


Structure and function of the immune system in the spleen.

Lewis SM, Williams A, Eisenbarth SC.

Sci Immunol. 2019 Mar 1;4(33). pii: eaau6085. doi: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aau6085. Review.


Tumor Suppressors RB1 and CDKN2a Cooperatively Regulate Cell-Cycle Progression and Differentiation During Cardiomyocyte Development and Repair.

Hatzistergos KE, Williams AR, Dykxhoorn D, Bellio MA, Yu W, Hare JM.

Circ Res. 2019 Apr 12;124(8):1184-1197. doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.118.314063.


A clinically functioning gonadotroph adenoma presenting with abdominal pain, ovarian hyperstimulation and fibromatosis.

Broughton C, Mears J, Williams A, Lonnen K.

Endocrinol Diabetes Metab Case Rep. 2018;2018. pii: EDM180123. doi: 10.1530/EDM-18-0123. Epub 2018 Dec 11.


Inhibition of Inflammatory Signaling in Tet2 Mutant Preleukemic Cells Mitigates Stress-Induced Abnormalities and Clonal Hematopoiesis.

Cai Z, Kotzin JJ, Ramdas B, Chen S, Nelanuthala S, Palam LR, Pandey R, Mali RS, Liu Y, Kelley MR, Sandusky G, Mohseni M, Williams A, Henao-Mejia J, Kapur R.

Cell Stem Cell. 2018 Dec 6;23(6):833-849.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2018.10.013.


Determination of T Follicular Helper Cell Fate by Dendritic Cells.

Krishnaswamy JK, Alsén S, Yrlid U, Eisenbarth SC, Williams A.

Front Immunol. 2018 Sep 27;9:2169. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.02169. eCollection 2018. Review.


Intelligent Object Grasping With Sensor Fusion for Rehabilitation and Assistive Applications.

Lee BJB, Williams A, Ben-Tzvi P.

IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2018 Aug;26(8):1556-1565. doi: 10.1109/TNSRE.2018.2848549. Epub 2018 Jun 18.


Despite high levels of expression in thymic epithelial cells, miR-181a1 and miR-181b1 are not required for thymic development.

Stefanski HE, Xing Y, Taylor PA, Maio S, Henao-Meija J, Williams A, Flavell RA, Hollander GA, Blazar BR.

PLoS One. 2018 Jun 27;13(6):e0198871. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0198871. eCollection 2018.


A Rapid, Accurate, Single Molecule Counting Method Detects Clostridium difficile Toxin B in Stool Samples.

Gite S, Archambault D, Cappillino MP, Cunha D, Dorich V, Shatova T, Tempesta A, Walsh B, Walsh JA, Williams A, Kirby JE, Bowers J, Straus D.

Sci Rep. 2018 May 30;8(1):8364. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-26353-0.


Surgical consent practice in the UK following the Montgomery ruling: A national cross-sectional questionnaire study.

McKinnon C, Loughran D, Finn R, Coxwell-Matthewman M, Jeyaretna DS, Williams AP.

Int J Surg. 2018 Jul;55:66-72. doi: 10.1016/j.ijsu.2018.05.016. Epub 2018 May 26.


Outcomes of Planned Two-Stage Hybrid Aortic Repair With Dacron-Replaced Proximal Landing Zone.

Ranney DN, Yerokun BA, Benrashid E, Bishawi M, Williams A, McCann RL, Hughes GC.

Ann Thorac Surg. 2018 Oct;106(4):1136-1142. doi: 10.1016/j.athoracsur.2018.04.044. Epub 2018 Aug 23.


ZEB1, ZEB2, and the miR-200 family form a counterregulatory network to regulate CD8+ T cell fates.

Guan T, Dominguez CX, Amezquita RA, Laidlaw BJ, Cheng J, Henao-Mejia J, Williams A, Flavell RA, Lu J, Kaech SM.

J Exp Med. 2018 Apr 2;215(4):1153-1168. doi: 10.1084/jem.20171352. Epub 2018 Feb 15.


Recognising contributions to work in research collaboratives: Guidelines for standardising reporting of authorship in collaborative research.

National Research Collaborative & Association of Surgeons in Training Collaborative Consensus Group.

Int J Surg. 2018 Apr;52:355-360. doi: 10.1016/j.ijsu.2017.12.019. Epub 2017 Dec 29.


Migratory CD11b+ conventional dendritic cells induce T follicular helper cell-dependent antibody responses.

Krishnaswamy JK, Gowthaman U, Zhang B, Mattsson J, Szeponik L, Liu D, Wu R, White T, Calabro S, Xu L, Collet MA, Yurieva M, Alsén S, Fogelstrand P, Walter A, Heath WR, Mueller SN, Yrlid U, Williams A, Eisenbarth SC.

Sci Immunol. 2017 Dec 1;2(18). pii: eaam9169. doi: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aam9169.


Cross-sectional study of the financial cost of training to the surgical trainee in the UK and Ireland.

O'Callaghan J, Mohan HM, Sharrock A, Gokani V, Fitzgerald JE, Williams AP, Harries RL; Council of the Association of Surgeons in Training.

BMJ Open. 2017 Nov 15;7(11):e018086. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-018086.


Early years postgraduate surgical training programmes in the UK are failing to meet national quality standards: An analysis from the ASiT/BOTA Lost Tribe prospective cohort study of 2,569 surgical trainees.

Writing group; Project steering group; ASiT/BOTA Lost Tribe Study Group.

Int J Surg. 2018 Apr;52:376-382. doi: 10.1016/j.ijsu.2017.09.074. Epub 2017 Oct 14.


Group 1 Innate Lymphoid Cell Lineage Identity Is Determined by a cis-Regulatory Element Marked by a Long Non-coding RNA.

Mowel WK, McCright SJ, Kotzin JJ, Collet MA, Uyar A, Chen X, DeLaney A, Spencer SP, Virtue AT, Yang E, Villarino A, Kurachi M, Dunagin MC, Pritchard GH, Stein J, Hughes C, Fonseca-Pereira D, Veiga-Fernandes H, Raj A, Kambayashi T, Brodsky IE, O'Shea JJ, Wherry EJ, Goff LA, Rinn JL, Williams A, Flavell RA, Henao-Mejia J.

Immunity. 2017 Sep 19;47(3):435-449.e8. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2017.08.012.


Differentiating between cold agglutinins and rouleaux: a case series of seven patients.

Heath M, Walker J, Barbeito A, Williams A, Welsby I, Maxwell C, Daneshmand M, Haney J, Hoffman M.

Perfusion. 2018 Mar;33(2):164-169. doi: 10.1177/0267659117727593. Epub 2017 Aug 21.


3D Morphometric Analysis of Normal Sacroiliac Joints: A New Classification of Surface Shape Variation and the Potential Implications in Pain Syndromes.

Jesse MK, Kleck C, Williams A, Petersen B, Glueck D, Lind K, Patel V.

Pain Physician. 2017 Jul;20(5):E701-E709.

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