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Forsch Komplementarmed. 1998;5(6):290-295.

Moderierende Variablen der Placebowirkung.


Modifying Variables of the Placebo Effect This essay discusses the question which psychological variables modify the placebo effect. Experimental as well as clinical studies were considered. The placebo model referred to in this article is the model of expectancy induction and expectancy effect. Besides the strength of expectancy several other variables foster the placebo effect. These are for example (a) the attitude and expectation of the doctor or placebo prescriber, (b) the motivation to give rise to a change as well as the importance of a change for the individual and (c) the extent of freedom of choice with regard to the acceptance of the treatment. On the other hand, high levels of self-awareness and experience with the method tend to inhibit the placebo effect. The placebo effect does not seem to be modified by traditional personality traits like generalized anxiety and hypnotic susceptibility.


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